How To Install Gutter Sealant: 10 Steps To Keep Your Gutters Clean

Here are 10 steps on how to install gutter sealant to fix gutters, stop leaks, seal cracks, and broken seams. These simple steps will help you select and apply the right sealants for fixing leaks. Note that the market for gutters is worth more than $7 billion a year.

So, if you do not repair your gutter as soon as there is a hole, you’ll definitely end up contributing to the $7 billion markets by buying a new set of gutters. Worse, you’ll probably have to get someone to install it for you as it is not that easy to install. So, best for you to ensure that repair your gutters as soon as you have a leak.

Step 1 – Clean Your Gutters from debris

Gutter full of debris

Make sure that your gutters are washed and free of any debris. Using a wide-blade rake, rake out any debris in your gutters. This step is extremely important, though trivial and easy. Debris is the number one cause of leaking.

Step 2 – Identify Leaks

typical unclean gutter

To determine the places where leaks can be fixed, you need to identify the areas where the water can seep. Get a hose and start pouring water from the top end of the gutter. Take a marker pen mark areas where water is dripping off the gutter. Let the gutter dry out.

Step 3 – Choose The Right Sealant

Now that you know where the holes are in your gutter, you need to look for a good sealant. The sealant must be easy to apply and suitable for your gutters. There are sealants for aluminum gutters and some for plastic gutters, etc. So choose wisely. I have put together a list of excellent sealants here just to ease the pen in searching these.

Some of the best sealants are Rust-Oleum, Geocel Corp, Dap, Liquid Rubber, Liquid Rubber, GE Aluminum (for metal type gutters), and Loctite Stik’n Seal (metal or plastic gutters). They are all on my list of excellent sealants (see link in the previous paragraph).

What you need to check is that the sealant is strong enough to endure the heavy rain and the elements such as snow, etc. Also, ensure the sealant is strong enough to make the gutter watertight (use the above-mentioned brands and you should be fine).

By the way, do not forget to follow the instructions before applying the sealant.

Now you have your sealant, you have to first test it on your gutters. You need to make sure that it seals your gutter well. So, take the time to do a small trial.

Step 4 – Second Clean of The Gutters

It is time to prepare your gutter for the sealant. You need to have it crystal clean in the areas where there are holes. Wipe down your gutter with a sponge or microfiber cloth, then spray it down with a mild dishwashing liquid. Let it dry.

Step 5 – Apply The Sealant – First fix

Now, you can apply the sealant to all of the holes. Follow the instruction provided with the sealant by the manufacturer. Do not deviate from these as the sealant may not dry properly if you mix the sealant with other liquids, dirt, etc.

That’s it, now you should know how to install gutter sealant.

Step 6 – Cure And Dry

This is where there’s no action on your part. You just need to wait for the sealant to cure and to completely dry. This may take up to 36 hours for some brands. I can tell it is well worth the wait.

Step 7 – Check For Leaks

The sealant has now completely cured. It is time to check for leaks again. The only thing you need to do is to pour water from the top end and investigate any holes, identify these, mark them and move to the second fix.

Step 8 – Second Fix – More Sealant

How To Install Gutter Sealant

You now need to fix the gutters from those leaks that you forgot during the first fix. Get the sealant and start applying it to the hole you found in step 7. I am sure you are a professional now in applying the sealant.

Step 9 – Wait For Couple Of Days – One Last Check

Now you are confident that your gutters do not leak. Well, wait for a couple of days and check for leaks again.

The reason for this step is that you may have focused all of your energy on fixing the big holes, but forgot the tiny ones that are almost invisible to the eye. You know the ones I am talking about, the “one-drop” of water type hole (one drop of water coming off the gutter every 1 min or 2 min).

These are really hard to find when you have big holes to deal with but extremely easy to deal with when you have no major leaks anymore.

Again, when you identify one of those small holes, just repeat the steps above and ensure you install gutter sealant at the appropriate locations.

Step 10 – Conclusion On How To Install Gutter Sealant

In summary, fixing a gutter is very easy if you have the appropriate tools and sealants. You need to check for holes every three years and aim at fixing these on the spot. Don’t delay this, as you may end up with bigger and bigger whole till you have to replace the complete gutter, which is an expensive exercise.

It is always best to fix the small holes than to pay someone to replace your gutters.

Let me summarise what you need to do:

  1. Remove the debris.
  2. Identify leaks.
  3. Choose a sealant.
  4. Second clean of the gutter.
  5. Apply the sealant.
  6. Let it dry.
  7. Identify any more leaks.
  8. Second Fix Of the Leaks
  9. Wait for a couple of days and the final check
  10. You’re done

Now, you’re covered. Enjoy sealing your gutter.


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