Best Latex Paint Primer

Best Latex Paint Primer

#1. Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Paint Primer

The Rust-Oleum Painters Touch is the best latex primer for those who want something that can work with all sorts of different surfaces inside and outside.

It’s really great for smoothing out surface imperfections and providing a great foundation for placing a topcoat or paint over.

Also, it is probably one of the most versatile latex primers out there.

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Is a latex paint primer any good?

If you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint for your home, then you may want to consider latex primer as the first step before applying the final main painting color. And this primer would work really nicely on your drywall.

Latex primer is an excellent choice when it comes to giving your home the perfect paint job. It provides great coverage and adhesion on all surfaces, including wood, concrete, and metal.

In addition, latex primer is also highly durable and can stand up to wear and tear more effectively than other types of primers.

Latex primer offers a number of benefits compared to traditional oil-based primers, such as being easier to clean up after use and being less smelly in comparison.

Furthermore, it can be used as a base for both water-based paints as well as oil-based paints which makes it incredibly versatile when tackling any type of paint job.

Choose The Best Latex Paint Primer

#1. Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex Primer

We think the Rust-Oleum Painters Touch is the best latex primer out there to be used on various surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

It is truly the most versatile one we’ve come across.

The reason we like it so much is that it has excellent durability and resistance to all sorts of harsh conditions and can weather any storm.

This latex primer is also quite low in odor, so it makes it easy to apply without a gas mask and it won’t stink up your house. Also, it does a great job of resisting chipping.

Overall, this stuff provides an excellent base for painting over any surface and really smooths out the surface imperfections and porosity.

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#2. KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Latex Primer – The right primer for drywall

For those who like a high-bonding primer, we think the KILZ adhesion is the best latex primer. As the name implies, it really shines to forming a strong bond with the surface and ensures that topcoats adhere.

The trade-off is of course that it is tough to apply and it does have a bit of an odor. If you can get over these things, then you are gold.

What we really like about the KILZ Adhesion is the fact that it adheres very well to slick surfaces, which is something other oils or water-based primers have had a problem with.

Of course, the only catch is that you have to properly prepare the surface and make sure it is free of dust, grease, and rust.

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#3. Custom Building Products Latex Primer – Best paint primer with latex

The Custom Building Products LevelQuik Latex Primer is the best latex primer for those who want to apply topcoats or paint to very porous surfaces.

While it certainly works for nonporous surfaces, this product really shines on those tougher uneven porous surfaces. And as the name implies, it really levels surfaces quickly.

This stuff gives you significantly improves adhesion and coverage over other standard latex primers when it comes to porous surfaces.

it is certainly not a popular choice amongst do-it-yourself home improvement people, but we think it is definitely worth it to try out.

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#4. XIM 11022 Primer Sealer Bonder

Best Latex Paint Primer

We think the XIM 10022 is an excellent primer sealer and bonder for a variety of home improvement projects. You can use this product with Alkyd or Latex topcoats.

So basically it solves many issues associated with paint bonding on tough slick hard-to-coat surfaces, both indoors and out.

We find it generally easy to apply and go on like many other thin primers. And it provides adequate coverage with just one coating.

Finally, it is not recommended to use strong solvent topcoats like lacquers or 2 part epoxies, or urethanes.

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#5. Valspar Interior Latex Multi-purpose Primer

If you have small-scale projects or just need to touch up on some things, the Valspar Interior Multi-Purpose Latex Primer is the way to go.

This is a low-odor and low-VOC primer that is very fast drying and also does a good job of blocking stains.

Also, we like it because it is one of the few latex primers out there that bonds to glossy surfaces without the need to sand it down first or prep it.

So if you want a great primer for spot repairing or patching up an existing project, this is your weapon of choice.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive about latex primer.

Why use the best latex paint primer for drywall or other surfaces?

There are many reasons for using latex primers. But the main one is that these primers are the ideal paint for drywall. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Fast drying – Latex dries in a record time of 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the environmental conditions
  2. Easy to clean – When dried you can clean latex with water – No problem
  3. Less cracking and peeling – Latex does not peel and does not have to crack. So you are safe for a long time
  4. Not flammable – Does not burn (well it is less prone to burning)
  5. Non-toxic – The prime is low toxicity
  6. Low odor – Still there’s some odo

How long is latex primer good for when stored?

When it comes to protecting a wall or other painted surface, using a coat of primer is key.

Primer helps to ensure that the final layer of paint will adhere well and last longer.

Latex primer is often used due to its quick drying and easy clean-up properties. So you’ll be pleased to know that a latex primer typically has an indefinite shelf life as long as it is stored properly.

To ensure your latex primer lasts, you should store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight in order to avoid any moisture damage or contamination.

It’s also important to keep the container tightly sealed when not in use so air won’t cause the contents to spoil more quickly.

What To Look For Before Buying The Best Primer For Latex Paint?

  1. Quality – Always go for quality. There’s nothing worse than having to repaint a wall because you got bad-quality primer paint. That’s why we always aim for the best interior and exterior paint and primer.
  2. Quantity – You need enough latex paint to finish your project. And sometimes, you’ll need a bit more for other smaller projects. So, it is wise to buy in bulk especially if you want to paint drywalls.
  3. Application – you need to buy an interior and/or exterior use. Best to go with an exterior primer solution for exterior surfaces. But this bonding primer can also be used as an interior paint primer in 90% of the cases. So by buying an exterior primer, you also use it as your restoration interior primer.

Which Best Paint Primer Should You Buy?

The choice of the primer you buy mainly depends on how large is your project, where it is located (indoor-outdoor), the budget you have, and what finish you want out of your project. So you need to use a primer that best fits your requirements.

Let’s say you’ll be painting something small, then the best option will be to use spray paint primer. On the other hand, if you painting a large surface, then you are best to buy a 5-gallon bucket.

Can I use paint and primer all in one?

This is a great question. Yes, you can and it is a good choice if you are going to paint a small surface with paint and primer. Now, remember, you always want quality.

The best solution is going to be to use a separate primer and paint. But if it is a small surface, it is not worth it for you to buy a large quantity of primer and then another large quantity of paint. Best to stick to an all-in-one solution.


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