Best Synthetic Watercolor Brushes Reviews

#1.Montebello 15 Piece Watercolor Set

The Montebello 15-piece watercolor set is the best synthetic watercolor brush if you want a premium quality set with all sizes and shapes. They hold paint well and do not shed easily. The handles are also extremely durable and give you great control over your canvas.

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If you do any kind of painting with watercolor, then you may be looking for the best synthetic watercolor brushes. It is a well-known fact that the best paintbrushes for watercolors come from the sable, which is a small mammal found in north Asia. Kolinsky’s sable turns out to be extremely expensive, so for those on a budget, you should really consider synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fibers are those made from nylon or polyester and basically mimic the movement of natural hairs. They are much cheaper than having natural hair and can perform with the same quality as natural hair watercolor brushes. The biggest disadvantage is that they won’t last as long and sometimes will have trouble holding lots of paint. Also, synthetic fibers generally have issues with distributing paint uniformly given that the bristles are quite smooth. However, with the best synthetic watercolor brushes, you can pretty much mimic the performance of a natural hair brush.

Some synthetic brushes will even have small ridges embedded to help with the paint-carrying ability. If you can’t afford sable hair brushes, synthetic fibers are a great alternative and can hold a point well. You may even consider a combination hair brush, which combines sable with synthetic fibers to create the best of both worlds.

When looking for synthetic watercolor brushes, you should pay close attention to the shape, which will ultimately dictate its versatility. Round brushes are the most versatile and can make small details and delicate lines as well as broad strokes. Flat brushes are great for washes and strong linear strokes. Spotter brushes are great for retouching and making detailed work.

Best Synthetic Watercolor Brushes

Best Synthetic Watercolor Brushes

#1.Montebello 15 Piece Watercolor Set

The Montebello 15 Piece set is the best synthetic watercolor brush if you are looking for a premium quality set. This package features a great mix of brush sizes and types. It is suitable for artists of all types whether you are using watercolor, acrylic, or oil. The bristles are synthetic and made of soft golden nylon that is very easy and clean and lasts a long time.

They do not shed easily and hold their shape and springiness after repeated use. Also, they hold paint very well and give you lots of control over your project. In terms of handles, the high gloss lacquered wood handles give you great control and a nice grip. They are well-balanced and are pretty lightweight.

Finally, the nickel-plated brass ferrules are securely fastened to the brush heads, so you will never get into a situation where they come loose. The kit comes with a cool carrying case, which is also great for storing your brushes when not in use. This case can also be used to dry out the brushes. Overall, this is a great set for both students and professionals in watercolor and all sorts of other types of art.

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#2.Creative Mark Synthetic Watercolor Brushes

For those looking for the best synthetic watercolor brushes, the Creative Mark set is great. This is an animal-friendly brush set with synthetic hairs that mimic a blend of squirrel and sable hairs. Thus, no animals were harmed in making these brushes. These brushes manage to hold lots of color for large washes and exhibit superb control over your canvas.

Although they are not as good as using a pure Kolinsky sable brush, we think that they do a great job in giving you great response and sharp edge control. This is an 8-piece set that includes round, filbert, rigger, flat wash, and wash mate shapes. You get the fine point of sable with the color capacity of squirrel hairs.

The short blue-grey wooden handles are also very easy to hold and give you lots of grips. The ferrules are nickel-plated brass and are very long-lasting. All in all, we think that this is a great value set and definitely worth your money.

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#3.Craftamo Synthetic Watercolor Brush Set

If you are looking for the best synthetic watercolor brushes, the Craftamo set is good. These brushes mix synthetic hairs with natural hairs to create the perfect balance for all watercolors. You get 15 brushes in this set and it comes in filbert, angle, round, flat, mop, and fan shapes. Additionally, these brushes are meticulously hand made and the hairs hardly ever shed.

We really like the fact that these brushes are extremely easy to handle. They are a good balance and comfort when you hold them and deliver consistent paint strokes when needed. Furthermore, the Craftamo Synthetic Set is very easy to clean and has great shape retention. The paint washes out effortlessly and the brush itself has a pretty long life span.

Finally, we should mention that it comes with a cool protective carry case that doubles as a pop-up stand.

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Best Synthetic Watercolor Brushes

#4.AQUAnaut Series 997 Synthetic Brush Set

We think the AQUAnaut Series 997 is the best synthetic watercolor brush if you want a nice and cheap set. This set includes 5 large brushes that all have great action. You get a large and medium angle shader, one large round, one medium round, and a one-stroke brush. Each brush is made of white synthetic bristles, which are designed to mimic natural sable.

This means they don’t fall apart or shed easily. And because they are synthetic bristles, these brushes are actually far easier to clean than normal natural hair brushes. Our favorite feature is the long and acrylic beveled handles, which are extremely easy to hold. These handles are on average 7.5 inches long and give you superior control over your canvas.

With this set, you don’t have to break the bank to be able to paint watercolor, acrylic, or whatever style you like. It has solid craftsmanship and well-balanced handles.

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#5.The da Vinci CosmoTop Spin Watercolor Brush

We think the da Vinci CosmoTop Spin Watercolor Brush is a great synthetic watercolor brush if you are looking for a premium-quality one. These are made in Germany with precision engineering and quality craftsmanship. The da Vinci CosmoTop comes in several sizes from 1 all the way to 12. Also, the bristles are made of synthetic fiber and can hold a lot of water. In terms of durability, it is absolutely one of the top in the industry.

It has a casing around the brush that is virtually indestructible. Our favorite feature is probably the protective case as it prevents the brush from being damaged and fits all portable sets. You don’t have to worry about putting it in your pocket or handbag and breaking it. Also, the handle is very sturdy and gives you precise control over the brush.

Finally, it stays damp longer than all the brushes out there and is a great go-to brush for any occasion.

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