Best Glue For Polycarbonate Plastic – Top polycarbonate glue product reviews

When it comes to finding the best glue for polycarbonate, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, polycarbonate is a very strong and durable material.

This means that the glue you use needs to be able to withstand a lot of force. Secondly, polycarbonate is also a very smooth material. This means that the glue needs to be able to create a strong bond without leaving any residue behind.

There are a few different types of glue that can be used on polycarbonate. One type of glue is known as an acrylic-based adhesive. This type of glue is specifically designed for use on plastics and will create a very strong bond.

Another type of glue that can be used is known as a cyanoacrylate adhesive. This type of glue is also designed for use on plastics and will create an extremely strong bond. Do not forget to read our FAQ further down.

Glue For Polycarbonate

#1. J-B Weld Glue For Polycarbonate

For those who are interested in the best glue for polycarbonate, we highly recommend you try out the J-B Weld Clear Weld. It is a pretty fast-setting epoxy with a very high bond strength, which is quite rare in this industry.

While it does take a bit of work to apply it, we think it is well worth the effort as you get an incredibly high bond strength that is decently flexible and can withstand plenty of moisture and outdoor conditions.

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Do I really need to use a bonding polycarbonate plastic adhesive glue?

Yes, absolutely. You need to use polycarbonate glue because it is a type of adhesive used to bond two pieces of polycarbonate plastic. It is often used in industrial applications, such as when building aircraft or automotive parts, and to repair home objects.

You need to know that not only does the glue provide a strong bond between the two polycarbonate surfaces, but it also prevents moisture from seeping through and causing further damage. Plus, its transparent properties make it ideal for creating a seamless look with no visible seams.

Best Glue For Polycarbonate

#1. J-B Weld Glue Polycarbonate – Best For DIY Projects

When it comes to the best polycarbonate glue, we highly recommend that you try out the J-B Weld Clear Weld Glue. It forms an incredibly strong bond with polycarbonate materials.

It has a tensile strength of nearly 4000 psi for those who care about numbers, which in this industry is pretty high. Additionally, it sets in just 5 minutes and you are able to sand it in just 60 minutes.

It fully cures in 1 hour and is also quite UV resistant and good for outdoor use. It also dries clear, but there is also a tan and black version as well if you like those colors.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for sheer bond strength and durability, you need to go with the J-B Weld Clear Weld. Sure it is a little difficult to apply but definitely worth it for the bond strength.

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#2. Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder – Best Polycarbonate Solution

Next up, we have the Loctite Polycarbonate Epoxy Plastic Bonder, which is the best glue for polycarbonate if you want a glue that is highly resistant to moisture, impact, and extreme temperatures.

The bond strength is a bit worse than that of the JB-Weld coming in at just 3450 PSI, but the durability is just clearly better in our opinion. Also, it has a set time of around 20 minutes, which is pretty fast.

The real standout feature is that it just holds up outdoors better than most of the other brands and products that we have tried. It can definitely take a beating and is not brittle like some others.

And also, it is Loctite after all and this brand has been around in the industry for a really long time. It has built a solid reputation for itself and is found everywhere in local retail stores.

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#3. IPS Weld-On #3 Polycarbonate Glue – Best Adhesive With Welding Strength

The IPS Weld-On Number 3 Glue is the best glue for polycarbonate if you are looking for a no-frills industrial strength adhesive that really really sets fast. So you have a working time of about 1 minute and a fixture time of around 2 minutes. Note, it will achieve around 80% of its full strength after 24 hours of curing.

While it is a very strong adhesive and more than the other two mentioned above, it does have a few drawbacks. Namely, this glue is suitable for experienced users since it is very runny.

If you don’t control it carefully, it can get on other materials and either just evaporate quickly or damage it. In other words, it runs pretty much like water so be careful.

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#4. Gorilla Clear Grip Contact Adhesive – Best For Quick Fixes

Gorilla Glue is another name brand that has dominated the adhesive industry for a while. Their brand can be found anywhere in your retail stores.

We think they make a very solid contact adhesive that dries clear and is very efficient at bonding polycarbonate materials to most other substrates. The key here is versatility with the Gorilla Glue.

While the bond strength may not be as tough or as strong as some of the two-part epoxies we mentioned, it is a very fast setting with a very fast grab so you can work diligently and quickly.

Moreover, it can bond to pretty much any material and can tough out most outdoor conditions, making it incredibly useful for various unexpected conditions.

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#5. Glue Masters Polycarbonate Plastic – Best For Small Projects

The Glue Masters Adhesive is yet another super glue that we recommend you use for working with polycarbonate materials. It sets in under 50 seconds and is very easy to work with.

In fact, the thing that separates this glue from the rest of the competition is the fact that it is just so easy to apply. It is very thick, so it doesn’t flow that well, making it easy to apply.

With this glue, you can easily apply it on a wall or against gravity, without having to worry about it dripping and running too faster before you get your polycarbonate materials in the right position.

For those who absolutely need that seamless application process, we strongly urge you to try out this glue. You won’t be let down.

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FAQ on adhesive and glue use on polycarbonate

Can you glue polycarbonate?

Although polycarbonate is a strong and durable material, you may need to glue it at some point. Luckily, and YES you can glue polycarbonate, there are two main types of glue that will work on polycarbonate.

One type of glue that works well on polycarbonate is epoxy. Epoxy is a two-part adhesive that comes in a tube. To use it, you mix equal parts of the adhesive and hardener and then apply it to the surface. Epoxy dries quickly and forms a strong bond.

Another type of glue that works on polycarbonate is cyanoacrylate adhesive. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are also known as “super glues.” They come in a small bottle and have a brush attached to the lid. To use them, you simply brush the adhesive onto the surface.

Both types of glues have been discussed in the above reviews.

Why use polycarbonate glue?

Polycarbonate glue is a fast and efficient way to glue polycarbonate materials together. The adhesive bonds securely and provides strong, waterproof seals that are ideal for many different applications. It also offers quick fixes and the best results when bonding polycarbonate sheets or other plastic parts.

This type of adhesive is designed specifically for use on polycarbonate plastics, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to make repairs on products such as aquariums, greenhouses, vehicles, machinery, or any other item made from this type of material. It can be used to bond two pieces together quickly without leaving behind unsightly residue or extra mess. The adhesive dries clear making it perfect for projects requiring a clean and professional look.

Can I use silicon sealant on polycarbonate?

A sealant is not glue and as such can only seal holes or scratches. As such, you cannot use silicon as glue on polycarbonate.

What you need to know is that silicon sealants are a great way to protect surfaces and prevent leaks, but you may be wondering if they can be used on polycarbonate.

While silicon sealants can be used on many different materials, including metal, glass, and plastic, they should not be used on polycarbonate. This is because silicon sealants can cause hazing and discoloration on polycarbonate surfaces. If you need to seal a polycarbonate surface, use a clear acrylic or urethane sealant instead.

If you need to glue polycarbonate, use one of the best adhesives described above.

Can polycarbonate sheets be glued together?

Yes, it is possible to glue sheets together. However, polycarbonate can be difficult to work with because it does not bond well together or with other materials. There are a few ways to overcome this problem, but the best method is to use a two-part epoxy adhesive.

When using an epoxy adhesive, it is important to follow the instructions carefully. The surface of the polycarbonate must be gently sanded before the adhesive is applied (this is best for adherence, though not mandatory). Once the adhesive has been applied, the two pieces of polycarbonate should be held together until the adhesive sets. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Can you bond acrylic to polycarbonate?

The best way to bond acrylic to polycarbonate is to use two-component acrylic glues. These are by far the best choice for gluing polycarbonate in any type of application.

Though both materials are transparent, have high strength-to-weight ratios, and are resistant to shattering, they have different chemical compositions. Acrylic is an oil-based plastic, while polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. As a result, the two materials have different melting points and cannot be bonded together using traditional methods.

Using the two-component glue will melt the two materials together and ensure a great bond is reached.

Final words on polycarbonate glue

In conclusion, the best glue for polycarbonate is J-B Weld Glue. This glue is perfect for bonding polycarbonate to other surfaces. It is also great for repairing cracks and holes in polycarbonate. It is a strong, durable glue that will hold up under stress and last for a long time. If you are looking for strong and durable glue, then J-B Weld Glue is the perfect choice for you.

Now, if you need a less expensive option, Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder is a good choice. It is not as strong as J-B Weld, but it is still a good, reliable glue.

The other three types of glue, the IPS Weld-On Glue For Polycarbonate, the Gorilla Clear Grip Contact Adhesive, and the Glue Masters Glue For Polycarbonate have shown great strength in our test. Amongst these three, we prefer the Gorilla, though IPS came out top (I guess the branding from Gorilla is affecting our judgment 🙂 ).



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