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Combat Source Kill Max

If you want the best roach killer to quickly kill off an existing population of cockroaches anywhere in your home, look no further. Combat Source Kill Max is a bait station with roach bait already inside. The active ingredient Fipronil kills roaches upon touch or ingestion.


best roach killerLooking for the best roach killer? You have come to the right place. Cockroaches are the most common type of pests in your home. The kind you find in your home kitchen is most likely going to be a German roach. American and Oriental roaches like basements and dark damp areas. Not only are cockroaches annoying and repulsive to have around your home in general, but also they can spread germs, bacteria, and infections around as well as cause allergies.

Cockroaches are attracted to food, warmth, and moisture, so a typical spot for them to breed is in your home kitchen. The first step to making sure you don’t have a roach problem is simply prevention. This means you make sure your kitchen areas are all sanitized and cleaned often. If roaches continue to appear, you will have to use the best roach killer to exterminate the population entirely.

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Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach Bait

best cockroach killerIf you want the best roach killer to quickly kill off an existing population of cockroaches anywhere in your home, look no further. Combat Source Kill Max is a bait station with roach bait already inside. The active ingredient Fipronil kills roaches upon touch or ingestion. Fipronil is infused with bait that is odorless to the human nose but is quite attractive to cockroaches. Also, since the poison does not immediately kill the roach, they will eventually wander back to their nest where they can spread the poison to the rest of the population. This creates a domino effect and can quickly stop the source of infestation.

The best roach killer is not the one that does the most amount of damage to cockroaches at all costs. You also have to factor in safety, which is a considerable concern for most people. When you have children or pets around the house, just spraying roach killers around the house is recipe for disaster. Luckily with Combat Source, the roach bait is infused inside of these roach stations, where it is physically impossible for your children or pets to reach. If your loved ones accidentally digest the roach poison, you will have a lot more trouble than just a bunch of roaches. It is best to play it safe and use a bait station. While Combat Source does sell a stand-alone gel that you can just apply in crevices and small holes, we recommend you buy the one with the bait station included.

In terms of placement, we recommend you place the combat bait station near where you normally see roaches. Cockroaches do not wander too far away from their homes, so if you see one chance it is also near its nest. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common areas roaches like to roam, because they like food and damp areas for water. Out of all the control roach killers we have tried, we find Combat to work the best. Another great product that people like to use is Advion Syngenta, which is a powerful roach poison that comes in the form of a self-applied gel that you apply in the line in infestation areas.  While it is certainly the most popular roach killer on the market, we think Combat Source wins in terms of safety and does so without compromising potency.


Raid Ant & Roach Killer with Outdoor Fresh Scent

best cockroach killerIf you are looking for the best roach killer that instantly kills them upon contact, Raid is the right brand for you. Raid Roach Killer is a spray-on solution that is intended to work as a sort of roach gun, in case you don’t want to go through the trouble of killing roaches with your hands. One blast from the Raid spray can is enough to kill any cockroach. Another benefit of Raid is that the active ingredient stays on the roach and the area you sprayed for up to 4 weeks, so if other roaches come in contact with the sprayed area or the dead roach, they too will die. Please keep in mind, that this is not really a solution to eliminating a cockroach infestation. Instead, it is used to kill off roaches you see lingering around your kitchen or bathroom.

We highly recommend you be extremely careful with this product as it can be very toxic. You should wash your hands thoroughly after handling this product. Also, keep in mind that this spray does not dry very quickly so you will have a wet spot on your surfaces afterward. Compared to another spray can roach killers, we like Raid the most. It has the best scent out of all of them and really does not leave a huge irritable odor afterward. Also, one and at most two solid sprays is enough to kill all roaches. We cannot say the same about other brands. With some brands, you need to spray and then kill them manually with a paper towel. Others leave a terrible odor that lingers around your home for days. So if you want the best roach killer that is used for one-off situations and doesn’t leave a huge mess around your home, get the Raid Roach Killer.


Green Guard Ultrasonic Roach Prevention

best roach killerIf you are looking for the best roach killer that prevents roaches and other pests/rodents from even entering your home, you should seriously consider Green Guard. Green Guard emits a high-density ultrasonic frequency that is inaudible to the human ears. However, roaches, rodents, and other insects are deeply disturbed by this frequency and will run away. This is because the ultrasonic sound wave emitted it greater than 20,000 Hz, which is too high of a pitch to be detected by the human ear. This ultrasonic sound wave has both a repellent effect as well as a significant reduction in mating, which deters roaches from entering and expanding in your home. When you put this device near a roach, they immediately move around more and are obviously negatively affected by the sound. This sound is equivalent to a high-pitched siren that is constantly blasting near your home. If there is no way to stop this noise, you would eventually move out and find another home. Roaches and other insects tend to be sensitive to extremely annoying sounds as well and the ultrasonic sound wave is definitely one of them.

The Green Guard really shines on the security and safety front.  A great feature of the Green Guard is that you never have to deal with the hassle of killing and cleaning up dead roaches. And for those who are morally opposed to killing insects and roaches, this is the perfect solution. Also, keep in mind that using roach bait or roach poison could harm your children and pets. The Green Guard eliminates all poisoning risks to your loved ones because it is simply an inaudible sound wave. The Green Guard is very easy to set up and install. You simply just take it out of the box, plug it in and it is ready to operate. We find it usually takes about a day or two for the sound wave to kick in but when it does, you will see a noticeable difference. We must admit, that all the brands that sell ultrasonic devices are about the same. We like Green Guard the best because of its durability and you get great value for your money. While we admit it is not as powerful and effective as a classic control roach killer that poisons the roaches, it is a nice “green” alternative to solving a roach problem in your home and is much safer around your children and pets. Go “green” if you can the best roach killer that scares the roaches away from your home without actually killing them.


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The best roach killers come in three main types: attack, control, and prevention products. An attacking roach killer usually comes in spray form and can be applied directly on the cockroach for an instant kill upon contact. This is usually designed for those who do not want to deal with killing roaches by hand. The spray is usually scented so it doesn’t leave a bad chemical odor in your house and if other roaches touch or ingest the sprayed area, they too will die. Control roach killers are the most common type of roach killers and usually come in a tablet or gel form and ideally in a bait station so that your children and pets can’t reach them. If you want to quickly exterminate a population of roaches, this is your best bet. These types of roach killers are poison infused in bait that all the roaches like to eat. They are usually some kind of slow-acting insecticide with no odor.

The cockroaches, as insects, feed on the bait, ingest the poison and crawl back to their nests where they die. The poison usually reacts very quickly and can kill off an entire population in under a week.  Preventative roach killers don’t actually kill off cockroaches. Instead, they prevent roaches from entering your home in the first place. This can be accomplished by emitting an ultrasound that cannot be detected by the human ear but is powerful enough to deter cockroaches and other pests away. They are a relatively cheap, safe, and effective way to stop roaches from entering your home and avoid the trouble of having to use poisons to kill them.


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