How to Stop Engine Oil Leaks: Best Oil Stop Leak Additive Review

Oil leaks in cars are a common problem that all car owners face sooner or later. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to stop these leaks from getting worse.

In the past, people have had to bring their car to a mechanic for this kind of repair, but now there is a stop leak additive available for purchase at any auto parts store.

Below are 5 reviews of the Best Oil Stop Leak Additive you can find on the market.

1. Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak

Oil Stop Leak additive

The Blue Devil is the best oil stop leak additive for those who want performance and reliability.

It is a popular brand in the auto industry and works marvelously all the time. Just pour it into your engine oil circuit, get in your car, and go for a drive till the engine is really hot.

This is where the oil stop leak from BlueDevil will work its magic. It will go inside those small inaccessible holes and close them so that there’s no more leak.

You just need to leave your car parked for a couple of hours after heating the engine.

I’d say do this in the evening, get the engine warmed up, and park it back at home for the additive to work its way out.


Why do you need the Best Oil Stop Leak Additive?

In recent years, using the best engine oil leakage has become the focus of the domestic auto industry. More and more people begin to pay attention to this problem.

Most of engine oil leakages are caused by aging of the internal seals, usually after years of driving, but sometimes they happen to new cars too.

They make your cars very leaky, noisy, and smoky and increase the risk of fire. If we want a safe car and a clean garage in our house, this is the problem we are directly facing.

Most of us do not know how to deal with those annoying situations.

Those problems might involve changing some seals and other components, and can be very expensive. They are nearly impossible to be fixed without professional skills and tools. You may even spend more than the car value.

Fortunately, we can use some engine oil stop leak additive to handle them.

Why is it good to stop engine oil leaks?

Engine oil leaks can lead to engine failure. Stopping the leak will save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs.

What causes an engine to leak?

An engine leak can be caused by a number of issues. Starter fluid and fuel will leak from the air intake and valve covers when they are not installed properly. Oil leaks can be caused by worn-out gaskets, loose connectors, and cracked oil pans. Water leaks in the engine can be caused by a faulty water pump or a broken timing belt.

What is a stop leak additive?

A stop leak additive is a type of fluid that can be added to a car’s engine oil in order to stop an engine leak. Stop leak additives are also referred to as oil additives.

Stop leak additives are most typically used on engines with worn seals or gaskets, which leads to leakage and oil usage that exceeds the normal level. A stop leak additive will usually involve either a chemical sealant, such as an epoxy, or an anti-seize compound such as molybdenum disulfide.

Characteristics of oil stop leak additives

Engine oil stop leak additives are cheap, safe, convenient, and effective. We can easily get them on the market for no more than 20 bucks for each bottle.

They are so easy to use that all we have to do is add some in our engine oil and drive. After about 100 miles of driving, you will find that your car stopped leaking.

No dirty oil drops, no choking smokes, no disturbing noises, just like the day you bought your new car.

Although sometimes the products are not effective enough to completely stop the leaking, they still slow it down and reduce oil consumption.

That is a very good measure to prolong the life of your car before you replace it with a new one.

There are hundreds of products on the market, and some of them may not be reliable. It would be a waste of money and time if we use untested engine oil stop leak additives. How to find the best?

After testing dozens of the most famous products, We selected 5 out of them. These 5 products are considered to be the best engine oil stop leak additives.

What is the Best Oil Stop Leak Additive?

  1. Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak
  2. ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks
  3. Bar’s Leaks 1040 Grey Rear Main Seal Repair Concentrate
  4. Lucas Oil 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak
  5. No Leak 20401 Engine Oil Stop Leak

1. Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak additive

Oil Stop Leak additive

Looking for an engine oil stop leak additive? Check the Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak. It is one of the best engine oil stop leak additives on the market.

The Blue Devil company, which developed the product, has been in business for years.

The Blue Devil is a mature product as it has been accepted by hundreds of consumers. It has been proven to be effective and cheap.

The product contains 8 ounces of oil stop leak additive. It truly can deliver sealing capability.

As we tested, it is more effective than most of the products on the market. It is designed for rubber parts, so it also works on both diesel and gasoline engines.

There are some failures when working on some engines. It can be noticed that they didn’t seal well the leaking gaskets.

What can you use if this product fails?

You may have to choose the rear main seal stop leak product of Blue Devil if you are facing problems with our rear main seals. It’s not so disappointing because it does great most of the time.

How do you know if the blue devil oil stop leak is for you?

The blue devil oil stop leak is a 100% silicone-free formula that has been designed to stop leaks quickly and effectively. This formula is safe for metal, rubber, and plastic parts.

This product is best for those who have an immediate need to stop the leaks instead of waiting for repairs or replacement, or for those who are looking to avoid future leaks.

The blue devil oil stop leak is ideal for people who are looking for a long-term solution to their engine leak problems. It does not require any maintenance and will last indefinitely without any further leak issues.

The Blue Devil is quite easy to use. To stop the leaking, we need to add all of it to our engine oil.

We can easily do it at home. After about 100 miles of driving, it will cover the seals and fix them. Then, no more leaking, no more blue smoke.

The “secret formula” that makes the product so effective is some of the top components used by the manufacturer.

For this reason, the price of the Blue Devil, which is lower than 11 dollars, is not expensive. It is a good pick when choosing the best engine oil stop leak additive products.


2. ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks

Best Oil Stop Leak additive

ATP Automotive produces one of the best oil leak additives. In fact, testing this product is considered to be unnecessary, since it has already been tested by hundreds of consumers for years.

It has been used in different engines by many people from different cities and is proven to be professional and fast-acting. We still seriously tested the product, and we confirmed that the market told the truth.

As we tested, it works great with many different kinds of oils. In most of the experiments, it stops the leaking after driving for no more than 5 hours.

At the same time, it can be used in not only engines but also transmissions, power steering, differentials, and hydraulic systems.

All dried-out rubber seals and gaskets are basically rejuvenated after using them, and the engines are not corroded by any component of the product. It has a relatively reasonable price compared with products from other companies.

These reasons explain why the AT-205 Re-Seal has gained high ratings for years and no one can beat it. It is definitely the best engine oil stop additive today.

Why and how to use the ATP AT-205 Re-Seal

The ATP AT-205 Re-Seal is clearly the best oil leak additive on the market if you are looking for a solution that is versatile. But how do you use it? Don’t worry, it’s much easier than driving.

As the manufacturer told us, if we want to see the best results, just dump the whole 8-ounce bottle in your engine oil.

It will circulate to the different parts of the engine, and soon cover the oil seals and the rear main seal. It’s OK to use it for other leaking problems, but make sure that your leaking problem is caused by rubber parts, or it would not be very helpful.

Just like other similar products, it may not be that helpful to working on aged metal parts of old cars. If the car is not so old it will tear apart at any time, the product will be working as expected, or even better.


3. Bar’s Leaks 1040 Grey Rear Main Seal Repair Concentrate

Best Oil Stop Leak additive

Your car is leaking and smoking as if it is about to explode. You drive it to the garage, and you are told that it has a problem with your rear main seal and you may need to change it.

That will cost you a bundle to completely fix it. Not a good choice for your old car, is it? Buying a new car just because of some oil drops seems irrational. Now you have a better option: the Bar’s Leaks.

The product we are talking about is a kind of engine oil stop leak additive and is professionally designed for hard-to-stop oil leaks.

Why use the Bar’s Leaks 1040 mail seal repair?

Bar’s Leaks 1040 Grey Rear Main Seal Repair Concentrate is the best oil stop leak additive if your car is badly leaking. It works when our rear main seal leaks.

Bar’s Leaks also works on leaks of the seals timing cover, cam seal, rear main, and other worn or dried seals. It restores them quickly and safely and our car will soon be able to get back on the road.

If you have a gasoline or diesel engine using conventional, high mileage, or synthetic oil, don’t worry, it works. It works on most of the rubber parts it covered, renews them, and makes them work smoothly again.

The product is easy to use. We simply add a whole bottle of it (or half a bottle if you have a small engine) to engine oil, and it shows the effect while driving.

After a few hours of driving, we can notice that the leaking stops and the annoying smoke are disappeared. It does no harm to gaskets or other parts of our engine and lubricates them. That means we can use it to prevent future leaking.

Nearly 80 percent of consumers on Amazon gave ratings of more than 4 out of 5 stars, and we made the same evaluation. It is proved to be really effective, easy to use, and affordable.

No longer spending our money on a costly repair bill, the Bar’s Leaks will help us to fix the leaking in a less expensive way.


4. Lucas Oil 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak

Best Oil Stop Leak additive

To deal with an engine oil leak, Lucas Oil provides us with the best choice of engine oil leak additives.

Their flagship product is the Lucas Oil 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak. Lucas Oil is a very famous company, which has provided many different products for oil issues for years.

Their products are widely accepted by consumers all around the world. We can believe in this product just like other Lucas Oil products. It is one of the best engine oil stop leak additives on today’s market.

It is a Lucas additive of a new formulation. The manufacturer did a great job in the past, and this is their latest masterpiece. It is compatible with petroleum, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic motor oils, and contains no corrosive component which is harmful to our engines.

It shows to be quite effective on leaking problems. The worn seals renewed by it would work easily again.

Does the Lucas oil stop leak product reduce the noise levels of your engine?

As we tested, it can reduce engine noise and oil consumption, and raise oil pressure at the same time.

Your car won’t be noisy as a ticking bomb after using it. But unfortunately, it can’t stop the leak completely in some cases such as a head gasket or a rear-end. It depends on the materials. And it’s not a permanent fix to damaged engines.

Is it safe to use Lucas Oil Stop Leak Additive?

Lucas Oil Stop Leak Additive is a reputable and trusted name in the automotive industry. It has been around for years and has been awarded many awards such as “Best New Product” and “Motor Age Magazine Top 100 Products”. But does it really work safely?

Definitely yes. It is safe to use Lucas Oil products because they are made using biodegradable, non-toxic additives. Lucas Oil also produces eco-friendly products that are free from volatile organic compounds and do not contain any solvents or petroleum derivatives.

How does Lucas Oil Stop Leak Additive work?

Lucas Oil Stop Leak Additive contains a patented formula of synthetic oils and a special compound that penetrates any type of rust, or holes, protects from moisture, and keeps the metal from corroding.

The patented formula actually works to stop leaks in all kinds of systems. The special compound that penetrates the rust is designed to remain in contact with the metal longer than traditional stop-leak products.

When applied to a leaking vehicle, the solution works by sealing off the leak while allowing the engine oil to drain out naturally till the leak is completely sealed. And it can be used for all types of vehicles regardless of make or model.

In that case, we should try another series of Lucas Oil Products, or take the car to the garage. The good thing is even in that case this product greatly slows down the leak. It works great as a temporary measure.

How to use the Lucas oil stop leak additive?

Just follow the instructions, or call the manufacturer if you are not sure. 20 percent of the system capacity would be enough. Add it to our oil, and drive several hundreds of miles to help it spread in the engine. Then we will get our car smooth and quiet again.

What are the drawbacks of using Lucas Oil Stop Leak Additive?

Lucas Oil Stop Leak Additive is a great product for small leaks. However, it doesn’t work on large leaks and can’t prevent leaks from happening in the first place. It also doesn’t stop your car’s fluid levels from dropping over time as the fluids will slowly be consumed by the motor. This is standard and that is why it is always good to check your engine’s fluid levels.

We should not expect an additive to stop being consumed by the engine or to take care of all of your leaks altogether and in one go. The best way to do that is to regularly check the fluid levels of your vehicle, get regular service, and change the fluids before they reach their minimum level.


5. No Leak 20401 Engine Oil Stop Leak

Best Oil Stop Leak additive

It is actually funny to have the name ‘NO LEAK’ as a producer of engine oil-leaking additives. But seriously, the product works. We can notice that smoking is stopped after using it.

This 16-ounce bottle of engine oil leak additive provides the functions of stopping and preventing engine oil leaks, which are caused by dried, shrunken or harden seals.

If your rear main seal leaks, it works well. However, it is not recommended for use in other cases and seems to be not effective enough. If you have problems with other parts of your car, you should purchase a specific product design for that part.

If you bought this product and are going to use it, make sure the leaking part is the rear main seal. It does not work with a leaky head gasket.

Additionally, you don’t have to change your oil. Just add it and leave it in while driving until the leak stop. Do as the instructions said and don’t overfill the crankcase. It is OK to use it whenever you find a leak, no matter if it’s tiny or not. It does well in preventing. You will get a NO LEAK engine as expected if nothing unexpected happens.

Is the No Leak Engine Oil Stop Leak safe?

Since this product is cheap, people may worry about safety. When we tested it in our lab, we found it is compatible with all engine oils. There are no fire, no explosions, and no corrosion.

Overall, it is just as safe as its competitors. What we want to emphasize is that it is cheap. We can’t ask for a 7-dollar product for more. It is the best engine oil stop leak additive you can find in those cheap products. It is way much better than bringing our car to the garage and spending a lot on the repair bills.


Final words

Many people do not know that you can stop oil leaks with the use of an additive.

Stop leak additives are designed to infiltrate through an engine’s cylinder walls and work their way into any leaking seals, gaskets, or other tight spaces.

It then dissolves into the old oil in the system, leaving behind a protective film where it has touched. This prevents further leakage by plugging up any small holes that may be present.


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