Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners in 2024

There’s nothing nicer and prettier than the natural beauty of hardwood. But the problem with hardwood floors is to keep them clean and looking new. Fortunately, finding the right wood floor cleaner can make a huge difference in maintaining them.

When it comes to clean hard floors, you have a lot of options and solutions. Some products are specifically designed for hardwood floors, while others are geared toward laminate floors or general cleaning. But with so many choices available, how do you know which one to choose?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best cleaners for wood floors, including cleaning solutions and products. Our aim is to help you keep your hardwood floors looking their best for years to come. So, whether you’re dealing with heavy traffic or pets constantly running around, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to keep your floors looking brand new. Please do not forget to read our buying guide further down the page.

best hardwood floor cleaner

1. Bona Pro Series – Best Overall

The Bona Pro Series is the best hardwood floor cleaner if you are looking for a fantastic stand-alone wood cleaner. It is specifically designed for cleaning hardwood floors and is pH neutral, as a good hardwood cleaner should be. The Bona Pro Series leaves absolutely zero dulling residues.


Why do you want the best hardwood floor cleaning solution?

best hardwood floor cleanerHaving hardwood floors is the perfect way to spice up your home. They are a beautiful type of flooring and can last many years with the proper care. With the best hardwood floor cleaner, you make your dirty hardwood floors spotless and clean without having to work too hard. It is commonly agreed upon that hardwood floors bring up the value of your home. They simply look good and give your floors a warm décor that feels classier and more attractive than tile or carpet.

Since wood is a rather neutral color, it is easy to match it with furniture. During the winter, the wood also becomes a natural insulator of heat. They are easy to clean and maintain with the best hardwood floor cleaning agent because spills and stains can simply be wiped away. But what we really like is that hardwood floors don’t soak in liquids the way carpet does and it can be vacuumed and cleaned with ease.

You can also sand and refinish hardwood floors to remove any scratches and restore your floors’ old look. The biggest problem with hardwood floors is cost. Real hardwood floors are much more expensive than other types of flooring such as carpet. Additionally, they attract lots of moisture and humidity, so you must clean up spills immediately before they damage your floors.

Note that one of the biggest hidden threats to your hardwood floors comes from leaks from the piping in the walls that eventually lead their way to your wood. This is why you probably shouldn’t install hardwood floors in your toilet or laundry room. Another disadvantage of hardwood floors is the noise, which can get very annoying with heels. Heels can also scratch your hardwood floors easily.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Reviews

      1. Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner (Top Pick)
      2. Orange Glo Hardwood Floor – Best Everyday Cleaner
      3. TriNova Wood Cleaner – Best Conditioner & Polisher
      4. Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner Spray – Best Deep Cleaning Wood Floor Cleaner
      5. Method Wood Floor Cleaner – Best Smelling / Scented Cleaner
      6. Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner – Best Laminate And Wood Floor Cleaner
      7. ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Vacuum
      8. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop – Best Spray Mop For Hardwood Floors
      9. Bona Hard Floor Cleaner Machine Formulation – Best Floor Cleaning Machine

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner – Pro Series – Best Overall

best hardwood floor cleaner

The Bona hardwood floor cleaner is the best cleaning product if you are looking for a fantastic stand-alone wood cleaner. Bona is a great company that makes quality products in the housekeeping industry.

The Pro Series is Bona’s top-of-the-line product and a step up from their original standard recipe. It is worth the extra few bucks because it simply cleans better. It is specifically designed for cleaning hardwood floors and is pH neutral, as a good hardwood cleaner should be.

The Bona Pro Series leaves absolutely zero dulling residues on your floors, which is actually hard to find. You would be surprised at the number of hardwood cleaners we have tried that just left streaks and watermarks. This professional formula is also nonflammable and non-toxic, so it protects your children and pets from accidentally ingesting it. The Bona Pro is also Greengaurd certified, which is a third-party non-profit that tests products for their environmental impact.

This means Bona Pro won’t harm the environment, which is always a bonus. Also if it gives you any more confidence in their products. For us, this is the best Bona hardwood floor cleaner. In summary, the Bona Pro is our top pick because it has the best cleaning power out of all the hardwood floor cleaners we tried. This product is about as good as it gets and it smells great.


  • Dries fairly quickly
  • EPA Safer Choice certified
  • Dissolves difficult soil


  • You need a separate mop


2. Orange Glo – Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner For Everyday

best hardwood floor cleanerOrange Glo is a nice alternative to the Bona Pro Series if you want to try a different scent. It is the best hardwood floor cleaner spray for those wanting an everyday formula. You can pretty much use this daily to spot clean areas on your hardwood floor that become dirty. We love the Orange Glo because it smells pretty good. It has a refreshing orange scent that is not too overpowering.

It does not leave any kind of film or residue on your hardwood floors and dries really fast, even faster than the Bona Pro series. Also, it leaves a bit more of a shine than the Bona Pro, so for those who like that slick shiny look, you can try this product. But keep in mind it is only a slight shine – if you want any kind of serious shine or lamination, you need to use a standalone polish or a cleaner/polish combo solution.

The Orange Glo is very easy to use: just spray a bit on your hardwood floors directly and mop it clean or use a sponge.  We have tried many of these quick dry everyday cleaner sprays and we have to say we like the Orange Glo. It is the best hardwood floor cleaning spray that leaves the least amount of residue and offers great cleaning power. Although the Bona Pro series has better cleaning power, we say this formula gives it a good run for its money. Besides, Bona Pro is more suited for large-scale hardwood floor projects while the Orange Glo works well for spot cleaning because of its quick-drying formula.


  • Cleaner and polisher all in one
  • Good value
  • Dries fast


  • You need a separate mop


3. TriNova Wood Cleaner – Best Conditioner & Best Polish

hardwood floor cleaningIf you want the best hardwood floor cleaner that also comes with a polisher, Trinova makes a great product. The Trinova Wood does both clean and condition your hardwood floors in one application. This is like using a shampoo and conditioner combo on your hair. While it won’t work as well as a standalone cleaner and a standalone polisher, you are avoiding a lot of repetitive work and cleaning.

With Trinova, you simply spray it on and then wipe it off. You can use it daily for spot cleaning and full-scale projects. It produces way more shine than the Orange Glo cleaner and the Bona Pro Series and also protects your wood from aging and deterioration. This formula is designed for hardwood floors but can also be used for wood furniture, doors, and pretty much anything wood. The TriNova wipes off clean with little residue or staining.

Also, it is unscented so it doesn’t have any strong odors or chemical smells, and is safe to use around your children and pets. We found the hardwood floors to be just the right amount of shine after using this product. The effect is almost instant.

While we admit that the TriNova is not a top performer in terms of raw cleaning power, it makes up for it by having a polisher attached, so it cleans, conditions, and polishes your wood in one go. This is the best wood floor conditioner for those who are too lazy to apply a cleaner and conditioner separately and willing to compromise a bit on cleaning power.


  • Polishes your soil
  • Great conditioner
  • Shiny finished hardwood floors
  • Can be used for wooden doors, wood furniture


  • You need a separate mop


4. Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner Spray – Best Deep Cleaning Wood Floor Cleaner and Best Eco-Friendly

best hardwood floor cleaner

Introducing the Bona PowerPlus, the perfect deep clean hardwood floors spray. It is the ultimate solution for cleaning your wood floors. This powerful formula is designed to provide a deep clean wood floor that’s perfect for floors that might not have been wet cleaned in a while, or are in need of a deeper cleaning solution.

The Bona PowerPlus comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle that distributes the formula evenly across your floors. A little goes a long way with this highly effective cleaning solution, making it a great value for homeowners looking for a reliable and long-lasting option.

Recommended by professionals across the country, the PowerPlus Spray is specially formulated to deliver exceptional results on hardwood floors. Its oxygenated, fast-drying formula penetrates grime and heavy build-up with ease, leaving your floors looking better than ever.

And with certification from the EPA’s Safer Choice program, you can trust that this product is both effective and environmentally responsible. So if you’re ready to give your wood floors the deep clean they deserve, consider the PowerPlus Hardwood product.


  • Leaves no residue behind
  • EPA Safer Choice certified
  • Dissolves grime
  • Reveals the shine


  • You need a separate mop


5. Method Wood Floor Cleaner – Best Smelling And Best Scented

Best smell cleaner

The Method Hardwood Floor Cleaner Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner is the ultimate solution to clean your floors with ease and effectiveness. This hardwood and laminate floor cleaner contains (1) 68-ounce refill bottle, which can be used to refill your Method wood floor cleaner bottle 2.72 times. This makes it a smart investment in terms of value for money. And it is the best wood floor cleaner smell all around.

With its one-step clean plus gleam formula, you get spotless and naturally shiny floors without the hassle of rinsing. Formulated specifically to clean sealed hardwood and laminate floors, it effectively eliminates dirt and grime from your floors while maintaining their natural shine.

What’s more, this product is cruelty-free, making it a perfect choice for conscious consumers who prioritize ethical products. Not only that but the bottle (minus the lid) is also made of 100% recycled plastic (PCR), making it an eco-friendly solution.

The Method hardwood floor cleaner is perfect for those who don’t have the time to mix and dilute their cleaning solutions. It cleans with a blend of water, coconut oil, organic solvents, and baking soda, saving you precious time. Just squirt the cleaner onto your hardwood floors, and mop away to reveal clean, deodorized, shiny planks. There’s no rinsing required, which makes this cleaner a convenient option for busy families.

The delightful almond fragrance of this laminate floor cleaner makes cleaning up a piece of cake. So, if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious, plant-based and biodegradable, wax-free, cruelty-free, and effective solution for maintaining your wood and laminate floors, Method Hardwood Floor Cleaner Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner is the perfect product for you.

By the way, this product is also the best way to remove dog urine smell from hardwood floor.


  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Great scented hardwood floor cleaner
  • Wax-free formula
  • Biodegradable
  • No rinsing required
  • EPA Safer Choice certified
  • You can use it around children and pets


  • Hard to regulate squirt bottle


6. Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner – Best Laminate And Wood Floor Cleaner

Best laminate cleaner

Black Diamond Wood is undoubtedly the best cleaner for laminate wood floors that will leave your floors sparkling clean and streak-free every time. This amazing liquid cleaner is manufactured by Black Diamond Stoneworks, who are renowned for producing top-quality cleaning products for all types of floors.

The no-rinse, hypoallergenic formula works wonders on all types of wood or laminate-engineered flooring, including bamboo, cork, Pergo, Armstrong, Mohawk, and more, making it the most versatile floor cleaner available.

This cleaning wood laminate floors remove spills, stains, dirt, dust, oil, footprints, and other grime in a very effective manner. It is also incredibly easy to use; just spray and wipe- no rinsing required.

The best thing about the black diamond stoneworks wood cleaner solution is that it is safe around kids and pets, eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it one of the safest cleaners on the market.

If you’re looking for an exceptional floor cleaner, then you can’t go wrong with Black Diamond products. It’s a game-changer and currently the best way to clean laminate wood floors. This product will make cleaning laminate hardwood floors a breeze.


  • Biodegradable
  • Removes scuff marks
  • Easy to spray for spot cleaning
  • There are claims to help repel stains


  • Requires use of a separate mop


7. ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner VacuumBest vacuum hardwood cleaner

This innovative device is the perfect solution for those who struggle to keep their hardwood floors clean and looking pristine. This powerful hard floor wet vacuum cleaner features a top-notch motor that provides superior suction power, making it ideal for cleaning up any mess on hardwood floors. With its cordless design, you can easily move around your house without tripping over cords or worrying about the limited range of a corded vacuum.

Its multi-surface floor cleaning abilities are also impressive, as it can clean hardwood floors, tile floors, marble floors, and even area rugs. It vacuum, mops, and washes floors in just three easy steps, making it the perfect cleaning companion for any household. That’s why it is sometimes called the perfect hardwood floor vacuum and mop device.

After testing it out, we found that cleaning the vacuum is really easy to use. The vacuum has a self-clean cycle that thoroughly removes any debris both from the brush roll but also from the vacuum nozzle. You just need a light wiping of the docking station (around the top), and a quick rinse of the dirty water tank and filter. This is very easily done. In essence, with just one button, the self-cleaning mechanism ensures that the vacuum is always in top condition, making it easier and faster to use.

The hard floor mop vacuum comes with an LED advanced screen that keeps you informed about your device. For instance, the state of the battery power, cleaning mode, water tank levels, and voice alerts can all inform you of the important information you need to know to keep your vacuum functioning at its best.

Note that the ILIFE W100 hardwood floor wet vacuum is equipped with a micro-fiber roller brush that picks up tiny particles very effectively during the cleaning cycle. With a 30-minute runtime on one full charge, its 3000 mAh extra battery capacity and 200 m² area coverage abilities mean that cleaning large spaces is no longer a tedious chore.

Overall, the ILIFE W100 is the perfect and best vacuum and mop for hardwood floors for any home with hardwood floors. Its powerful suction, cordless design, and easy-to-use features make it the best hardwood floor cleaner vacuum available on the market.


  • Leave your floor clean
  • Great performance on hardwood flooring
  • Sucks up dry debris and wet chunky messes
  • Works well on damaged wood
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Great suction


  • Any dry debris is not separated from dirty water


8. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop – Best Spray Mop For Hardwood Floors

Best spray mop cleaner
The Bona Hardwood Floor Premium is the best hardwood floor spray mop you will ever use. This all-in-one microfiber spray mop system has a great oversized head so that it can cover more ground quickly. With this head, you are assured to clean your floors quicker and more efficiently.

The washable, reusable microfiber pad makes cleaning a breeze, and the onboard cleaner cartridge is refillable, so you just need to refill the cartridge when it’s empty.

The mop dispenses a wide, fine spray onto the floor, ensuring that every inch of your hardwood floors is covered and cleaned. The rectangular head is designed to maneuver easily into narrow spaces and corners, so even the hard-to-reach areas are taken care of.

We like the fact that the flexible head catches every speck of dirt and debris, leaving your floors spotless and shining like new. With Bona’s premium spray mop, you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals that can damage your hardwood floors.

Using a microfiber mop with this Bona mop solution offers deep cleaning but also comes with dusting pads, so you can choose the level of cleaning that best suits your needs. From our tests, we found this is the best spray mop for hardwood floors, and it’s also the best spray mop for wood floors.

Basically, it’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep their hardwood floors looking their best. In summary, the Bona Premium Spray Mop is the best hardwood spray mop on the market today. It’s easy to use, affordable, and it gets the job done quickly and effectively. If you’re looking for the best hardwood floor cleaner for a spray mop, look no further than the Bona mop.


  • East reusable microfiber pad
  • Large cleaning head to clean faster
  • Refillable cleaner cartridge
  • Great finish of the floor


  • Some users can find the mope poll a bit long


9. Bona Hard Floor Cleaner Machine Formulation – Best Floor Cleaning Machine

Best machine cleaner
If you’re looking for the Best Floor Cleaning Machine that will ensure your hardwood floors are spotlessly clean, look no further than the Bona Hard Floor Cleaner Machine Formulation. This cleaner from Bona is specially designed to clean your wood floor and leave it looking as good as new.

When using this cleaner, you’ll notice that it cleans well, dries quickly, and removes any marks or stains on your floor. The formula also meets the U.S. EPA product standards, so you can be confident that you’re using a safe and effective product.

This cleaner is also a great option for cleaning up any pet messes that may occur. The water-based cleaning formula doesn’t leave any dulling residue behind. It’s free of phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and ammonia, making it safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane-finished wood floors.

This cleaner can be used with various cleaning machines, including the Bona, Bissell Crosswave, Hoover Powerdash, Tineco iFloor, Jashen M12, and ionVac HydraClea cleaning machines. And if you follow the recommended dose of cleaner, you’ll be able to clean large surface floors efficiently and effectively.


  • EPA Safer Choice certified
  • Works in all brands of vacuum mops
  • Great for all machines


  • Does not come with the cleaning machine


Final verdict

After carefully examining and testing various hardwood floor cleaners, it is clear that Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the top pick. This cleaner not only effectively cleans floors, but also helps to maintain the shine and luster of the wood. For everyday cleaning, Orange Glo Hardwood Floor is the best option as it can easily remove dirt, dust, and other debris without causing damage. However, for those looking for the best polisher and conditioner, TriNova Wood Cleaner is the choice of excellence.

Meanwhile, for deep cleaning, Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner Spray is the best option as it reaches into the deepest crevices to get rid of tough stains and grime. In terms of the best scented cleaner, Method Wood Floor Cleaner has a pleasant aroma that will leave your home smelling fresh.

ILIFE W100 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is great if you want to clean your floor in a matter of minutes. However, if you do not have the budget for the vacuum, then you can get the Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop. Both these products will clean and polish wood floors in a breeze with almost no effort.

Lastly, Black Diamond Wood & Laminate floor cleaners come as the best option when dealing with laminate floors as it is gentle enough to avoid causing any damage. Ultimately, it is important to use a cleaner that is appropriate for the floor types in your home and to avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals that can damage the wood.

What to look for before buying clean hardwood floors product – Buying guide

When shopping for the best wood floor cleaner, there are a few important things to look for.

  • Versatility
  • Scent
  • Type of product

1. Versatility

You’ll want to ensure that the cleaner you choose is versatile enough to be used on a range of surfaces beyond just hardwood floors. Many of the best products on the market today can also be used to clean wood furniture and other woodwork in your home, which can be incredibly convenient and cost-effective. For example, the TriNova Wood Cleaner is a conditioner & polisher and a popular choice that is highly effective on both floors and furniture.

2. The scent of the cleaner you choose

Since you’ll likely be using it in multiple rooms throughout your home, it’s important to select a product with a fragrance that you enjoy and won’t find overwhelming. Many wood floor cleaners are available in a variety of scents, such as lemon, lavender, or orange, so you can choose one that suits your preferences. Other factors to consider include the cleaning power of the product, its price points, and any specific features or benefits it offers, such as being eco-friendly or safe for pets and children. By taking the time to carefully weigh these factors, you can find the perfect wood floor cleaner to keep your home looking and smelling great.

3. Type of product

There are various forms of cleaners including sprays, concentrated liquids, spray mops, and vacuums. Each type has its own advantages. Sprays and spray mops are generally the easiest and most convenient to use, while vacuums can be more powerful and come with special attachments designed to clean wood floors. When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to performance as well as ease of use. Be sure to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of your wood floor before using it all over.

All of the wood floor cleaners we tested were able to remove at least some stains and scuffs regardless of how they are dispensed. Another important factor to consider is the special features of the cleaner. For example, if you have a lot of pet hair or daily foot traffic on your wood floors, look for a vacuum with soft rollers and special attachments that are designed to pick up dust and debris effectively. By considering the product type, performance, and special features, you can choose the best wood floor cleaner for your home and keep your wood floors looking their best.

What to do and not do when cleaning hardwood

  • You should be cleaning your hardwood floors regularly to keep them looking fresh as well as to prevent dirt and debris from entering the small cracks and crevices. Even the best hardwood floors are vulnerable to moisture and humidity. Dirt and debris are the ultimate enemies of a hardwood floor if you don’t immediately clean them up because it is not aesthetically appealing and can attract bacteria, mold, and fungi and ruin your hardwood floors. It is also important to not over-clean your hardwood floors: yes they can be ruined by over-cleaning.
  • What we mean by this is using excessive amounts of water to clean them and using abrasive cleaning pads and scrubbing too hard. Leftover water on your hardwood floor will either leave water stains or attract germs and bacteria. Remember, liquid water is an essential compound of life because it helps transport nutrients throughout the body. Scrubbing your hardwood floors too hard with a tough surface also ruins your hardwood floors by leaving scratch marks, which goes without saying.
  • You shouldn’t be using any chemically cleaning product for your hardwood floors without having understood the basics. For instance, the best hardwood floor cleaner should be rather pH neutral. Using a wood floor cleaner that has a too-high pH is good at dissolving dirt but also leaves the finish on your wood looking dull. Using a solution that is too low in pH will also dull the finish and may not even be strong enough to dissolve dirt.
  • Also, don’t use cleaners designed for other purposes on hardwood floors. This will only cause problems and may cause your floors to become murky or slippery. So for example, don’t use dishwasher liquid or a general glass cleaner. Finally, please don’t use a hardwood floor polish/restorer – they don’t really do any sort of real cleaning and are designed to provide a layer of protective coating to your hardwood floors.

What products should you not use on a wood floor?

When it comes to cleaning a wood floor, it’s important to be cautious and choose the right products. Any cleaning expert would advise against using abrasive cleaners, waxes, oils, furniture sprays, and products containing ammonia. These can all cause damage to the wooden floor surface and lead to expensive repairs.

Instead, it’s best to opt for a natural cleaner that’s specifically designed for wood floors. However, some natural cleaners like vinegar should still be avoided since they’re acidic and can dull the finish over time. Another important point to remember is to avoid using steam mops, even on sealed hardwood floors, as excessive hot water and humidity can penetrate and warp the flooring.

This is particularly true for solid wood flooring, which is easily affected by factors like humidity, water, and extreme temperature changes. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a hard surface floor cleaner that can effectively clean the surface and shine without damaging it. By choosing the right cleaning products and following these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your wood floors and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

What is the easiest way to clean and care for hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and valuable addition to any home but can be difficult to maintain and keep clean. If you want to keep your wood floors looking their best, there are a few simple steps you can take to make cleaning and caring for them easier. First, leaving your shoes at the door is a great way to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked onto your floors.

Vacuuming regularly with either straight suction or the rotating brush turned off will help remove any abrasive dirt and dust that can cause damage. It’s important to clean up spills right away to prevent any damage to the wood, and keeping your pets’ nails trimmed will also help prevent scratches.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s best to avoid using water or wet mops, which can cause damage to the floor. Instead, opt for a damp microfiber mop. Finally, consider using furniture pads to prevent scratches from heavy furniture or chair legs.

Note that the best way to clean hardwood floors involves using a light application of one of our recommended products. You can use a cleaning machine (hoover) or a mop to clean your soil. We recommend applying the cleaning agent in small 3-foot square sections to avoid over-wetting the surface. It’s important to ensure that the area you’ve just cleaned dries quickly, as too much moisture sitting on wood floors for too long can be damaging.

Ensure you clean in the direction of the wood planks.  It’s also important to only damp-clean your floors when they need it. This will depend on how much traffic they receive (and if there are dogs, cats, or other pets in the house). Following these steps will keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come, and if you ever need deeper cleaning, consider hiring a professional wood floor cleaner for the best results.



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