Best Motorcycle Oil Filter

Why do you need the best motorcycle oil filters?

Filters are an often overlooked but important part of maintaining your bike. A good quality filter will help to remove impurities from the oil and protect your engine from wear and tear. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best motorcycle oil filter for your bike.

What you really need to think about is the size of the filter. Many filters come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your motorcycle’s oil pan. You should also consider the type of filter media. This is the material that actually catches and removes impurities from the oil.

#1. Hiflofiltro (HF138RC) RC Racing Oil Filter

Hiflofiltro is the best motorcycle oil filter with outstanding performance. This is the only TUV-certified oil filter and is suitable for top-level race use. If you are into racing and need a high-performance filter to perform at high pressures and temperatures, this is it.

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Best Motorcycle Oil Filter


Best Motorcycle Oil Filter

#1.Hiflofiltro (HF138RC) RC Racing Oil Filter

Hiflofiltro is the best motorcycle oil filter with outstanding performance. This is the only TUV-certified oil filter and is suitable for top-level race use. It can be a permanent install on your bike. The manufacturer has used tough heavy-duty steel to make the canister of this filter. This feature makes the filter reliable in extreme conditions.

Inside the canister, you can see the tri-fiber filtration media. This offers top-rated filtration and improved oil flow. Finally, this filter uses a rubber-coated relief valve that is compatible with all oil types. It seals perfectly, getting no trouble during years of use.

For those who are speed demons and into racing bikes, the Hiflofiltro branded filters are the best motorcycle oil filter for you. These filters are specifically designed for track and street racing on motorbikes. Just to throw it out there, we believe that it is the only TUV-certified oil filter, which basically means that it has the highest quality, performance, and vehicle warranty compatibility.

Next, we like how it is compatible with all oil types and has a brilliant rubber-coated relief valve that ensures perfect fitting. This means not only no leaks but also makes it easy to take on and off. Finally, we just really like the chrome finish, which adds a nice little cosmetic flare to your oil filter that many of the others on the market are missing.

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#2.K&N KN-303 High-Performance Oil Filter

We highly recommend K&N KN-303 as the best motorcycle oil filter because it is the most popular on the market. Hundreds of customers have purchased this and are satisfied with its high performance. This oil filter can be used for most cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and motorcycles. It has a solid construction, making it very dependable in extreme conditions.

This oil filter has an anti-drain back valve, which prevents oil from flowing back into the crankcase when you shut down your engine. It is good that this oil filter has a 17mm exposed nut. It’s effortless to remove with standard tools, saving much time and energy. This is surely a good replacement for your old oil filter.

When it comes to the best motorcycle oil filter, K&N definitely leads the race in our opinion. We particularly like it because it is just able to trap more of the bad stuff than its competitors. And add this to the fact that it will also outlast its competitors and you get the picture. Also, it happens to be a pretty good value for your money.

It has a heavy-duty construction that will do very well in extreme conditions. We would say the standout features of this oil filter include having a high oil flow rate and the ability to trap more harmful contaminants than its peers.

This filter is able to trap 99% of contaminants, through its resin-impregnated filter media. Also, we like that the K&N happens to work quite well for both synthetic and conventional oil. Finally, there is a 17mm exposed nut design, which makes removing it a total breeze. There’s also an anti-drain valve that eliminates dry starts and stops oil from draining back.

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#3.Honda OEM Oil Filter

If you own a Honda motorcycle, then you should use Honda OEM Oil Filter. Most customers give full marks for its high performance, so we are quite sure that this is the best motorcycle oil filter for you.

Honda OEM oil filter is suitable for every Honda bike listed in its official description. It is very durable and reliable and helps improve the service life of your machine.

It’s impressive that this oil filter never leaks. In other words, this product is definitely not cheaply made. We love the fact that this oil filter basically needs no maintenance after long-term use. It certainly saves a lot of money during its life.

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#4.Polaris Part Number 2540086 – oil filter

If you usually ride your motorcycle in cold weather or in wild areas, we recommend this oil filter produced by Polaris as the best motorcycle oil filter. You can’t go wrong if your bike is listed in its description. This oil filter has a compact size, so it gets a lower probability of being damaged by rocks. It also has high resistance to rust, transferring into a super long shelf life.

Moreover, it perfectly filters out particulates that are no smaller than 10 microns. The oil will turn out to be very clean after passing through this oil filter. There is no doubt that this oil filter will not leak after long-term use according to the result of our market tests. In a word, this is a trustworthy replacement.

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#5.FRAM PH6017A Extra Guard Oil Filter

Fram may be the best motorcycle oil filter if you perform frequent maintenance for your bike. The outer surface of this oil filter is anti-slip, making things easy when doing the replacement. As a replacement oil filter, the Fram is quite durable. It can keep functional for up to 5,000 miles, making it very cost-effective.

This oil filter does a great job of trapping dirt. Moreover, it has a high capacity for holding dirt. As a result, it gets a good balance between filtering performance and service life. The price of this oil filter is relatively reasonable since it offers good value. Purchasing this product would be a good deal.

While it is definitely one of the cheaper oil filters out there, FRAM is a solid name in the industry and has a lot of users backing it up. It is definitely a brand that we trust and one that you can rely on.

And in absolute dollars, since oil filters, in general, are rather cheap anyways, there is no such thing as an extreme budget oil filter. This particular filter is proven to work up to 5,000 miles. In terms of performance, we would say that it has an ideal balance between being very efficient at trapping dirt and having a huge capacity for holding dirt.

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#6.Mobil 1 M1MC-134 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Another one of the more popular choices out there when it comes to the best motorcycle oil filter is the Mobil 1 M1MC-134. Mobil 1 is an extremely popular brand and has a lot of brand trust in the auto community.

First of all, we think what separates this filter from the rest is that it holds more than the conventional oil filter. This higher capacity is due to its advanced synthetic fiber blend holding more dirt.

Next, you have a steel center tube, which provides a lot of added internal strength. Additionally, it has pretty high efficiency, so it does a solid job of removing most of the contaminants. Although it is not as good at removing contaminants as say K&N branded filters, we think that it does a solid enough job to warrant attention.

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#7.Hiflofiltro HF204 Black Premium Oil Filter

Hiflofiltro also makes a standard premium oil filter that is not intentionally designed for racing. It is definitely a very reliable brand and has been stringently tested before shipping. In terms of performance and durability, we can’t really complain and think that it is just a tad bit worse than the K&N, which is clearly the gold standard in this industry.

Also, it comes with the gasket pre-lubed which is a nice little bonus. Although we think the relief spring and filter material shape could be better, we like the hex nut welded to the end. The hex nut definitely makes it very easy to remove at the end of its life cycle. Just be sure to check your motorcycle model and make sure it fits before buying.

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Conclusion on the Best Motorcycle Oil Filter

In conclusion, the best oil filter for a racing Honda is the Hiflofiltro HF138RC. It provides the best filtration and protection against wear and tear. It is made of high-quality materials and it is very affordable if you consider how good it is. The K&N KN-303 is a close second, and the Honda OEM Filter is a good third choice. The Polaris Part Number 2540086 filter and the FRAM PH6017A Extra Guard are good choices too and do not get us wrong, we still prefer the Hiflorfiltro one.



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