Our Process

1) Industry Research: First we do industry research on the top products in each industry and niche. This includes but is not limited to searching Ebay and Amazon for the most popular items, searching popular internet forums, performing a Google Search on the best products in each niche, and asking experts and professionals. Overall, we try to get a good understanding of the products reviewed, major competitors, substitute and complementary products, barriers to entry for the product, and a general understanding of the industry.

2) Hands on Testing: We then purchase and thoroughly test every product we review from our own pockets and do not get any commission or discounts for the products beforehand.  This way, you can ensure we leave a completely unbiased review of the product. We do get a commission if you end up purchasing a product we reviewed.  We also use the engineering test lab located in our university to perform tests on certain products.  These tests are performed using the scientific method with control groups. When we test products, we devise a string of tests to ensure we isolate the pros and cons of each product.

3) Expert and Consumer Opinion: Our team also contacts experts in the product’s industry and interviews them on their opinions on the product, competitors, and industry dynamics. We also locate and interview long term consumers of these products and ask them for reviews. We want to make sure we a large sample size of expert and consumer opinions for each product before we write our reviews.

4) Write Review: Finally, after doing initial industry background research, hands on testing, and interviewing professionals and consumers, we have the firepower to write a comprehensive review.  These reviews encompass what we have learned through field testing and researching the product as well as what others think of it. We think that by attacking the review at different angles, we give our review an added edge over the other generic reviews out there on the internet.

The Review Gurus