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Loctite Ultra Gel Super Glue

If you want the best super glue, we give the number one spot to Loctite. From our lab tests, it is clearly the strongest of all of the super glues we have tested. Believe it or not, it even set the world record for the heaviest vehicle ever lifted (5 tons) with commercially available glue.


best super glueIf you use the best super glue, you can rest assured that whatever material you glue together will stay together. We have all dealt with superglue at some point in our lives. Everyone has either experienced or known someone who has experienced problems with super glue where they accidentally glue their fingers or hands together.

It takes a long subsequent process of washing with warm water and soap/acetone to remove the strong bonds between your skin. Super glue is also known as cyanoacrylate glue and creates an incredibly strong bond between almost all materials including but not limited to metal, plastic, fabric, paper, rubber, gems, stones, and ceramic.

It has a lot of uses around the house and in particular to perform home do-it-yourself repairs such as repairing broken furniture, pots, bowls, and basically anything that you want to reassemble. Cyanoacrylate glue or CA glue/ super glue is made of synthetic polymers which catalyze and form a very strong polymer chain. Some of the best super glue can be so strong that it can withstand the weight of an entire car or truck! In general, it is better to use a thin layer of glue rather than a thicker one because a thin layer of super glue can allow the materials to be so close to each other that electromagnetic forces take over.

As the materials are wider apart via a thick layer of glue, the molecules of your material tend to repel each other. If you don’t believe this, look at Loctite Super Glue – it broke the world record by lifting a 5-ton car with just 9 drops of its super glue! Many people ask what is the best super glue? Well, truth be told, there is not an exact answer. Certain types of super glue work better on certain types of material. For example, plastics are notoriously hard to glue together because they do not have smooth surfaces. Loctite makes a super glue with surface activators/coupling agents for plastics.

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Loctite Ultra Gel Super Glue

best super glueIf you want the best super glue, we give the number one spot to Loctite. From our lab tests, it is clearly the strongest of all of the super glues we have tested. Believe it or not, it even set the world record for the heaviest vehicle ever lifted (5 tons) with commercially available glue. Loctite Super Glue has also been infused with rubber, giving it a flexible bond that is also water resistant.

Since it is a gel super glue, it is quite thick and does not drip, so it is great for application to vertical surfaces. Loctite can be applied to most surfaces including cork, leather, wood, cardboard, metal ceramic, rubber, and most plastics. It is ideal for repairing household items such as toys, clothes, jewelry, car parts, rubber seals, wiper blades, and O rings. It also comes in an easy side squeeze tube and a pointed nozzle for superb accuracy.

The screw-on cap can be sealed tight to ensure that the glue never dries up or evaporates. What really sets Loctite apart from its competition is the control you get when applying the glue and its thickness. The glue does not run and can be applied with more accuracy than all the other products on the market. This is particularly important when trying to fix small objects and glue together things that need just a tad bit of glue or in hard-to-reach places. We believe accuracy and ease of application are an integral part of picking the best super glue. While it does hold tons of weight and is extremely durable, we don’t think these factors are as important because there are a few instances where you actually need to stronghold.


Gorilla Super Glue

best super glueGorilla Super Glue is the best super glue on the market if you are looking for a super glue that impact is tough. Gorilla Super Glue is made of a special formula that handles hard drops and bumps with a very strong bond. While other super glues can break easily, gorilla glue tends to stick together even after you have dropped the object you just glued together. This works well on toys, tools, pots, and other household items that you tend to drop often.

The anti-clog metal tip is good for keeping the glue from drying out after initially opening it. The tip is narrow and easy to apply. The super glue itself has a thick gel-like consistency so that it does not run all over the place. Although we still think Loctite has an easier application process and higher durability, Gorilla Glue is a close second. You should get this glue if you have tried Loctite and don’t like it or would rather have a super glue that is hard to break upon impact. If you find yourself dropping a lot of the things you just glued together, Gorilla Glue may be the one for you.


Scotch Super Glue Liquid

best super glueIf you want the best super glue, take a look at the Scotch Super Glue Liquid. What sets this apart from the Loctite Glue and Gorilla Glue is the fact that it is a liquid. Now, why would you want a liquid? Liquid super glues are able to penetrate deeper into tiny harder-to-reach places and form a tighter bond. If you are working with objects that require precision accuracy and are hard to reach, we recommend you try a liquid super glue.

It is very strong and versatile and can fit into crevices. With a super glue in gel form, sometimes it is difficult to penetrate those hard-to-reach places so what you end up getting is an uneven layer of glue which results in a bond that is not entirely secure. There is also a nice precision applicator that precisely dispenses the amount of super glue you need. It does not ooze like traditional super glue in metal tubes. All in all, Scotch Super Glue is great if you want precision accuracy and to penetrate those hard-to-reach places. We really like the no mess applicator despite the fact that the glue is super watery and runny. The tip is no clog and you have great control over exactly how much you apply.



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