5 Best Granite Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning granite, you want to use the best granite cleaner to get the job done right. There are a lot of different granite products on the market, but not all of them are created equal. You need to find and then select a cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning granite stones, and that will leave your kitchen countertops looking clean, shiny, and really beautiful. Below are the top 5 granite cleaners you can use.

1. Granite Gold Cleaner

The Granite Gold Cleaner is the best granite cleaner if you want a stand-alone cleaner that is specifically designed to clean granite and marble countertops.

It is not diluted with conditioner, polisher, or sealer so it maximizes cleaning power.

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Why use a granite cleaner?

best granite cleanerBuying granite and marble countertops is expensive, so it is of utmost importance to go out of your way to take care of them.

So, the safest, cheapest, and best way to clean granite is to apply the best granite cleaner or the best marble cleaner to your stone countertops. If you do so, it will be the start of a healthy long-term kitchen and bathroom maintenance plan.

Of course using Windex, dish detergent, or any homemade concoction will clean your granite or marble countertops, but they are not the best way to clean granite and will leave stains, watermarks, streaks, and maybe even damage and discolor your countertops.

This is why you should be using the best granite cleaner, which is ideally a solution that is pH balanced. A pH balance solution is not acidic or basic enough to react with your countertop and damage them.

The best way to clean granite consists of three key steps: clean, condition, and seal. Cleaning removes the surface-level dirt, debris, and bacteria while conditioning adds a protective layer over your granite or marble and also gives it a new look and shine.

Finally, sealing your granite or marble countertops will fill up the tiny pores in your stone and prevent dirt and debris from seeping through.

After testing many granites and marble cleaners and polling professionals and other users, we have come up with a list of what we think are the best granite cleaners. If you are interested in granite sealers, we also have detailed reviews.

5 Best Granite Cleaners For Spotless CounterTops Reviews

  1. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner (Top Rated)
  2. Sprayway Granite and Marble Cleaner
  3. DuPont StoneTech Professional Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector
  4. Method Daily Granite Cleaner
  5. Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner 

1. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner

If you really want the best granite cleaner and are willing to work a bit harder, you should look into Granite Gold Daily Cleaner. Granite Gold is not one of those all-in-one formulas. They sell cleaners, conditioners, and sealers separately and these can be used for natural stone surfaces, natural granite, black diamond.

Just like with shampoo, applying a separate cleaner and conditioner makes a world of a difference.  If you have expensive stones or are at all serious about cleaning and maintaining your granite or marble countertops, you should definitely get this cleaner.

While the cleaner will thoroughly clean your granite countertops, the polisher/conditioner will coat your countertops with a protective layer that also gives your granite or marble a nice shine.

The sealer will fill in the holes in your stone so that dirt does not enter. You should be using the cleaner a few times a week and the conditioner every month or two. Additionally, you should also be sealing your granite every year or so.

The Granite Gold Cleaner is nicely pH balanced and also biodegradable, so it can be used on all types of stone countertops without having to worry about damaging, discoloring, or leaving streaks and watermarks.

It is a power performer, as multiple tests in our lab have demonstrated that this product is superior in cleaning compared to competitors. We asked many professionals and customers what their long-time go cleaner is and most of them said it was Granite Gold.

Since Granite Gold separates its cleaner, polisher/conditioner, and sealer, better products are made with each as special attention can be made to each part of the process. Combination products just simply are not as effective.

We would say the only con for the Granite Gold series is that you have to do a bit more extra work. But the reward is well worth it. Overall, this is the best natural granite cleaner and the best way to clean granite for those who want to maintain pristine countertops.


  • The stand-alone household cleaner makes it much more effective
  • Very gentle on your stone
  • Can be used in conjunction with a polisher and sealer for the best stone treatment


  • Expensive when purchased in a set
  • Must use polisher and sealer separately, which can be time consuming

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2. Sprayway For Natural Granite and Marble Cleaner – Household cleaner

If you are looking for a combo product, this may be the best granite cleaner and polish for you. Sprayway combines a cleaner and conditioner in one product and makes it easy for you to apply because it is in a nice spray bottle. It is also quite a cheap product so it will not damage the wallet. These types of granite cleaners are liked by many due to the price.

Sprayway works great if you want a hassle-free solution to cleaning and maintaining stone countertops. Unlike Granite Gold, which separates the cleaner and conditioner, Sprayway is a 2-in-1 solution. While the 2-in-1 solution is less work and easier to apply due to the spray bottle, it does have its pitfalls.

It will not be able to clean and condition as well as a product that separates the two. The analogy is using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner will never be as good as using a shampoo and conditioner separately.

However, there is a nice market for the people who want the Sprayway 2 in 1 solution: those who just don’t have that much time to clean and condition separately and those who want to save a bit of money. After testing out this product, we find it does a good job for most countertops with medium to low dirt. For the truly dirty and messy jobs, we would still advise a separate cleaner and conditioner. All in all, this is the best granite cleaner if you don’t mind sacrificing some performance for ease of use.


  • 2 in 1 cleaner and conditioner is good for those who want to do less work
  • Easy to use a spray bottle
  • Cheap


  • Not as effective as a stand-alone cleaner
  • Has some odor

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3. StoneTech KlenzAll, Heavy Duty Cleaner for Stone & Tile

If you think a heavy duty is a nifty idea, DuPont takes it to the next level. If you want the best granite cleaner that can clean granite countertops to the extreme, then this is the right product for you.

It is made for people who do not have time to clean and just want to pour it on your granite and let it do most of the work. In other words, it is for the lazy folks out there.

DuPont makes a great product for the market it is targeting. After testing this product countless times against standalone cleaners, we think StoneTech does alright. Sure it does not clean up all of the dirt on your countertops as well, but keep in mind that not cleaner is spot-on perfect.

After asking professionals about whether they use this product they all said they would never use it, but they can understand why someone would use it. The cleaning power will be great, and you don’t have to put in so much work. So for the lazy person who wants a low-maintenance solution, the best granite cleaner is StoneTech KlenzAll, Heavy Duty Cleaner for Stone & Tile.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Nice scent


  • A little expensive
  • Messy

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4. Method Daily Granite Cleaner

Method Daily Granite Cleaner is one of our top recommendations for the best granite cleaner. It is a non-toxic plant-based formula that can be used every day to clean all sorts of stone tiles. The Method Daily Granite Cleaner is specially formulated to be used on stone surfaces like granite, stone, and marble. It is a gentle cleaner that doesn’t leave streak marks or residue. However, it is also not as powerful of a cleaner as some of its competitors like the Granite Gold series.

The Method Daily Granite Cleaner is perfect for those who want a product that is environmentally friendly. It targets the users who prefer a fresh-smelling gentle cleaner to a strong powerful cleaner to give off fumes. The scent is apple orchid and smells quite fresh and fruity. We can’t say the same about other brands, which smell bland, boring, or like chemicals.

In terms of being environmentally friendly, the Method Daily Granite Cleaner is non-toxic, made of 100% recycled bottles, and biodegradable. This cleaner was evaluated by the MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry) and determined to be safe for people and the planet. Method’s bottles are also made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, which leaves a 70% lower carbon footprint. Finally, Method uses ingredients that are biodegradable. The company estimates about 70% of the organic ingredients break down within 28 days.

Furthermore, Method does not do any testing with animals and does not endorse it. It is approved by the CCIC Leaping Bunny Program. It is also a public benefit corporation, which tries to create positive social and environmental change. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are not in the business of making money. It is just that they are targeting the users who want a green environmentally friendly product.

All in all, we like this product if you want to have something around as a daily cleaner. It smells nice and fresh and does a decent job cleaning. For the tougher to remove stains and oil spots, we would definitely look somewhere else. However, if you like a non-toxic environmentally friendly product that doesn’t have bad odors, this is the right product for you.

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5. Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner 

The Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner is certainly a popular choice amongst many users with granite countertops. It not only cleans but also brightens your marble surfaces. We like this cleaner because it acts like a cleaner and polisher.

It will visibly reduce dullness and scratches while enhancing color and marbling. Of course, the Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner is not like magic and one application doesn’t automatically make your granite countertop into something brand new.

When we tested this cleaner out, it took us three or four applications to see a noticeable difference in color and scratches. And even then, we say this difference is at most 20%. Then again, we had our expectations low.

We don’t believe there is any cheap magic formula that can instantly revitalize your expensive marble stone. However, 20% is still quite an impressive number given the cost of this product. This we will give to the Weiman Granite Cleaner. However, you do have to work for it and apply it every day to see some kind of noticeable benefit in terms of scratch removal.

The Weiman Granite Cleaner is not just a great scratch remover. It is also good at removing tough stains from grease, soil, food, dirt, and water. It works on all sorts of stone surfaces both indoors and outdoors. All you need to do is spray this product on and wipe it in with a soft cloth. However, you need to make sure that you spread it out evenly across your granite surface with gaps. When you are done, you will get a nice shiny nice granite surface.

Overall, we highly recommend the Weiman Granite Cleaner for anyone who wants a cleaner and scratch remover. It is quite effective at polishing up the surface of any stone. It is essentially oil that can be applied as a spray, so be careful with where you spray this product.

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How to Find the Best Granite Cleaner?

best granite cleanerWhile nobody is stopping you from using over-the-counter products or homemade products to clean granite or marble countertops, it is not the best way to clean granite. It is best practice to use something professionally designed to clean stone.

Granite, marble, and other stone countertops are usually pretty expensive anyways. Why not spends a few extra dollars and get a professional grade cleaner. If you want to make your investment last a long time you will need to pick the best granite cleaner from the start.

Generally speaking, the best granite cleaner or best marble cleaner will be pH balanced, so they are not too acidic or basic enough to do any harm to your stone. If you use a homemade solution like vinegar or lemon juice, it will be too acidic and you run the risk of discoloring and damaging your stone countertop. You also want to pick a cleaner that can be easily wiped off without leaving stains or watermarks. Also keep in mind that different stones have different sensitivities to certain solutions and cleaners, so it is best to find a cleaner that is gentle.

Granite vs Marble

Granite and marble are the two most commonly used stones for countertops. It is easy to set them apart because they both have a very distinct look. Granite is usually speckled and comes in lots of different colors. Marble will have darker veins caused by impurities and has a creamier texture. In general, granite is more durable than marble, and both need to be sealed because they are porous stones.

Marble is on average slightly cheaper than granite.  Granite requires more maintenance work than marble. If you make spills on a granite countertop, you should clean it up immediately.  Light color granite is more porous and requires even more maintenance. If you let it sit, it will stain. Finally, granite is mostly resistant to scratches and acidic foods while marble is not.

What to Look for in Granite Cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning your granite countertops, you want to be sure you are using the right products. Here are a few things to look for in a granite cleaner:

  1. A cleaner that is specifically designed for granite. Granite is a porous material, so you want to be sure you are using a cleaner that will not damage or stain the surface.
  2. A pH-neutral cleaner. This will help to protect the finish of your granite and keep it looking new.
  3. A cleaner that is gentle and non-abrasive. You don’t want to use anything harsh on your countertops as it can damage the stone.
  4. A cleaner that is easy to use and apply.

The Three Steps of Granite and Marble Maintenance

best marble sealerStep 1 – Clean Granite countertops the best type of granite cleaners

Proper stone countertop long-term care is not an easy path. While each case may vary depending on the type of stone you have, the best way to clean granite is to clean your countertops several times a week, condition or polish your countertops once or so a month, and seal your countertops once a year.

Make sure you are using the best granite cleaner or best marble cleaner when you clean your stone countertops because they are specifically designed to be gentle to your stone. However, don’t think you can just get away with only cleaning your stone. To properly care for your granite or marble countertops, you will need to condition and seal them as well.

Step 2 – Condition

After cleaning your granite, you need to apply a conditioner or polisher. While some cleaners also include a condition, we recommend you buy them separately. A conditioner will create a shield over your granite or marble countertops and give them a new shiny coating.

This shield will block out any bacteria, mildew, dirt, or debris that tries to get into the pores of your stone. This protective coating will break down over time, so it is necessary to use a conditioner every month or so to keep the protective coating fresh and your countertops looking new.

Step 3 – Polish with Granite Sealer Finishing

You will need to seal your granite and marble countertops. Usually, when you first install your stone countertop, you will also seal it for the first time. A penetrating sealer will enter the deep tiny pores of your stone and fill it up, preventing dirt and germs from entering. After the initial seal, you will need to seal your stone countertops routinely. It is recommended you do so every year or two.

Stone Surfaces Countertops Explained


best granite cleaner

Granite is a highly dense rock that is a mixture of quartz, mica, and feldspar and is the most popular countertop. It is naturally forming and comes with the earth’s core. At one point, granite was a luxury product, but now it has been commercialized and the price point is now affordable to most people.

It is very resistant to scratches since it is a hard surface and is extremely durable. However, because it is also porous, it can stain quite easily and dirt and bacteria can enter the stone. Because of this, you need to seal granite more frequently than other stones.


best marble cleaner

Marble is probably the second most popular material used in stone countertops and is a bit cheaper than granite. Marble is made from sediment rocks underwater and consists of dead sea organisms.

Because of this, marble is softer than granite and can be cracked and scratched easier. Marble can also be easily damaged by acids. People chose marble over granite because they prefer the look, as marble can be a much veinier rock.



If you do not want to pay as much for your granite or marble countertop, a cheap alternative is a slate. actually looks smoother and deceptively better than granite or marble, but don’t be fooled, it is quite cheap and brittle.

Slate is a sedimentary rock like marble that is softer than both marble and granite. It is also more porous so you will need to seal it more often than granite or marble.



Although granite and marble win the popularity contest in stone countertops, quartz is a very respectable rock for those who know stone countertops.

is more expensive, stronger, and rarer than granite or marble. And because quartz is not porous, you won’t need to seal it. In fact, it doesn’t need much maintenance besides a cleaning every now and then.  The one disadvantage of owning a quartz countertop is that it is quite hard to install and quartz tends to discolor with UV light.


limestoneLimestone is quite rare to find these days as most people prefer marble or granite. It is also a sedimentary rock like marble but is typically lighter in color, more porous, and more prone to staining.

It is softer than granite, scratches easily, is easily burned by acids, and is hard to properly seal because the pores are so big. Why would anyone want countertops then? Some may prefer its unique look as it tends to be a lighter shade than other stones.




Soapstone is a greyish metamorphic rock that is comparable to granite. Soapstone tends to be denser than granite and not very porous, which means you don’t have to seal it.

is actually quite soft so it tends to scratch up easily. It comes in different shades of grey so you will be hard-pressed to find it in a different color.


In conclusion, these are the five best granite cleaners on the market. They will all clean your granite countertops and make them look new. If you are looking for a granite cleaner, be sure to check out these five products.

However, the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner was the most effective at removing all of the dirt and grime. The Sprayway Granite and Marble Cleaner was a close second and left the countertops looking shiny and new. The DuPont StoneTech Professional Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector was third. This product did leave a protective coating that will help to keep the countertops looking good for a longer period of time.

Both the Method Daily Granite Cleaner and the Weiman Granite & Stone Cleaner are also really good.

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