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Does teak wood need to be sealed?

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Yes, and that is for longevity and lower cost of maintenance. It also needs to be sealed because the teak will stay shiny and clean. Note, teak is simply a special type of wood. If you do not maintain, it will eventually rot and you’ll lose your initial investment.

Being a type of wood, it requires special teak cleaners, oils, clear coating, which will act as a sealant. In addition, sealant will act as a water repellent and reduce the impact of the harsh environment it is being used (like on a boat). Obviously, teak wood has been chosen because it is naturally resistant to water, but still without appropriate maintenance work, it will not last forever.

Many people use pressure washing for wood decks, but this is definitely not good for any teak furniture. The reason behind this is that the pressure can cause discoloration (it is not an if, but it will cause discoloration) and in the long run will completely damage the wood surface.

For the above reasons, we believe that you need to get some good, long-lasting teak sealant. That’s why we put together a list of 5 of the finest and best teak sealer reviews, and amongst these, there are two-starbrite teak sealer reviews. We have also included the Semco sealant because it the world’s most well-known brand and most used too.

What is the difference between teak oil and teak sealer?

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This is a very important question that you must understand the answer to. A sealer is used to seal in the oils and resins to the wood. This means it does not allow the oil and resin to evaporate.

In other words, a sealer will not “feed” the wood more oils or resins. It will lock the oil and resin and trap them in the wood so that the wood does not get damaged. A sealer also prevents any outside contaminants and/or moisture to come near the wood. It prevents it from rotting and, as such, lasts much longer.

The good news is that a sealer does need to be reapplied nearly as often as oil or resins. So, when you apply it, it can last for a couple of years with the optimum being three or five years.

Can I put teak sealer over teak oil?

That is exactly what the teak sealer is for. It is meant to seal the oil in the wood. This allows the wood/teak to preserve its natural protective properties. As such, it is always best to first apply teak oil, and then on top of the oil, apply teak sealer. If you do so, you’ll get protection from the oil and the sealer. And, your teak will definitely look good and shiny.

How do you keep teak looking new?

That’s very easy to do. You just need to wash your teak pieces with some soap and water. Use a nice and soft-bristle brush or a sponge (a brush is better and easier to use on teak. Allow the teak to dry – leave it overnight to be sure there’s no more moisture.

Now, apply a nice teak brightener. This will restore the original color of your teak. Again, let it fully dry.

When the teak is dried, you need to rinse it nicely and again let it dry (that’s a lot of drying to do).

This is the fun part, just apply a UV blocking teak sealant. And allow it to fully dry.

Finally, you are done and the teak sealant you used (see below list) will maintain the original color of the wood. Repeat this process if the teak color changes, usually every two to three years, but in some climates, you may need to do it every year (where the teak is always put on the sunshine for more than 300 days a year).

#1. Star Brite Teak Sealer

If you are interested in the best teak sealer, the Star Brite Teak Sealer is certainly a very nice option. It is extremely easy to apply and not make a mess, which is probably its biggest selling point. Also, it does a pretty good job of protecting your wood from water damage as well as saltwater, and UV rays.

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The 5 Best Teak Sealer Review

#1. Star Brite Teak Sealer

For those who want the best teak sealer for outdoor furniture, the Star Brite Teak Sealer fits that criterion and is a very nice option. This sealer has an easy-to-apply one-coat option that is pretty much mess-free. You have to be a complete klutz to mess it up. It won’t splatter and run like many other sealers, and believe it or not, this can be a huge dealbreaker for many people.

Additionally, it features some advanced polymers that seal out UV rays, water, and salt and prevent your wood from further damage from these. Furthermore, it is really nice to know that this product was developed for harsh tropical marine conditions, so just know that the durability will be there where you apply it, whether it is inside or out.

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#2. Golden Care Teak Shield

Next up, we have the Golden Care Teak Shield. It is the best teak sealer for those who really want to protect their teak against all stains as well as from nature. It creates a very nice invisible barrier that is specifically designed for teak wood and it makes your teak incredibly repellent to water, liquids, and moisture. Also, it does a good job of controlling spills.

Furthermore, the Golden Care Teak Shield helps prevent stains that are caused by mold and mildew and just general staining due to food and drinks. And we think it has a leg up over the competition in that it just doesn’t really get yellow over time while the other brands tend to crack, peel and discolor.

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TotalBoat Danish Teak Wood Sealer

#3. TotalBoat Danish Teak Wood Sealer

Another great option when it comes to the best sealer for teak outdoor furniture and for boats is the world-renowned TotalBoat Danish Teak Wood Sealer. It does a good job of penetrating, sealing, and preserving teak wood and other woods. This is a marine-grade formula that is tested in the harshest environments at sea where wood is very susceptible to weather conditions. The idea is that if it can survive at sea, it can survive everywhere.

When compared to the previous two brands, the TotalBoat Danish Teak Wood Sealer just a better job of sealing and restoring teak wood. The trade-off is that it is definitely harder to apply, way more time-consuming and sometimes takes at least two layers to properly seal teak wood without it becoming slippery.

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Semco Teak Sealer

#4. Semco Teak Sealer

The Semco is probably the best teak sealant on earth. It has a nice two-coat wet-on-wet initial application. This may be a bit time-consuming at first but we think it is worth it in the end. Much like the TotalBoat sealer mentioned above, the Semco is also incredibly strong and durable. It will definitely let your teak wood flourish unharmed in the harshest of weather conditions.

We like that the Semco can be easily renewed without having to deep clean or strip it. It also does a good job of repelling water without being slippery. So all in all, this is a pretty nice sealer. It takes a lot of the dirty work out of maintaining teak wood. It gives you a nice natural-looking finish.

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Star Bryte Best Teak Sealer

#5. Star Bryte Teak Sealer

Lastly, we have Starbrite teak sealer reviews, which is a really nice set of teak sealers if you are looking to restore your old teak wood into something that has a nice crisp honey brown color. It comes with a cleaner, brighter, and teak oil that you can apply to your teak, all in one single set. We consider this teak set more suitable for those who are more interested in nice cosmetic changes to their teak wood. It also provides appropriate sealing with increased durability. Though to be sure, I would add another layer on top of these three, that is to use one of the above sealants.

The Star Bryte 3 pack certainly does do a good job sealing and is not on the same level as the above-mentioned teak sealers. Where this product really shines is in restoration and it surely does a great job of making old teak look nice and shiny again.

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Verdict for the best teak sealer

The best sealer is the Semco one. It has been advertised all over the world. It is also known in the marine industry, especially used by expensive yacht owners.  All of the other sealers are also brilliant and do not undermine these, like the Danish and the Starbryte options. They are just great. Remember to use a teak cleaner, some teak brightener, some oil, and finally a teak sealant.

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