5 Best Garage Floor Coating – Best Epoxy Coat and Paint

Having a well-maintained garage floor is essential for any proud homeowner who wants to keep their space looking neat and organized. The reason is simple. Having the right coating can protect the floor from wear, tear, and harsh chemicals while also giving it a stylish look.

But with so many options on the market, what is the best garage floor coating? In this article, we’ll explore the best epoxy coat and paint available and help you determine which product is right for your needs.

We provide you with a buying guide and an FAQ (see further down for these).

1. Rust-Oleum Professional Floor Coating Kit

Rust-Oleum Professional Coating Kit is the best garage floor epoxy coating kit if you want a semi-industrial-strength epoxy coating at an affordable cost.

The coating kit contains a two-part solvent-based epoxy coating, which is a clear upgrade from the 1-part epoxy coatings in cheaper products.

By weight, it is about 85% solids, which results in a thick coating. Below I provide all you need to know about epoxy and paint for your garage floor. I give you a review of the 5 best floor painting/epoxy coatings for you to choose from.

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Why use the best garage floor paint or best floor coating?

Finding the best garage floor paint or the best garage floor coating can be a nightmare. There are so many products on the market and many of them are labeled with deceptive marketing that it is hard to hone in on exactly what you need. We hope to clarify all of this for you and help you decide on the best product for your needs and budget.

You should be using the best garage floor paint or the best garage floor coating to help keep your garage and cars clean and for your garage to look new. Most of the dust in your garage comes from the concrete in the ground, so it is a wise idea to apply a layer of coating over your concrete to seal it.

In general, garage floor coating and treatment products come in three categories: paint, epoxy paint, and epoxy coating. These terms are not to be confused with each other and are certainly not the same. However, because these words have been interchanged in industry jargon, many companies purposefully decide to market all of them as one product. After you read our guide, you should know the difference.

I always get this question what is the garage floor epoxy near me to buy the epoxy. The reality is that you do not need a local epoxy coating specialist You can buy your garage floor epoxy from the comfort of your sofa through amazon or any other web-based outlet. Just check the different products below.

What is the average epoxy garage floor price?

The price for an epoxy coating depends heavily on the quality of the product and the quantity. However, you can find products that are around $30 to up to $500. The higher-end products have a long-lasting duration, are stronger, and are of better quality.

Also, they come in bigger quantities, so that if you have a large garage, then you’ll probably be best with the more expensive version. The lower-end-priced coating is good, but you’ll probably have to redo your coating after three to four years. So you need to weigh up which coating if you prefer a long-lasting product that is more expensive or a quick solution for a couple of years.

Best Garage Floor Coating Reviews (Epoxy & Paint)

  1. Rust-Oleum Professional Floor Coating Kit (Top Pick)
  2. Epoxy-Coat Full Kit
  3. Drylock Epoxy Paint
  4. Rust-Oleum 293513 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating
  5. Supercoat Epoxy Floor Coating – Milamar Coatings

1. Rust-Oleum Professional Floor Coating Kit

Rust-Oleum Professional Coating Kit is the best garage floor epoxy coating kit if you want a semi-industrial-strength epoxy coating at an affordable cost. Do not get this product confused with Rust-Oleum’s EpoxyShield Concrete Floor Paint, which is a weaker version and is considered a floor paint.

The coating kit contains a two-part solvent-based epoxy coating, which is a clear upgrade from the 1-part epoxy coatings in cheaper products. By weight, it is about 85% solids, which means most of the coating will not evaporate. The result is your floor will have a thicker coat. Remember that epoxy coatings with a higher % solids content are better in terms of coating thickness and durability.

Although it is not 100% solids like most industrial-grade professional epoxy coatings, it is close enough to put it in the major leagues. This 2-gallon jug can cover about 300-400 square feet of area (assuming 15% loss by evaporation). This is enough for most two-car garages.  Unlike many ordinary garage floor paint, the Rust-Oleum coating kit is very good at resisting peeling, the build-up of mildew and mold, hot tire pick-up marks, and oil stains.

Applying this epoxy coating can be a bit tricky, but with patience, you should be alright. First, you need to make sure you are applying it on a smooth and even surface. If you do not have that, you can sand down patches until they become smooth and use concrete fillers for large gaps. If you have any oil spots, grease, or spills, be sure to wash the spots before applying. Also if your concrete garage floor is new, you should allow about one month for it to cure first. Once you have prepped the floor for application, you need to mix the solution using a power mixer.

Then follow the instruction on the label about how long you should wait. We recommend applying using a roller and only one coating should be enough. Just remember, depending on temperatures and conditions, you need to apply the mixture 2 to 5 hours after mixing. All in all, the Rust-Oleum Professional Floor Coating Kit is the best garage floor epoxy coating for the value. It is a respected brand and delivers outstanding results at a reasonable cost. For those who want an even better coating, you will have to look at hiring professional coaters or getting expensive professional-grade epoxy.

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2. Epoxy-Coat Full Kit

Epoxy-Coat Full KitIf you are looking for a 100% solid professional-grade epoxy coating kit that you can do yourself, this is the best garage floor epoxy coating. While Epoxy-Coat is not exactly a well-known brand name, we think it has provided great protection for your garage floors for many years.

For the most part, industrial professional-grade epoxy coatings are not marketed under any brand names because they are mostly bought by professional coaters and tillers. Epoxy-Coat is one of the few 100% solids epoxy coats you can buy and do yourself without having to pay for a professional installation.

In case you don’t know already, a 100% solids epoxy coat is the best kind of epoxy coating out there because it means 100% of the solids will remain after application and will not be lost to evaporation. This means usually one coating is enough and you can be sure that coating will be thick (at least 10 mils).

Do I need anything else added to the Epoxy-Coat full kit?

Not really. This kit comes with all of the essentials for a professional do-it-yourself coating. It has all the tools including brushes, rollers, and even a DVD instructional video. Best of all, it does not require multiple coatings: just one single coat will do the job. Keep in mind, this does not come with a top coating, which you can also buy separately or in a bundle with Epoxy-Coat’s premium package.

However, for all intents and purposes, we do not think it is necessary to use a topcoat unless you want to go overboard with your garage coating. If you want the best garage floor epoxy coating used by professionals in a nice comprehensive do-it-yourself solution, this is the perfect package for you. It is relatively easy to apply for a 100% solids epoxy coating and you get garage floors that will last for years to come.

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3. Drylok Epoxy Paint

If you are looking for the best garage floor paint, Drylok Epoxy Paint is the right choice for you. Before buying this product you should be aware that, technically, this is a garage floor 1-part epoxy paint. It should not be confused with garage floor epoxy coating. This product is 1 part epoxy, which means it is a paint and epoxy premade mixture. Hope this is clear.

However, we still cannot fully classify this as a real epoxy coating product because it is less than 50% solids. What this means is that after application and curing, less than 50% of the coating actually remains due to evaporation. But this is standard across the industry, so nothing to worry about.

What you end up with is a thin layer of coating around 3 mils thick. But the Drylok epoxy is a much cheaper alternative to using 100% solids epoxy coating. The only downside, I would say, is probably the durability. The epoxy will not last as long as the other hard-duty epoxy solutions. I have to say that for the price, one cannot really complain.

Obviously, you should really get a full garage floor paint if you want a hassle-free application process and long durability. But if you don’t mind having to reapply the mixture every 5 years, and you want to save some money, then this epoxy paint is great.

Drylok will not protect your garage floor from serious hot tire pick-up marks, tough oil, or grease stains. It can start peeling if you did not clean the floor before applying the epoxy. But this is the case for all of the different epoxy or paint. That’s why it is critical to clean the floor with water, let it dry, and then apply the epoxy.

As long as you know this is not a true epoxy coating and that you do not build too high expectations, you should be extremely satisfied with this product. It’s clear, the best garage epoxy floor paint will never be as good as a top brand garage floor full epoxy coating. But this product surely does win it on cost and installation convenience.

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4. Rust-Oleum 293513 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 293513 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor CoatingThe Rust-Oleum 293513 Rocksolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating, 2.5 Car Kit is a great purchase if you are looking for a strong coating for your garage floor. This kit is a floor coating that only requires one coat to achieve the results you want. The company reports that it provides a coating that 20 times stronger than epoxy.

Note that it works best on concrete. The coating is fit with advanced bonding technology which helps it adhere to the garage floor in a maximum of 24 hours (though it can be as fast as 8 hours depending on humidity and room temperature). It protects your floor to a durable and beautiful finish. Also, it will absolutely protect your floor from hot tires, oil, gas, and general wear and tear.

How many square foot the Rust-Oleum Rocksolid cover?

The unit is delivered with 180 Fl Oz and each kit covers up to 500 sq. Ft. depending upon the surface porosity. I want to reinforce this feature, in terms of drying time, and given normal drying conditions that are relatively hot and good relative humidity, you have 8-12 hours of drying to the touch. For recoat, you have 24 hours and for a full cure, you are looking at 3 days.

How to apply the Rocksolid Coating?

The application should be pretty easy as long as you follow the instructions carefully. First, you must mix the Rocksolid properly (you have a video on amazon that shows you the whole process – click on the below button to find out more). You should mix the coating kit and mix them, and stir it properly. By mixing it, you’ll automatically activate the product. As soon as the coating is activated, you’ll need to apply it to the floor.

Keep in mind that if you have a two-car garage, then you’ll probably need two of these kits. We would strongly advise you to make sure you have all of the tools necessary before you start coating. You should definitely use a polyester brush and a medium nap roller. Overall, this is the best garage floor coating kit if you want a coating that lasts. There are quite a few colors to choose from as well.

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5. Supercoat Epoxy Floor Coating – Milamar Coatings

Supercoat Epoxy Floor Coating - Milamar CoatingsThe SUPERCOAT Liquid Flooring by Milamar Coatings is a great solution to your flooring needs in the garage. It protects your floor from oil, gas, and tires all while creating a cool, attractive finish. The selling point is that it is known as breathable epoxy.

SUPERCOAT has a technology called WET Chemistry that ensures your coating won’t chip, bleed, peel, or blister. These effects can be caused by water vapor rinsing through your garage floor concrete.

Also, SUEPRCOAT is more or less resistant to damage caused by gasoline, brake fluid, and chemicals. It is definitely stronger than floor paint and right up there with some industrial-strength coatings. It really is a premium garage floor coating that you can get for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.

Does Supercoat come in different colors?

We like that SUPERCOAT comes in eight colors, which is more than enough for you to find one you like. There are three camo blends and 5 regular colors. Each SUPERCOAT kit will cover 250 square feet of space. This is basically the size of a single-car garage. The kit comes with decorative flakes, a cleaner or degreaser, and a non-slip aggregate. You also have the option of a clear glaze coat if you want a high gloss finish.

What to do before applying a supercoat?

If you are going to apply SUPERCOAT, you should thoroughly prep the floor. However, you won’t have to acid etch or do any sort of mechanical prep. Just the basics are fine. All in all, if you want a breathable epoxy that doesn’t chip or peel, SUPERCOAT epoxy liquid flooring is your answer. It is super easy to apply and has great durability.

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Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Buying Guide

The best garage floor paint is a latex acrylic product. It is often seen as an inexpensive hassle-free solution to give your garage floor some life. It is a very thin layer of film (in the low single-digit in terms of mils) and does not last for a long time. The next grade up is epoxy paint, which is a mixture of paint and epoxy. Most do-it-yourself products are sold in the form of epoxy paint. However, the name on the label may be a bit different. These products are relatively cheap and easy to apply, mostly because they are not pure epoxy.

What is a pure epoxy coating?

Pure epoxy is made of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener that is first mixed and then applied. You have a limited time and temperature range to apply the epoxy. The thickness of the remaining epoxy coating depends on the amount of solid content that remains after the epoxy cures. A product that is 100% solids means that 100% of the epoxy product remains after it is cured.

What is epoxy paint?

Epoxy paint is most likely to have around 50% solids. This means half of the thickness of your coating will evaporate after curing. For all intents and purposes, when professionals talk about industrial-grade epoxy coating, they mean one that is 100% solids. The best garage floor epoxy coating is expensive and hard to work with. This is because it has a high viscosity and there is a short time to apply the mixture. In terms of thickness, floor coating is usually measured in mils (one thousand miles is 1 inch).

What is the thickness of floor paint after drying?

The best garage floor paint will only give you about 3 mils of thickness since it is at most 50% solids. You can add one or even two layers of clear epoxy topcoats to bring the thickness up from 3 mils to 6 or 9 mils. The best garage floor epoxy coating on the other hand is at least 10 mils since it is 100% solids. You can add some acrylic paint chips to this for some extra thickness and longer-lasting color. Additionally, you can add one or two layers of epoxy clear coat.

Do I need a primer before applying a garage floor epoxy coating?

You should also add a primer coat first before applying the best garage floor epoxy coating. The primer coating allows the epoxy coating to bond better with the concrete and seep into the pores. All in all, the ultimate combination of coatings will give you a floor lasting 20 years. This basically means a 40+ mils thickness primer coating, followed by the actual epoxy coating, with some acrylic paint chips on top and two layers of clear epoxy top coating.

Do I need to buy a garage floor paint or epoxy coating?

So now the big question remains: should you get the best garage floor paint or the best garage floor epoxy coating? The answer really depends on your budget and the level of protection you want on your garage floor. Remember, the purpose of applying any kind of paint or epoxy coating is to trap dust on your concrete floors. Also, you want to prevent it from making your garage dirty.

Frequently asked questions

What is better than epoxy for garage floor?

Polyurea is considered a better option than epoxy. This material has shown a much higher resistance to chemicals than epoxy. And polyurea is U.V. stable too. That’s why it’s considered better for garage floors and exterior spaces. This does not mean that epoxy is bad. Both materials can be used for protecting your floor against stains, damage, and chemicals but also wear and tear.

Epoxy and polyurea are light reflective, easy to clean, and long-lasting. So it is more of a matter of preference and if you need a material that needs to be UV stable (this is very rare that you need a UV stable floor in a garage – so that’s why polyurea is rarely used for garages).

So if you’re considering giving your garage a makeover, you can easily paint it or apply a coat of epoxy to give your garage floor some extra protection from spills and wear and tear. However, if you want a more durable solution that may be even better than epoxy for a garage floor, one option would be to consider is polyurea coating. This offers superior waterproofing and abrasion resistance compared to epoxy. It’s also extremely easy to clean and maintain, so you won’t have to worry about resealing your floors every few years like with an epoxy coating.

By the way, there’s another option is polyaspartic coating which provides a glossy finish while being resistant to scratches and abrasions.

How long will my epoxy floor coating last?

Generally speaking, if all these conditions are met then you can expect your epoxy floor to last between five to ten years. However, there are some cases where it could even last up to 15 years or more.

Note that the average lifespan of an epoxy floor coating depends on several factors such as the amount of foot traffic, vehicle traffic, temperature, humidity levels in the area, and proper maintenance. It’s important to note that regular maintenance is essential for extending the life of any epoxy floor coating.

By maintaining your floor, you’ll be able to get to 10 years easily.

Are garage floor coatings worth it?

Most owners of garages with a coating on will tell you that it is definitely worth it to invest in a floor coating. They’d go to the extent of saying garages are not just places to park the car and store items. They can also be an extension of your home. That’s why investing in a new garage floor coating can make your space look stylish, organized and inviting.

Overall, when it comes to enhancing the appearance of a concrete surface, epoxy kits are typically the go-to option. These provide a cost-effective way to enhance the overall look of your garage without breaking the bank. And the good news is that epoxy coatings come in various colors and finishes. This makes them ideal for creating unique designs or hiding imperfections on existing concrete surfaces. They also offer protection against staining from oil spills or other liquids that could damage the floor over time.

What is the benefit of the best garage floor coating?

The benefit of using epoxy is simple and well-documented. It simply is a popular choice because it protects concrete floors in garages. As it provides excellent protection against wear and tear, it also provides a visually appealing finish. For those looking for an even more durable solution, a shield coating can help protect concrete surfaces against extreme temperatures, oil spills, and other damaging factors.

But they’re more benefits in addition to the above ones. A quality epoxy or shield coating will greatly extend the life of your garage floor and make it easier to clean up any messes or liquids that may occur over time. Additionally, these coatings can add extra insulation to the space which can help reduce energy bills by keeping the temperature inside warmer during cold months. Finally, adding color or decorative elements to your epoxy flooring can give it an attractive look that will last for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

Should I paint or use the best epoxy on my garage floor?

When it comes to improving your garage and giving it a much-needed facelift, there are two main options to consider: painting or epoxy. Painting is often the most cost-effective solution, but if you want a more durable option that will last for many years to come, epoxy is the way to go.

Epoxy is a form of concrete coating that provides superior protection against wear and tear while also enhancing the look of your garage floor. It can transform an ordinary concrete slab into something truly special, with various colors and finishes available. Plus, when properly installed, it makes cleaning up spills easier than ever before. If you’re looking for maximum durability and longevity, choosing the best epoxy concrete coating for your space is essential.


It looks good to have nice shiny clean garage floors. You should try to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your concrete and that is why you need to apply a coating. Any bacteria or humidity in your concrete could damage and crack your garage floors. Obviously, the best garage floor epoxy coating will do a better job coating your floors. However, the best garage floor paint is way cheaper and easier to apply. Therefore, you need to decide whether you want a longer-lasting garage floor and a steeper upfront cost or not.




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