Best Lawn Raker, Scarifier, and Dethatcher

1. Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher

The Sun Joe AJ801E is the best lawn raker, scarifier, and dethatcher for those who want a premium device at bargain prices. It is lightweight, powerful, and efficient at scooping up thatch and allowing your grass to breathe. The Sun Joe comes with a 12 amp motor and a 12.6-inch wide path. It is corded so it needs to be plugged in to operate.


Why do you need the Best Lawn Raker, Scarifier, and Dethatcher?

You need to remove the dead organic matter from the surface of your lawn to help your grass grow and look better. If you want to manage thatch or moss in your lawn, you may need to invest in the best lawn raker, best lawn scarifier, or best dethatcher. For all intents and purposes, these terms are essentially the same. However, amongst professionals, there is a big difference between lawn raking and scarification/dethatching.

Raking a lawn is a light process and can be done manually with a cheap rake or even an electric machine. Although it is good at removing leaves and moss at the top of the grass, it is largely ineffective at penetrating the soil. If you need to remove thatch effectively, you will need a professional dethatcher or scarifier.

Thatch is a layer of organic material that builds around the base of the grass. Excess amounts of thatch can cause root damage and lawn mower difficulties. To keep your lawn pristine and easy to mow, you need to dethatch it every so often. By using the best scarification machine or the best dethatcher, you can drive powerful blades into your soil while leaving your grass undamaged.

Lawn rakers, scarifiers, and dethatchers can either be manual, electric, or petrol driven. Manual or handheld devices are usually just lawn rakes on wheels. They should be easy to push and reduces resistance. The scarifier depth should be adjustable as well. Manual dethatchers are good for small lawns. Electric devices are corded and run plugged into an outlet. They are usually good value and great for medium-sized lawns. Finally, you have petrol-based lawn rakers or scarifiers. These are expensive professional machines that have the power to handle quite a lot of work.

Please refer to our buying guide below for a detailed account of how to select the best dethatcher, the best lawn scarifier, or the best lawn raker. Also, read our top 5 recommendations below.

Best Lawn Raker, Scarifier, and Dethatcher Reviews

  1. Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher
  2. Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher
  3. True Temper 15-Inch Thatch Rake
  4. VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher
  5. Earthwise Sweep It Push Lawn Sweeper

1. Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher

 Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher

The Sun Joe Corded Electric Scarifier is the best dethatcher for those who need an efficient way to handle large amounts of lawn thatch. It is lightweight, convenient, easy to start, and powerful. The Sun Joe AJ801E is a high-end model. This particular scarifier comes with a powerful 12 amp motor, which is pretty much the highest commercial motor you can buy.

It rakes a maximum 12.6-inch wide path in a single pass. The maximum raking depth is 0.4 inches below the soil to 0.4 inches above the soil. There are 5 positions of depth control that are very seamless to adjust. The Sun Joe AJ801E also comes with Airboost technology, which helps maximize thatch pickup.

Some other key features are that it starts instantly with a push of a button. This means you don’t need to crank it or pull some string. The Sun Joe AJ801E runs via electricity so it needs to be plugged into the wall. The good thing is that it keeps the environment clean and doesn’t emit harmful toxins into the atmosphere. You also get a nice 2-year full warranty on the product in case it breaks or malfunctions. In terms of weight, the AJ801E by Sun Joe comes in at 23 pounds, which makes it somewhat lightweight as well.

We like the Sun Joe Dethatcher for its convenience, reliability, and power. It gives you tremendous value for your dollar when you calculate the build quality. The unit is very durable with nice and sturdy rugged wheels. You also get an 8-gallon rear bag attachment so that you don’t have to collect your thatch. This scarifier and lawn raker is best suited for small to mid-sized lawns. It is efficient at dethatching and great for scarifying grass roots for thicker healthier lawns.


2. Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher

If you want the best scarifier or best dethatcher that is attached to a riding lawnmower or garden tractor. This is also known as a tow-tine dethatcher. Basically, it is a scarifier with wheels attached but no motor. It is pulled by a tractor or lawn mower. In this sense, it is best to use the Agri-Fab for large to massive lawns.

The product width is 40 inches and is composed of 20 durable spring tines. These durable spring tines allow the Agri-Fab 45-0294 to be very efficient at digging up thatch. it is very simple to use and has a cantilever transport handle to raise and lower the height. This lever can be accessed from the tractor seat. In terms of compatibility, the hitch at the back fits all tractor brands. The entire unit is also built incredibly durable with a heavy-gauge steel deck and welded drawbars.

The Agri-ab is rustproof and the tines are fixated to a heavy-duty steel tray. The 3/16 inch spring loaded tines are replaceable in case you break a few. We really like the sturdy 7-inch diameter semi-pneumatic wheels. They have a width of 1.5 inches and are built tough enough to scale through most heavy terrain. In terms of performance, we have no complaints. The Agri-Lab 45-0294 is great at loosening heavy thatch and compacted dirt. This also water to penetrate deeper and let your grass breathe. The only real complaint is that the unit doesn’t really work on its own. You have to attach it to a tractor or riding lawn mower.


3. True Temper 15-Inch Thatch Rake

If you need the best lawn raker for cleaning up surface-level thatch, moss, and leaves, True Temper is a great brand of choice. This particular model has a 15-inch rake head which is more than enough to clear most lawns with ease. The teeth are curved so that it helps you remove thatch easier and to cultivate soil more efficiently.

And with the 54-inch hardwood handle, you get enough leverage to produce great amounts of torque. The handle is both durable and comfortable. And the end has a cushion at the end to give you a better grip and to help you gain more control.

The True Temper thatching rake really is a great all-purpose lawn rake. You are not just limited to certain tasks. With the curved tines, you can clear thatch as well as leaves and moss. You can also clear out weeds and light brush with speed and ease. The blades are rather sharp and shred through small weeds and vines. However, it is also not a scythe or a weed cutter, so it cannot be used on tall above-knee-height grass.

Bear in mind that you will have to do a lot of work manually with the True Temper Thatch Rake. It is not a motorized garden tool so it is quite physically demanding. The benefits are that it gives you lots of control over the area you are working on. You also get to spot-reduce and clean an area without having to get out a large machine. Finally, it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You don’t need to worry about plugging it in or taking up a lot of space. Besides, it also gives you a nice workout


4. VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator

The VonHaus Dethatcher is the best scarifier and best dethatcher if you also want an aerator. Aeration perforates the soil allowing air and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. The working width is 13 inches and VonHaus comes with a 12 Amp motor. This is plenty for most lawn operations. The device is equipped with a dual-purpose drum and two interchangeable rollers. There is a dethatching roller that helps remove thatch and moss. You also have an aerating roller that perforates the soil and encourages the new growth of grass.

The specifications of the VonHaus are pretty optimal given its price. You have a lightweight design, coming in at 18.7 pounds. This is small and light enough to carry around and store. The VonHaus only comes with a 16-inch power cord. We wish this was longer, but you can always use an extension cord to plug it into the wall. The 40L collection box is plenty of room to store moss, thatch, and dead grass. This prevents you from going through the hard task of manually raking through the cuttings after use.

There are some nice features of the VonHaus 2 in 1 that make us really like this product. For example, we like the two-point start switch, which makes it easy and safe to start the motor. You have 4 levels of depth adjustment, so you get to decide what kind of finish you want for your lawn. Finally, there is not too much sound as it is limited to 98 dB. All in all, the VonHaus 2-in-1 Dethatcher is fast, efficient, and reliable.


5. Earthwise Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

For those looking for an easy way to pick up loose twigs and leaves, the Earthwise Lawn Sweeper is the best lawn raker for you. This lawn sweeper is technically not a scarifier or dethatcher since it does not dig deep into your soil and loosen up grass or remove thatch. However, it does do a great job of picking up debris on the surface of your lawn.

The Earthwise Lawn Sweeper is a manual push-operated gadget. But don’t worry, it is lightweight and very easy to push. The entire unit is only 12 pounds and it folds up for easy storage. Pushing it is effortless with the sturdy and rigged wheels attached. It won’t feel like a workout.

It also comes with a 26-gallon hopper that is great for collecting and bagging debris. We do wish the hopper was a bit bigger so you don’t have to empty it as often. And if you want to collect more debris closer to the soil, you can always just adjust the height. The height adjustment is easy to use.

The Earthwise Lawn Sweeper also has a 21-inch wide sweep path, so a huge radius to collect leaves and twigs. You will get your work done fast and efficiently with this lawn sweeper. We have nothing else to say about this other than it works better than advertised. It is durable and can withstand serious beating. What we like the most is its ability to pick up small objects.


Best Lawn Raker, Scarifier, and Dethatcher – ABuying Guide

best dethatcher

If you are in the market for the best lawn raker or lawn scarifier, you have certainly come to the right place. These terms are often interchangeable and mean the same thing for most people. However, there are substantial differences between a lawn raker and a power dethatcher.

Lawn rakes are more regarded as small manually operated equipment used to pick up moss and surface-level leaves and debris. Dethatchers and scarifiers tend to have a reputation for being more heavy-duty. They dig into your soil and remove the build-up of thatch. Too much thatch (over half an inch) is a bad thing but so is too little (less than a quarter inch).

The first order of business is to figure out if your lawn needs scarifying in the first place. You should get on your knees and have a good look at your grass first. If you have a healthy lawn, you will have green grass plants everywhere and little visible dead organic material. If you find the soil buried deep and you need to dig a bit to find it, then you know it is time for scarification. This will pull dead matter and thatch out and let your lawn breathe.

Once you have figured out whether or not your lawn needs raking or scarifying, you will need the best dethatcher or best lawn raker. You should consider the following factors when shopping around: type of lawn care, coverage area, ease of use, portability, durability, and value. We have outlined these factors in detail below.

Type of lawn care

First of all, you should make sure you give your lawn the proper care it needs. You will need to know the difference between light raking, dethatching, and power raking. Light lawn raking is done with a manual rake and is used to remove surface-level leaves and moss. Dethatching involves a slightly more aggressive approach to lawn care.

Most lawns tend to fall in this category. It is good for when your lawn has little to moderate thatch. It usually involves riding or pushing some kind of unit through the grass that will remove this surface-level thatch. Sometimes the unit is mounted to a riding lawnmower. It is usually a good precursor to laying out fertilizer. Finally, you have power raking, which is a very aggressive approach to removing deep thatch. You drive a machine with mechanical flails that dig the thatch out of your lawn. These machines are expensive and powerful. They can pick up 2-4 times the amount of thatch as dethatchers.

Coverage area

The amount of lawn that needs to be cared for is a big factor in the type of scarifier you should get. If you just have a small patch to cover, you are better off with a sturdy manual rake and a shovel. Those with a medium-sized lawn and surface-level thatch should get a manual push dethatcher or one that is attached to a riding lawnmower. If you have a large lawn, it is better off getting an electric or petrol-based unit. And if you have a gigantic lawn or running your own business, you may need a dethatcher or scarifier that you can sit on.

Ease of use

When you have determined the type of scarifier or lawn rake you need to get, you get to further reduce your choices down by the ease of use. You should opt for dethatchers that are more efficient at getting work done. They should also be more versatile and offer many levels of depth adjustment. It should also be very easy to adjust. The scarifier or dethatcher should be very easy to operate and push. If there is a motor, it should deliver sufficient power to dig up thatch.


Portability and storage options are always things to think about when getting any lawn care device. Only you can determine how important this factor is to you. If you are operating a lawn care business and traveling a lot, you should probably get a dethatcher that is lightweight and easy to transport. If you have limited storage space, you need to get a smaller device. Just remember, there is always a trade-off between portability and performance.


It goes without saying that if you get the best lawn rake or best dethatcher, you better make sure it is durable. Look at the quality of the blades and make sure they are made of a solid material. Examine the overall build and the brand name. The wheels are also important to look at as they need to go through a lot of wear and tear


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