Best Chopsticks

Best Chopsticks

1. Mannice Chinese Natural Bamboo Chopsticks

These are the best chopsticks if you want an all-natural set of bamboo chopsticks that is eco-friendly with no coatings or splinters. It is very smooth and polished and lasts for many years even with daily use. These chopsticks are a great value and look good around the kitchen.

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Why do you want the Best Chopsticks?

best chopsticksIf you like to eat sushi or Asian food, or just preferred exotic utensils, you may be in the market for the best chopsticks. Chopsticks are two sticks of equal length and are used to pick up all types of food. In many Asian cultures, chopsticks are the only utensil for eating. Chopsticks can be made of many different kinds of materials, everything from wood to bamboo, stainless steel, to plastic, and bone. Some are even made of precious metals and stones like gold, silver, and jade. The length of the chopsticks can also vary depending on what they are used for.

Traditionally, chopsticks designed for eating are around 8 inches in length while those designed for cooking can be more than a foot long. When picking the best chopsticks for your needs, you have to consider some factors. You need to figure out whether how often you will be using them, the type of tip, whether or not they are disposable, and whether or not you will cook with them.

Believe it or not, the texture and type of material used to make chopsticks can make a huge difference in performance. Many Chinese restaurants provide thick plastic chopsticks that make it difficult for the average person to pick up food. If you go to a Korean restaurant you will find the chopsticks to be metal and with a very pointy tip, making it much easier to pick up food. Please read more below on our top picks and a detailed explanation of how to pick out the best chopsticks.

Best Chopsticks Reviews

  1. Mannice Chinese Natural Bamboo Chopsticks
  2. FinessCity Titanium Chopsticks
  3. Royal Premium Disposable UV Treated Bamboo Chopsticks
  4. Yoshihiro Moribashi Chopsticks for Cooking and Plating
  5. AusKit Hardwood Chopsticks

1. Mannice Chinese Natural Bamboo Chopsticks

These chopsticks are great if you want an all-natural set of bamboo chopsticks that is eco-friendly with no coatings or splinters. It is very smooth and polished and lasts for many years even with daily use. You can definitely use this set as a gift as well. The bamboo is granular and looks like it just came fresh and polished from a bamboo tree.

It is totally eco-friendly with no lacquer coating and is free of all splinters, which is one of the benefits of having real wood chopsticks. The surface is very sleek and has been polished to be smooth. These chopsticks look authentic and feel very comfortable in your hands. They don’t really dig into your hands and are rather lightweight. They can probably last you a few years of constant use.

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2. FinessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case

FinessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium CaseFinessCity makes the best chopsticks if you want a pair of metal chopsticks. These chopsticks are made of titanium and are both strong and lightweight. Each chopstick is just 0.5 oz so they feel very lightweight in your hands. This is perfect for beginners who want to get used to using chopsticks. These chopsticks are round with a pointy end which allows you to pick up small pieces of food. It is completely safe to put these in the dishwasher as they are not coated with any harsh chemicals.

The chopsticks themselves do not have any taste or odors and are non-toxic to your body. You don’t have to worry about it causing any kind of allergic reaction or it corroding over time. You also get a very stylish aluminum case with these chopsticks that makes it convenient for you to bring these to work or traveling.  Metallic chopsticks are often eaten with Korean food, so these are the perfect pair when you are trying to make Korean cuisine at home. And finally, because they are made of titanium, it is pretty much impossible to break them and they will last forever. They are a bit slippery at first though, which will take some time to get accustomed to the grip.

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3. Royal Premium Disposable UV Treated Bamboo Chopsticks

We can’t give you a comprehensive review of the best chopsticks unless you also recommend a disposable kind. We think the Royal Premium are the best disposables and when buying in bulk they are very cheap. Royal premiums are not like other disposables, they are sturdy and actually feel like real chopsticks. They are even reusable as the sauces from your food don’t really seep into the chopsticks that much.

The Royal Premiums are made of high-quality bamboo and are very smooth and durable. When you break them apart, they come apart easily into two symmetrical sticks. It is virtually impossible to break them in a way that causes uneven sticks. These are not the chopsticks that feel like paper and can snap in your fingers at any time. They feel sturdy and pretty close to real wood chopsticks. Get these for your home when you are hosting a big party and your guests will love them. They grab food so much easier than the flimsy paper-like disposable chopsticks.

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4. Yoshihiro Moribashi Chopsticks for Cooking and Plating

If you want the best chopsticks designed for cooking, you should consider the Yoshihiro Moribashi chopsticks. Although they are quite pricey, we view them as a precision tool. They are made of stainless steel and come with a mahogany wood handle with a water buffalo bolster. It is available in 3 different lengths and is great for detailed work or plating food. The tips are fine-tuned and very thin, so they can pretty much pick up anything-sized food. There is some serious engineering behind these chopsticks.

The Moribashis are designed in a funnel-like shape: the handle is thick and it gets progressively thinner as you work your way to the tip. It is designed so that it maximizes torque so that you can pinch your food with the maximum amount of force. This ensures a clean and steady pinch every time and so you no longer have to worry about food slipping out of your chopsticks. Be a little careful about sizing. A 7-inch size means only the steel part, so if you add in the handle it is actually 12.75 inches. For beginners, you should use a smaller size so that you become used to the length.

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5. AusKit Hardwood Chopsticks

AusKit Hardwood Chopsticks

This is an excellent set of all-wood Japanese-style chopsticks with high quality and durability. They have a comfortable anti-slip grip and a pointed tip for added precision. This is a Pack Of 5 designed for family use. We like the fact that they are moderate Sized, which is a suitable fit for both children and adults.

These chopsticks have a finely polished surface that does not give you splinters or come loose. They also have a nice sleek design and unique wood patterns. Finally, these chopsticks are dishwasher-safe and reusable. If you want to preserve them better, you should wash them by hand. The color will change slightly over time along with the grip.

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Benefits of Using Chopsticks

best chopsticksThere are many benefits of using chopsticks over a fork, knife, and spoon. For one, you do not have to damage anything because you are not poking anything into your food. Second, if you are good enough with your chopsticks, you can pick up pretty much any kind of food with chopsticks. This comes in handy when you are trying to pick up grains of rice or objects that are hard to pick up with a grain of rice. Third, you have all of your utensils in one place. When you are eating Asian food, everything is pre-cut for you, so there is definitely no need for a knife.

And when you drink soup, you drink it using the bowl, so there is no need for a spoon either. The beauty of the chopsticks is that it is an all-inclusive utensil. Unlike a fork, knife, and spoon which requires division of labor and a bit of finessing, the chopstick is minimalist and incredibly functional. Sure some people find it hard to pick up rice with chopsticks. Just be aware that rice wasn’t designed to be eaten on a plate.

In traditional Asian cuisine, food is placed on a plate and rice in a bowl. You use chopsticks to take whatever food you want from the plates and bring them to your bowl of rice. You actually use the chopsticks more like a shovel and shovel food into your mouth with one hand holding the bowl close to your mouth. Also, with chopsticks you can use them as a tool around the kitchen. You can cook with them and plate food with them without using your hands. Also, you can mix and blend foods with chopsticks. Chopsticks are great for beating eggs, or maybe you can also use a hand mixer for that.

Picking the Best Chopsticks – A Buying Guide

best chopsticksBelieve it or not, not every chopstick is made the same. Chopsticks can come in many sizes, and shapes, and are made of different materials. There are chopsticks that can be used for cooking and those used for eating. If you will be buying chopsticks for your home, you might as well take some time and just do a little research before investing in some utensils that will likely last you a lifetime. Please see below for some things to consider when trying to pick out the best chopsticks.

Eat or cooking chopsticks

There is a huge difference between chopsticks used for eating and those used for cooking. Usually, chopsticks used for cooking are significantly longer than those used for eating. Cooking chopsticks are long and durable so they can be used to turn things in a wok and be able to endure some serious heat. Cooking chopsticks usually come out to be around a foot or more in length. They are pretty thick and usually have dull ends. This makes it easier to generate more force and pick up lots of food at a time. This is great for tossing around large amounts of food. Chopsticks for eating are generally shorter and are around 8 inches in length. They tend to have pointy tips in order to be more precise and be able to grab various foods easier. The shorter length makes it more ergonomic in your hands and the pointy tips make it easy to pick up small pieces of food.


You should decide whether or not you want a set of long-lasting chopsticks or disposable ones. If you plan on having a party where you will be lots of Asian foods like sushi, it is better to get disposable chopsticks. If you plan on using your chopsticks every day, it is good to invest in a solid pair of chopsticks. Keep in mind that disposable chopsticks will cost a lot more than non-disposable ones. Also, if you are going to get disposable chopsticks, you should get ones that break apart easily. Cheap disposable chopsticks will break unevenly and could even get you a splinter. Non-disposable chopsticks are obviously more durable and will be easier to handle with your hands.


Chopsticks can be made of many different types of materials, but the three most common are wood, plastic, and metal. If you prefer a more authentic style, you should get wood chopsticks. Not only does it feel more natural, there may even be a positive psychological element that will make your food taste better. Plastic and metal chopsticks are good for those who don’t want their chopsticks to be damaged. Usually, metal chopsticks are used with Korean food and have very pointy ends.


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