Best Golf Cart Lift Kit

The Best Golf Cart Lift Kits are easy to find. However, there are so many of them. So we all can get a bit lost while trying to select the best one for our needs. Below, I provide you with five different golf cart kits. I have selected a kit that fits the EZGO golf cart, one that fits the Yamaha, one that fits a Club Car, and one that can be used with Madjax. Like this, you have the most well-known brand in the below with good golf kart lift kit reviews.

Why using a golf cart lift kit?

Golf carts do not have a good road and ground clearance. When driving one around, you can easily break it due to road debris. In fact, I would not want to take my golf cart in an off-road driving environment. I just like the green, but hey at times we all want to do something a little different and we have to go to some difficult-to-access places on the green (at times, not all the time).

In order to avoid damaging your beautiful and expensive cart, you need to install a high-quality and probably the best golf cart lift kit you can find on the market. And you need to find a kit that fits rightly for your cart chassis. That’s why I tested and summarized some of the best Golf cart kits I found around.

Club Car DS Golf Cart Lift Kit - The best Golf Cart Lift Kit

#1. Club Car DS Golf Cart Lift Kit

For those who are interested in an excellent golf cart lift kit, the Club Car DS Golf Cart Lift Kit is the way to go. This lift kit has a very durable black powder-coated finish and is very easy to install. It holds up well over time and is just solid quality all around. It won’t work with stock tires so keep that in mind. Also, make sure it fits your golf cart model by checking out the detailed description in the link below. By the way, if you need to lift your cart, you can get a two-lift car for your garage here.

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Best Golf Cart Lift Kit

#1. Club Car DS Golf Cart Lift Kit

When it comes to the best golf cart lift kit, we highly recommend you try out the Club Car DS Kit by Golf Cart King. It is an easy bolt-on application with no cutting or welding involved. The lift kit has a high gloss durable black powder-coated finish and even allows for camber and tow adjustments. It also has pivot point grease fittings for very easy maintenance.

The only thing with this lift kit is that it will not work on stock golf cartwheels. You must have larger wheels put in and it can take tire wheels up to 23 inches. Also, it is a good fit for many Club Car DS Models, so be sure to read the description in the link below to see if it fits your model. And you may want to get a 4 car lift system for working under your car or your cart.


  • Club Car DS 1982-2003 Electric and 1997-2003 Gas 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit (MUST have metal front dust covers)
  • the kit comes with everything you need to fit both the front and rear of your cart. I liked the easy-to-follow FULL-COLOR instructions. It’s so easy when you have a good manual.  
  • You do not need cutting.
  • Another good feature is that you do not need welding. The kit is just an easy bolt-on application.
  • The kit allows for camber and tow adjustments.
  • It comes complete with pivot point grease fittings for easy maintenance. Another good point.
  • The lift has a high gloss durable black powder-coated finish.
  • You’ll be pleased that this is a 6″ Lift and allows up to 23″ tall tires.
  • One thing to be careful though, you must use at least 10″ Wheels with a 1″ Offset.
  • Has a 4.6 review rating with over 95 reviews.

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Best Golf Cart Lift Kit - the 6" Drop Axle EZGO

#2. 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Best Golf Cart Lift Kit

This is the next up, with the most well-known brand for golf carts, the EZGO. I have specifically not gone exclusively for producing some EZGO golf cart lift kit reviews. I thought one single kit that is the best seller on many specialized platforms will do. So I went for the simplest, most used, rugged, most purchased, most trusted, and most reviewed EZGO golf cart kit. And I am sure about this. You want and need the best and most trusted kit. I think I found this with the Golf Cart Tire Supply 6 inch Drop Axle Kit tailored for EZGO carts.

I mean this: “it is, currently, the best golf cart lift kit for EZGO TXT and Medalist Electric model golf carts”. You see, the thing with all of these golf cart lift kits is that there is not just one kit you can buy that has a universal fit. Every kit is only specifically made for a particular brand and model.

It is good to know that this kit contains alloy class 8.8 high strength hardware, which is basically just saying that it is super strong and will last through plenty of wear and tear. Furthermore, it has a nice 4-year factory warranty and includes front and rear lift pieces that don’t require any cutting or welding, which is nice to know.


  • 4″ Drop Axle Lift Kits for EZGO Medalist/TXT GAS model only. (1994-2001.5)
  • Drop Axle replacement lift design. Bolt-on design with no additional parts or modification needed. This is really good. You do not need to be a mechanic or an expert to fit the kit.
  • Solid build with quality workmanship: All Alloy Class 8.8 high strength hardware.
  • Package does include: 2* Tie-Rod Extenders, 2*Shock Extenders, 2* Front Risers, 2*Rear Risers, All hardware with a detailed step-by-step installation guide. 1*FREE tie rod included (check if it is in the pack – you never know).
  • Excellent service: The company that makes these kits provide technical support at any time from Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to contact them if you have questions. I tried the service and it was really good.

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#3. Madjax 6″ A-Arm Complete Kit

Another great product when it comes to the best golf cart lift kit is the Madjax 6 inch A-Arm Kit. It is a pretty solidly built kit and you can basically install it yourself.

Now out of all the lift kits we’ve tried, this one simply just holds up the best. It is basically what a lift should look and function. Also, instructions should be very clear and easy to follow.

Overall, it goes on pretty easy and it just looks absolutely great. There are many brands out there that always have something wrong or missing, but this one is perfection.

If we were to nitpick a small detail, it would be that it is limited to the models it can properly fit. Also, it runs a bit more expensive than the other brands. But you’ll enjoy riding the golf cart after fitting this kit.


  • 6-Inch a-arm lift kit
  • Most parts are designed for an easy DIY installation.
  • I had a little difficulty during the mounting, but nothing that is not surmountable. 
  • If you buy the Madjax kit, then you buy from a high-quality brand.
  • The kit gets a 4.6 review – that’s pretty impressive.

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#4. Ecotric 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Best Golf Cart Lift Kit

The Ecotric 6 inch drop axle lift kit is an excellent golf cart lift kit for those who want to go big and need a kit that can accept up to 23-inch tires. It also replaces the front axle with a drop axle type design. One of the must-have features that I like is the addition of an all-alloy class 8.8 high strength hardware and the entire unit just feels pretty bulletproof. This is probably the best EZGO txt lift kit you’ve been looking for.

It can also take on very heavy loads, so don’t worry if you have a lot of people sitting in your golf cart. It can handle pretty much any weight you throw at it. Our biggest complaint and this is a legitimate one is that the company asks that you go get professional installation.

It doesn’t come with instructions so you have to find them online. But if you are computer literate, this is nothing. Just download the manual and follow the instructions. Pretty easy and if you are good with mechanics, you should have no problem at all. Overall, a very good piece of engineering that is crying for you to use it.


  • Fits up to 23″ Tires.
  • You can use this kit with the EZGO Medalist / TXT (1994-2001.5 Electric).
  • You can replace the stock front axle with a drop axle design.
  • Lengthens wheelbase.
  • The kit includes a front and rear lift.
  • No need for specialized cutting or welding.
  • All Alloy are Class 8.8 high strength hardware – durability assured.
  • Be careful, the instructions are NOT INCLUDED. You need to go on the web to get more information and the manual or go to youtube and you’ll find a nice video.
  • Because it does not come with the manual and you need to download it from the web, people get a little upset, but they still provide a 4.4 review. Highly respectable score if you consider people are annoyed with the manual.

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Best Golf Cart Lift Kit - The Yamaha way

#5. Yamaha Rhox A-Arm Lift Kit Golf Cart

Lastly, we have the Yamaha Rhox A-Arm, and I summarise below the best lift kit for Yamaha golf cart. It is definitely one of the strongest, safest, and easiest lift kits to install according to the company. So we had to put it to the test and see if this was actually the real case. And boy, it definitely did not disappoint. This kit does not require professional installation and you can totally do it yourself. We just love it, and so you should.

Additionally, we really like just how reliable the components of the kit are and everything is independently tested and ensured that it achieves a certain quality standard before being sold. The only thing is that it is only designed for Yamaha branded golf carts so if you have another brand, you should definitely look elsewhere. Apart from that, you can go ahead and buy this beauty kit.

The best Yamaha g29 lift kit can be found by clicking here.


  • 6″ Lift which fits all Yamaha G22 Golf Carts
  • Designed for all-terrain use (well most of them)
  • Larger diameter steel tubing than other lift kits on the market – Provide a sturdy and strong solution.
  • Replaces front-end.
  • Features Quick Camber and Quick Toe adjustments
  • Has a 4.6 reviews score

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Final words

With the above, you have the best lift kit for golf cart you can hope for. I’ve included different brands to ensure you can select from the most trusted ones. You just need to select the one that fits your need. And all of the brands and kits I have selected have really good reviews. I made sure that I included the best lift kit for EZGO golf cart too, as this is the brand that is most used around the world.

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