Best Pre-Emergent Herbicide Weed Killer For St Augustine Grass and Lawn

#1. Surflan A.S. Pre-Emergent Herbicide

If you want the best pre-emergent for St Augustine grass, we have to give it to the Surflan A.S. This is some real industrial strength pre-emergent with no fancy marketing labels and no pretty colors.

It is a well-established herbicide that works well for tough weeds and is great to be used on St Augustine and other warm session turfs. The only issue is that it is pretty expensive and a bit dangerous to use.

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Best Pre-Emergent For St Augustine

#1. Surflan A.S. Pre Emergent Herbicide Weed Control

For those who are looking for the best pre-emergent for St Augustine, we highly recommend the Surflan A.S. Pre Emergent Herbicide. This herbicide does a pretty good job in annual grasses and many broadleaf weeds.

This is a well-known herbicide for established warm session turf such as St Augustine grass. It will last up to four months and has very good coverage as well.

We should also mention that this stuff is expensive but it works very well. In fact, it is pretty industrial strength compared to other brands. Just don’t expect it to work on existing grown weeds. All in all, we would say that it works extremely well for tough weeds but it goes on messy as it is bright orange and is probably not good for the environment.

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#2. Scotts Halts Weed Preventer For St. Augustine Grass

Next up, there’s Scotts Halts Weed Preventer, which is the best pre-emergent for st Augustine because it is Scotts brand and they pretty much do everything well.

You can apply this stuff in the spring to prevent crabgrass and apply it in the fall to prevent moss. Also, you can prevent problem weeds all season long.

But we are not going to lie, the main reason we really like the Scotts Halts Weed Preventer is that it is a Scotts product. And Scotts has been around in the industry for a long time.

They know what they are doing and are pretty reliable in terms of quality and performance. Basically, with Scotts, there is very little chance your St Augustine will die.

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#3. Safer Weed Prevention Plus Fertilizer

Another great option when it comes to the best pre-emergent for St Augustine is the Safer Weed Prevention Plus which comes in granular form for your lawn care. We like it because it is a pre-emergent herbicide as well as an 8-2-4 lawn food.

One bag will cover around 250 square feet total and will not burn your lawn. it is also super effective in weed control and works especially well the very first year.

Perhaps our favorite part of this product is that it is a 2 in 1, so it saves a lot of repeated work. It is also natural, harmless, and quite easy to use. We find that the weed control is pretty good, especially on warm weather turf like st Augustine. However, the fertilizer could use some improvement, but we would view it as getting it free as an add-on. Still, we think this is the best weed killer because you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide and get your grass fertilized at the same time.

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#4. Drive XLR8 Herbicide For St Augustine Lawn

There is also the Drive XLR8, which is a herbicide for st Augustine grass and is quite possibly the best crabgrass killer on the market.

Like the Surflan A.S., the Drive XLR8 is also quite industrial strength and you should probably wear some gloves while dealing with this stuff. It is a faster more complete weed control than others.

We really like it because it has a much quicker uptake by plants, which basically results in a much quicker kill. And one treatment is all you really need and the crabgrass is gone. The only issue we have with the Drive XLR8 is that it is so powerful that your st Augustine grass will even suffer a bit. But it will grow back up without all the nasty weeds and crabgrass. You’ll need to use a sprayer to evenly spray the pre-emergence product.

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#5. Syngenta Princep Liquid Herbicide Weed Killer

The Syngenta Princep Liquid Herbicide is certainly an industrial-strength herbicide that should not be ignored. It works really well with st Augustine lawns and is right up there with Drive XLR8

. What it does is that it enters the weed through the roots to inhibit growth. We find that it works well against grass burs, broadleaf, and grassy weeds but you need to apply it early in the spring.

Although it is a little pricey, we think you are getting pretty good value for it considering the alternatives are just not as powerful. Unfortunately, it leaves a white residue so be sure to spray carefully. So all in all, Syngenta is definitely a nice spray to use if all your other options have failed or you just want to try something new.

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FAQ About Pre-Emergent Herbicides on St Augustine Lawn

What Is St Augustine Grass?

St Augustine grass is a type of turfgrass that is common in the southeastern United States. It is a warm-season grass that is known for its ability to tolerate heat and humidity. St Augustine grass is a popular choice for home lawns because it has a high resistance to disease and pests.

What is a Pre Emergent weed killer?

A pre-emergent, also known as a herbicide, is a product that is used to control weeds before they have a chance to germinate. By applying a pre-emergent before weed seeds sprout, you can effectively stop them from ever taking root.

The active ingredient in most pre-emergents is glyphosate. When applied to the soil, glyphosate binds to the soil particles and creates an invisible barrier that lasts for several months. Any weed seed that comes into contact with this barrier will be unable to germinate and grow.

What weeds do spring pre-emergents control?

There are many different types of pre-emergent herbicides, and each one controls a different set of weeds. Some common weeds that pre-emergents control include crabgrass, foxtail, and chickweed. Pre-emergents can also help control more difficult to control weeds such as nutsedge and annual bluegrass.

When selecting a pre-emergent herbicide, it is important to choose one that is labeled for the specific type of weed you want to control.

How do Pre-Emergent Herbicides Work?

Pre-emergent herbicides are applied to the soil before weeds emerge and prevent them from germinating. They work by creating a chemical barrier in the soil that stops weed seeds from sprouting. Pre-emergent herbicides are effective at preventing weeds, but they must be applied before the weeds appear. This is why it is best to use these in early springtime.

Pre-emergent herbicides are most effective when used in combination with other weed control methods, such as mulching and hand-weeding. They can be used on both lawns and gardens, but it is important to choose a product that is appropriate for the type of plants you want to protect such as, in our case, St Augustine grass. Overuse of pre-emergent herbicides can lead to resistance in weed populations, so it is important to use them sparingly and according to label directions.

What time should I apply pre-emergent weedkiller to my lawn?

Weedkiller should be applied to St Augustine Grass early in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler and the sun is not as strong. It is important to water the grass after applying weedkiller, to help it absorb the chemicals. Note that this should be done in early spring.

Can a weed killer be a fertilizer too?

In recent years, more and more people have been looking for ways to kill two birds with one stone – and that’s where using a weed killer as fertilizer comes in. But can a weed killer really be used as a fertilizer?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not quite as simple as that. There are a few things you need to take into consideration before using a weed killer as a fertilizer, such as the type of weed killer you’re using and the plants you’re trying to fertilize.

If you’re thinking about using a weed killer as a fertilizer, make sure to do your research first to see if it’s the right option for you. In our case, we have the Concern 97185 Weed Prevention Plus that does exactly this for St Augustine grass.

Final words

We feel that the best pre-emergent herbicide for St. Augustine lawns is Surflan A.S. This herbicide will prevent weeds from germinating and invading your lawn. Scotts Halts Weed Preventer For St. Augustine is also a good option to keep weeds at bay.

But if you already have a weed problem, Concern 97185 Weed Prevention Plus will help to control the problem. note that we really like the Concern solution because it is also a fertilizer. So, by using it, you are effectively doing two things at once. Removing and controlling weeds, and giving real food to your grass. On top of this, the product is mostly natural.

The Drive XLR8 Herbicide For St Augustine and the Syngenta Princep Liquid Herbicide are two good post-emergent choices to ensure you have a beautiful st Augustine Lawn at the right time in early spring.


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