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Bucko Shower Cleaner

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover is the best shower cleaner if you are looking for a heavy duty all purpose cleaner. The best part about this product is that it is rather pH neutral: so no bleach, no acids, and no harsh chemicals.


best shower cleanerLet’s face it, your shower is a place of high traffic and collects a lot of dirt and debris. By using the best shower cleaner or the best bathtub cleaner, you can have a nice clean shower that is void of germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew. A clean shower will most likely smell nice and give others the image that you are a clean person. Also, having a clean organized shower just looks more aesthetically pleasing. Showers are a place in your house that build lots of mold and mildew.

All types of microscopic organisms like to grow and live in the shower area because it is a place with lots of exposed water. Remember, water is the essential ingredient of life, so naturally bacteria and germs like to congregate in this area. Showers are also highly susceptible to hard water issues, especially if you have glass shower curtains. When drops of hard water dry on the glass, the water evaporates and leaves behind the mineral deposits. And when this hard water is combined with soap, it creates a really nasty soapy mixture that sticks to your glass. The soap itself will have mineral deposits and dirt so this combination leaves terrible looking streak marks on your shower walls.

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The Bucko Soap Scum & Grime Remover Shower Cleaner

best shower cleanerThe Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover is the best shower cleaner if you are looking for a heavy duty all purpose cleaner. The best part about this product is that it is rather pH neutral: so no bleach, no acids, and no harsh chemicals. It is also commercial strength, so it dissolves those tough to remove stains, grime and soap scum. It works great on acrylic tubs, baby tubs, showers, sinks, glass shower doors, and even chrome on your tires.

It leaves a nice refreshing scent and a brilliant shine as well. All you have to do is spray some on the surface and let it settle for about a minute and wipe off with either a clean or moist towel. It is amazing how the Bucko Cleaner is so non-invasive yet cleans so well. It terms of cleaning power and efficacy, we would rate this right next to the powerful bleaches, acid, and the solutions with harsh chemicals. But with those solutions, there is always the risk of harming yourself. With the Bucko, it is such a user friendly solution that you don’t have to wear gloves when applying this. Who wouldn’t want a powerful cleaner that isn’t made of harsh chemicals and could damage your skin? The only pitfall with the Bucko is that we would not recommend it be used on natural stone. For that, you will need a specialty shower cleaner.


Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

best shower cleanerWet and Forget is the best shower cleaner for those who are lazy and want a non-scrubbing solution to cleaning their showers. The system is designed to where you only spray down your shower, fixtures, curtains, glass and bathroom once per week and just leave it there. No scrubbing or wiping is required. The next day you just need to rinse the sprayed down areas with water. Wet and Forget uses dual surfactants to achieve this hands-off solution.

The first surfactant acts to dissolve grime, dirt, and soap scum over time. The second surfactant soaks up body oils. These surfactants are designed to be slow reacting so they work through all the dirt and grime throughout the week. The great part about the Wet and Forget shower cleaner is that it doesn’t use bleach, ammonia, acids, or any harsh chemicals or fumes.

So instead of smelling like harsh chemicals, you get a nice crisp vanilla scent. We also like the spray bottle, which has a stronger stream and doesn’t just mist like some of the other shower cleaners. You can really target certain areas with this spray. One bottle of the Wet and Forget lasts about 12 weeks, so well worth the investment.


Granite Gold Shower Cleaner

best shower cleanerIf you have granite or any kind of natural stone, the Granite Gold is the best shower cleaner for you. Natural stone and granite need special treatment because they are rather porous rocks and easily soak up dirt and debris that becomes very hard to remove. Regular shower cleaners can damage natural stone, so it is much better to play it safe and use a special shower cleaner designed for stone. Granite Gold’s special formula deep cleans marble, granite, ceramic and other natural stone shower walls and tubs without causing any kind of damage.

It is incredibly non-invasive, so non-acidic, non-abrasive, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It also doesn’t contain bleach, phosphates or ammonia. We really like Granite Gold’s products and vouch for them in terms of cleaning or conditioning granite, marble, and other stones. They have definitely done their research and figured out which chemicals react best with what types of stone. Natural stone is already pretty expensive so please don’t risk damaging them by using some cheap household cleaner. There a reason specialty company’s like Granite Gold exists: to serve the niche market of cleaning stone products.


Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

best shower cleanerThe Clorox Bathroom Cleaner is the best shower cleaner for those who want a dirt cheap shower cleaner. There is nothing amazing about this product other than the price. That’s right, we want to be upfront about this. Sure, it doesn’t add negative value in that it doesn’t make your shower walls dirtier, but it also doesn’t really have that much cleaning power to remove those deep stains and grime. It really is designed to cover large areas.

We like it as a generally spray cleaner for your entire bathroom as a first pass. Anything that you did not pick up the first time around, you should then spray down with a more powerful cleaner like the Bucko or even the Wet and Forget. The Clorox Bathroom Cleaner doesn’t leave any residue but also it doesn’t leave your bathroom shiny. It is good at killing bacteria and 99% of common germs and removes mold and mildew with some scrubbing. All in all, this is great general shower cleaner, but for those tough to remove stains, we would look into a more powerful cleaner.


More Info on the Best Shower Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning showers, many people really have no idea where to start. Actually, most people start with a general household cleaner, which is most likely a bad idea and definitely not the best shower cleaner. This is because most common household cleaners tend to more alkaline basic with a pH great than 7. Bleach, for example, is a very basic household cleaner with a very high pH. Hard water marks and soap marks need something more acidic in order to break down in mineral deposits on your shower walls. So basically the rule of thumb is you want something a bit more harsh when it comes to cleaning showers.

There is a lot more dirt and debris build up in the shower area than in other places so you will most likely need a tougher shower cleaner. Also, keep in mind that the type of shower cleaner you use will depend on the type of material that lines your shower walls. Granite and natural stone will need to be treated differently from glass, ceramic tiles, or plastic. This is because stone is a more sensitive material and needs special care. We recommend using a pH neutral solution for sensitive material like granite and stone.

Just because you have the best shower cleaner or the best bathtub cleaner, doesn’t mean you should slack on cleaning your shower. Remember, the shower doesn’t consist of just the walls. There is also the shower head, the floor, the plug, the tub, the curtains, and the tiles and grout. The most important part of proper shower maintenance is cleaning often. Ideally, you should be cleaning your shower at least once every few days. The best shower cleaner won’t just do work automatically. You need to find the time yourself to put in the hours. We have reviewed and sampled a wide selection of shower cleaners in our lab. Each one was tested side by side to see their effects on dirt, debris, and water marks. Please see below for our top picks.


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