Best Epoxy Primer In 2024 – Choose the best prime from our best sellers

Durability and rust prevention are very important when painting metal surfaces. But a sparkling finish is as important too when it comes to painting any surface.

This is why epoxy primers are used as a highly effective way to prevent rust, increase durability and provide the first means to get a fantastic finish.

Note that epoxy prime coating is used to form a non-porous seal when applied to bare metal (that’s why primers are favorite to prevent rust). Any primer should be applied before paint or as an undercoating. They are so good that manufacturers produce different types of surfaces like fiberglass, wood, and plastic.

The different types of epoxy primers are available with varying application methods, drying times, and compatibility with different surfaces. Some are also made to a lower standard for a lower price and it is best to stay away from these.

When choosing an epoxy primer, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the project, as well as ease of use and price. Be sure to shop carefully, as manufacturers offer a wide range of product sizes and not all products are available in small quantities.

To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of 9 of the best epoxy primers on the market. These primers, when applied before a coat of new paint or as an undercoating, will provide long-lasting protection against corrosion for your vehicle, your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer, or protect as a sealant for swimming pools, etc.

#1. Custom Shop Epoxy Primer Grey – The Best Overal

For those who want the best epoxy primer, the Custom Shop Epoxy Primer is the best option. The highlights of this primer are that it has really great adhesion and corrosion resistance.

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Do I really need to use the best epoxy primer?

Yes, you do and that is true for any type of surface such as metal, wood, fiberglass, etc.

A good example is when it comes to keeping your car in pristine condition. You love your car, so you want it to look great. As such you may be wondering if an epoxy coat is really necessary. An epoxy coating is a form of automotive pre-conditioning paint job that offers an anti-corrosive layer of protection for your car’s body. In essence, it sets the right conditions (anti-rust, smooth finish, etc.) that can help your car look its best.

The same example can be taken for wooden boats as epoxy avoids the wood from decomposing. In essence, you need an epoxy to ensure that parts that are frequently exposed to the elements, such as those kept outdoors or in areas with high humidity levels (or with high human use or traffic). The coating helps to keep moisture out and can also provide additional protection against scratches and other damage caused by extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions. It’s especially useful if you live in an area where snow or ice could be a problem during the winter months.

We hope that you are now convinced you need an epoxy primer for your furniture, boat, car, walls, swimming pool, etc. We have the below best sellers epoxy. Select the one that is best for you.

Best Epoxy Primer


#1. Custom Restauration Shop Epoxy Primer Grey

Custom Shop Epoxy Primer GreyIf you want the best epoxy primer, we think the Custom Shop Epoxy Primer is a very good deal. This stuff has great corrosion resistance that also has great adhesion with a superior hide. Additionally, we like it how it is very easy to sand, which is always a plus. Also, you can topcoat with all current base coats.

We also like that it can be mixed in three different ways. One as a sealer, one as a primer, and another as a high build. In terms of color, it is medium grey, so not quite so dark or so light. Overall, this primer goes on quite nicely and has very good coverage. And the general cure time is about 2 hours once you mix it up.

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#2.U- POL Raptor Epoxy Primer Kit

We think that the U-POL Raptor is the best epoxy primer for those who want excellent corrosion resistance. This stuff can be directly applied over rust and applied wet on wet. So there is some super advanced resin technology that drastically improves adhesion to bare metals. It also offers pretty good salt spray resistance.

Next, you should know that it does a good job of extending the life of any protective coating applied on top of this primer. So ideally, you can also apply the Raptor protective coating.

Finally, we just want to say that this stuff looks great and applies very easily with a brush or roll-on. Overall, very impressive looks and is very easy to remove with just acetone.

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#3. Speedo Kote Epoxy Fast Dry Primer – Best Epoxy Primer & Seamer for Spray Gun Use

The Speedo Kote Epoxy Primer is the best epoxy primer for those who want an epoxy primer that can also act as a sealer.

is an easy-to-mix 4:1 primer that offers a 5 to 10% reduction using a reducer. Overall, we would say that it offers pretty darn good corrosion resistance and has some pretty strong adhesion. It bonds especially well to steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

We find the color to be quite nice with a gloss holdout. It also sands very easily with a very fast dry time. After 30 minutes, you can apply a topcoat if needed. In general, we would say that it lays down very nicely and is just easy to do even as an amateur. Just make sure to have a good reducer on hand.

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#4. TotalBoat 2-Part Marine Epoxy Primer

2-Part Marine Epoxy PrimerThe TotalBoat 2-Part Marine Epoxy Primer is great for boats of course but can also be used on pretty much any surface. It offers pretty insane corrosion protection, which is a must-have for marine equipment.

This 2-part epoxy primer has pretty awesome improved durability for any additional top coat on top. And a simple 1:1 mix ratio is all you need.

In addition, this is a high-build epoxy primer, so it does a great job of filling out surface defects. And of course, it dries fast as well as being easy to sand.

What separates this primer from the rest is that it comes in 2 parts for two very different purposes. You have a surfacing primer and a high-build primer.

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#5. Awlgrip 545 Epoxy Primer – The best very thick prime for home and industrial application

The Awlgrip is a great epoxy primer for those who want something very thick. This is a 2 part primer and it does not come with a hardener. Just keep in mind that this primer is really designed for pros as it is hard to mix and apply.

In general, we found it to have excellent durability and adhesion and steps above the competition in terms of performance.

The only downside is that it really is not suited for amateurs and you’d have to be a bit of a pro to properly apply it.

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#6. Best Epoxy Primer Spray Paints: SprayMax 3680033, 2K Epoxy, Cure Rust Primer In Gray

The SprayMax 2k Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer is the best epoxy primer spray available on the market (in a spray format). It is a two-part primer that just takes a shake of the can to blend and activate the primer. This makes it easy to use and apply.

The prime has excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties. You can even apply it on critical surfaces such as aluminum (where some primers are difficult to stick). This epoxy primer offers outstanding insulating and sealing properties.

Note that it is re-coatable (meaning you can paint on top of it) with all standard solvent/water-borne basecoats. You can also use single-stage topcoats, making it a highly versatile product.

This product is ideal for paint repair and sanded surfaces, offering superior protection for metal surfaces such as anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, cold rolled steel, etc.

The flash period of this product is 5 minutes which ensures that the primer dries quickly and provides maximum durability. Basically, this type of epoxy product is easy to apply, prevents rust, and can be used on surfaces such as fiberglass.

From the above, and if you are looking for a reliable epoxy primer spray that offers quick drying time with long-lasting protection – then SprayMax 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer may be your best bet.

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#7. Rust-Oleum 7881830 Specialty Appliance Epoxy Spray Paint, 12 oz – Best Epoxy For Furniture

Rust-Oleum Specialty Appliance Epoxy Spray is the perfect solution for reviving and protecting your appliances. It comes in many different colors like white, grey, black, etc. to match your home furniture colors.

This ultra-hard enamel comes with superior abrasion and scratch resistance, as well as Rust protection that looks and feels like the original appliance finish.

As it is a tough and durable primer (can be used as paint), the specially formulated epoxy coating is designed specifically for indoor metal surfaces like appliances, cabinets, and tables.

The end result is a smooth, washable surface that can provide years of beauty and protection to your home furniture.

With Rust-Oleum Specialty Appliance Epoxy Spray you can be sure the painting will be done right the first time.

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#8. The Swim Epoxy Primer – 1 Gallon – Best Epoxy For Swimming Pool

Epoxy PrimerThe Swim Epoxy Primer is the perfect solution for prepping and sealing your pool interior for paint. It can be applied to damp surfaces.

This means you’ll cut down on prep time and allow you to prime your pool in one day.

With an average coverage of 200-250 sq ft per gallon, this epoxy primer will efficiently seal a large surface. It has been made to leave a solid base for your epoxy paint to adhere to.

Note that it is specifically designed for use with uncoated concrete or plaster interiors and it is best not to use it over an existing coating.

After applying the Epoxy Primer, make sure to thoroughly clean the pool surface with a surface cleaner. Curing time is 24-48 hours after which your pool will be ready to apply a top coat of paint.

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#9. TotalBoat Clear Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer Stabilizer for Rot Repair and Restoration

TotalBoat Clear Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer Stabilizer is the ideal solution for rot repair and restoration. It’s a two-part epoxy system that seals, hardens, preserves, and protects all types of wood from damage and decay.

With no VOCs or harsh fumes, this easy-to-use treatment makes finishes like paint and varnish stick better and last longer. It’s perfect for wooden boat restoration, wood repairs, and woodworking projects.

Note that you can use it on softwoods like cedar, cypress, fir, pine, and redwood as well as hardwoods like ipe, mahogany, maple, oak, and teak.

TotalBoat Clear Penetrating Epoxy is also ideal for butcher blocks, live edge slabs, particle board plywood, and OSB. Choose between regular formula Penetrating Epoxy for 65-90 degrees F temperatures or Cold Weather Penetrating Epoxy for 40-65 degrees F temps (do not use Cold Weather formula above 65F).

Both formulas are available in Pint, Quart Half-Gallon & Gallon sizes with a simple 2 parts resin to 1-part hardener mix ratio for reliable results every time.

Cleanup is easy with soap & water. Restore & preserve your wood with TotalBoat Clear Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer Stabilizer today.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a good primer for epoxy?

A good primer for epoxy is essential for ensuring a secure and lasting bond. For any kind of job that requires the use of an anti-corrosive epoxy, it’s important to have a reliable primer that will provide the best possible result. Similarly, if you prime wood, then you need a primer that will not allow water ingress.

What you need to remember is that a good primer is one that is tailored for the surface and its application. For instance, when choosing a primer for a piece of metal that should be an anti-corrosive epoxy, you should look for one with excellent chemical compatibility, strong adhesion, and maximal rust resistance.

In addition, the right choice of primer can ensure your end product looks great and is secure against any elements or liquids it may come into contact with in the future. When applying primers to surfaces prior to applying epoxy, make sure you follow all instructions as specified by the manufacturer to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Can I paint over epoxy primer?

Yes and no. Some experts do recommend applying a primer, then a sealer, and finally a coat of paint.

Now you are not obliged to use a sealer, and if you’re considering painting over epoxy primer, it’s important to know the right steps and techniques to get the best results.

Using a paint gun with an appropriate spray pattern is the best way when painting over epoxy primer. It’s also recommended that you apply several coats of paint for optimal finish and protection against any weathering or damage. To prevent air bubbles from forming on your surface, be sure to keep your gun at least 8 inches away from the surface as you spray. Additionally, make sure that each coat of paint is completely dry before moving on to the next one in order to avoid any clumping or running of the paint.

How long can any type of epoxy prime last?

The answer depends on several factors, including the type of epoxy primer being applied and how it is used. Two-component primers are generally more durable than single-component primers because they contain two components that work together to create a strong bond between the coating and the surface it’s applied to. When properly applied and cured, two-component primers can last for up to 10 years in optimal conditions before needing replacement or recoating. Single-component primers typically last for about four years before needing replacement or recoating. Note that the same idea applies to one-part epoxy and two-part epoxy.

How many coats of epoxy primer do I need to spray to prevent rust?

There is no standard rule. However, most people and experts like to spray 2-3 coats of epoxy primer in order to ensure optimal coverage and protection against rust and corrosion. However, the lesser the number of coats the better. If more coats may be necessary, then these can cause bubbling phenomena to happen. So best to use a top primer and reduce the number of coats.

Is choosing the best epoxy primer and sealer really worth it?

The answer is yes. While some cheap and low-quality primers may appear to do the job just well enough, choosing one with higher-quality material ingredients will pay off in the long run.

Primers with better materials are more resistant to scratches, fading, and other damage due to their increased durability and strength.

This makes them much more reliable over time than lower-grade options. Additionally, top-of-the-line primers have been designed with specific surfaces in mind so they’re able to provide a better bond that lasts longer than inferior brands.


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