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PetSpy Shock Collar

We think PetSpy is the best bark collar for those looking for value. It has the perfect balance of price and functionality. While it is a bit more expensive than your entry-level devices, it certainly makes up for it with added features and durability.


Why do you need the best bark collar for your dog?

best shock collarIt can be a daunting task to properly train your new dog to be obedient and follow basic commands. With the best bark collar, the best shock collar, or the best dog training collar you will have a much easier time training your dog and the learning curve will be much faster.

All bark or shock collars work on the same principle: they deliver low doses of electric pulses to your dog. Don’t worry, these shocks won’t kill your dog or even hurt it much. For those who are afraid that bark collars will severely hurt your dog, rest assured that they are nothing compared to human tasers. Besides, most bark collars also have non-shock vibration-only modes.

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PetSpy Remote Dog Training Shock Collar – 1100 Yards 

best bark collarWe think PetSpy is the best bark collar for those looking for value. It has the perfect balance of price and functionality. While it is a bit more expensive than your entry-level devices, it certainly makes up for it with added features and durability. First of all, the range on this thing is outstanding at 1100 yards – that’s around 0.5 miles. With the PetSpy, you can basically control your dog without even seeing it.

This is great for the training of all types from general behavioral corrections to hunting.  The remote on this shock collar comes in four different modes: light, beep, vibration, and shock. The vibration and shock levels can be adjusted in 8 different levels, which is more than enough for all training situations. We would be extra careful with the highest settings, especially in shock mode because it can be very strong. There is also a nice power savings mode, which is controlled by movement sensors.

We think this concept is really cool and a nice added bonus. The remote and receiver run on rechargeable batteries that can both last several days without a recharge. Overall, the PetSpy Bark Collar lives up to all its stats. It doesn’t exaggerate its numbers and doesn’t just break down after a few days. If you don’t believe us, believe in the lifetime warranty offered. Both the remote and receiver are fully waterproof and submersible, which is a definite plus. The collar fits well on dogs of all sizes and doesn’t cause any kind of rashes after a long time of use.


Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar – 330 Yards

best dog training collarThe Petrainer Dog Training Collar is the best bark collar if you want an economic trainer. This shock collar works up to 330 yards and comes with a beep, vibration, and shock features. The vibration and shock modes are adjustable from intensity levels of 1 to 100 with buttons on the side. In terms of tones, there is only one standard tone.

The remote transmitter can control two collars and uses rechargeable lithium batteries. The collar receiver is water resistant and advertised to be submersible, although we found it to stop working after fully submerging in water. You can also use it at night as it includes a backlight LCD display and a mini flashlight, although the lighting power is not really that great.

This is the perfect cheap solution to correcting your dog’s barking problems as well as aggression towards other people and animals. Sure it is not long ranged and we have heard reports of the remote malfunctioning every now and then.

But it is so cheap that you can buy three or four of these for the price of one professional bark collar. It fits comfortably around your dog no matter the size, although the material tends to be a bit coarse. Overall, great bark collar that functions for what it is worth. No, it does not have the durability or the vibration power of a pro-grade collar, but then again you are not paying for one.


Garmin Delta XC Bundle Dog Training Collar – 1100 Yards

best bark collarThe Garmin Delta XC is the best bark collar or the best dog training collar if you are looking for a professional training system and are willing to pay top dollar. Garmin is a gadget company that first became famous for making GPS systems.

Since then they have migrated into the bark collar industry and have become industry leaders. The Garmin Delta XC bark collar has a premium build and is ultra-responsive.

The collar size is made perfectly to accommodate the widest range possible, which is often a struggle with most shock collars. It can comfortably fit dogs from 10 pounds all the way up to 120 pounds. The Garmin Delta has 18 stimulation levels, which allows for more of a gradient in stimulation and fine-tuning the level that is perfect for your dog. This works especially well on dogs who are more sensitive. It has three settings: continuous stimulation, momentary stimulation, and vibration.

The continuous stimulation gives out a continuous shock up to a certain preset amount of time, usually around 8 seconds. The momentary stimulation creates a split-second shock that is designed to be released in rhythmic bursts. Finally, the vibration mode is great for those who don’t want to introduce any kind of pain to their dog.

This is a 3 dog collar, so one remote can control up to 3 collars. It also remembers each of your dog’s settings, so you can switch between them with ease and not have to reset the stimulation settings. This is a great feature to have if you are training multiple dogs. All in all, this is a great all-around collar to cover the needs of most people.  It has a premium design and premium build that you would expect from all Garmin products.


More Info on the Best Bark Collar

People often refer to these dog training collars as bark collars or shock collars because they are a prop to facilitate classical conditioning. This is related to the classic psychology experiment known as Pavlov’s Dogs which showed that behavior can be changed using conditioning.

Pavlov found that dogs would salivate when he entered a room, with or without the presence of food. In other words, the thought of food was the stimulus that triggered a certain response. In the case of a bark or shock collar, your commands are a stimulus to your dogs. By using the best bark collar, the best shock collar, or the best dog training collar, your dogs will know over time that an annoying shock comes if they do not follow these commands.

Not every bark collar is made the same. They mostly vary in terms of the following factors: shock or stimulation type, range, battery type, and price. In terms of stimulation, all bark or shock collars come in two modes: continuous and momentary. While some bark collars have many more modes, these are the two basic ones. Continuous mode allows you to apply an electrical impulse continuously after pressing and holding a button. The electrical shock is removed after you release that button. There are safeguards built into most remotes that prevent you from holding it down for more than a set amount of time.

Momentary mode is basically a short nick or burst of electric shock. Most devices also let you remove the electrical impulse function and simply apply a non-stimulating vibration. In terms of range, you get anything from 100 yards for the cheaper models to several miles for the more expensive ones. It is better to err on the side of the longer range than the shorter range.

The short ranged devices are good for training your dog in your yard while the long-range ones are good for training hunting dogs. For battery type, most devices will run off of rechargeable batteries although some take replaceable AA/AAA batteries. You should look into how long it takes to charge the battery to full and the amount of run time on the device for a full charge. Devices with a battery level indicator are also a plus.

By using the best bark collar, the best shock collar, or the best dog training collar you can minimize unwanted barking, restrict your dog’s sporadic movement, prevent unfriendly attacks on other people or pets, and modify your dog’s behavior and aggression. You can also train your dog for sports hunting, which is where a long-range shock collar comes in handy.

When you are choosing the best bark collar for your dog, you should also consider the size of the collar and the comfort level. Not all bark collars will be a comfortable fit for your dog and if your dog rejects the collar, very little training will get accomplished. With all these factors in mind, we have plowed through a sizable selection of bark collars on the market. Please see our reviews below for our top recommendations.


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