Best Greek Honey – One of the best in the world

Beekeeping is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years, and Greece is one of the oldest countries with a rich history in this craft.

The honey produced by Greek beekeepers is known for its quality and taste, making it one of the best in the world. The Greeks have perfected their art of producing honey organically, resulting in a pure and unprocessed product. However, there are so many Greek honey brands out there, that it is difficult to find the good ones.

This is why we put together the below 5 best Greek honey brand reviews so that you can safely choose the one you prefer. To be honest, it is very difficult to separate each of the below honey. However, we have categorized them as being the best of Greece, or from Thyme, or Mountain, etc. This should help you choose your favorite one.

#1. Attiki Pure Greek Honey – Best overall brand

If you are interested in the best Greek honey, we highly recommend that you try out the Attiki Pure Greek Honey which comes from wild flora and thyme. These flavors definitely don’t overpower the honey, which also has a nice smooth texture. This is one of the most popular brands on the market because everything is reliable and properly sourced and manufactured.

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Best Greek Honey – Selection of the best varieties of Greek honey

Where to buy Greek honey?

Honey from Greece is undoubtedly one of the best in the world closely matched with Lebanon, Yemen, and Himalaya pure honey. With its rich aroma, thick texture, and unique flavor, it’s no wonder why everyone is raving about it. Greek honey comes from different regions of Greece, each with its own distinct taste and characteristics.

Fortunately for honey lovers around the world, Greek honey is widely available online through various e-commerce platforms. One of the most popular sources of authentic Greek honey is Here you can find a wide range of options including thyme honey from Crete or Attica forests’ pine honey (from pine trees).

Apart from online marketplaces, specialty food stores often carry imported products such as Greek food items like olive oil or feta cheese. These stores are also an excellent source for finding high-quality Greek honey that has been carefully selected and shipped directly from Greece to your doorstep.

How do Greeks use raw honey?

Greek cuisine is world-renowned for its simplicity, freshness, and use of natural ingredients. One such ingredient that Greeks have been using for centuries is raw honey. Honey has long been revered for its healing properties, and the Greeks have been using it in their daily diet as well as traditional medicine practices.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy raw honey in Greece is by incorporating it into their beloved Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is known for its creamy texture and tangy taste, making it the perfect base for a sweet yet nutritious snack or breakfast. By simply drizzling some raw honey over a bowl of Greek yogurt, you get a delicious combination of healthy probiotics and antioxidants from the yogurt, mixed with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of raw honey.

Another way Greeks enjoy raw honey is by mixing in every kind of dish from desserts and teas to salads and main courses. They also use it with other natural ingredients like lemon juice to create various remedies to cure common ailments like sore throat or coughs.

Is Greek honey better than Manuka honey?

Honey is the best when it comes to natural sweeteners. And there are many kinds of honey available in the market, each with its own unique taste and benefits. Two of the most popular types of honey are Greek thyme honey and Manuka honey from New Zealand. While both varieties have health benefits, there has been a debate on which one is better – Greek or Manuka?

Greek thyme honey comes from bees that feed on wildflowers and herbs in Greece’s forested regions. The result is a rich, amber-colored honey with a distinct floral aroma and flavor. Its high concentration of antioxidants makes it an excellent choice for promoting overall health and boosting immunity. And because of the high concentration of antioxidants, expert studies describe that Greek thyme honey is the best in the world. The reason is that it helps reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and aid digestion.

On the other hand, Manuka honey is derived from bees that pollinate the Manuka tree native to New Zealand. It is also a honey with a high concentration of antioxidants, but not as much as the Greek one. This is why scientists prefer the Greek honey over the New Zealand Manuca one for medicinal purposes. Note that Yemen, Himalayas, and Lebanon honey are also all very good honey.

One point to add is that all of the different honey discussed here are really nice sweeteners for your tea, yogurt, salads, and other delicacies. You’ll definitely need a nice honey dispenser to help you serve the honey with style when you have friends and family around.

#1. Attiki Pure Greek Honey – Best in the world

Attiki Greek HoneyFor those of you who are interested in the best Greek honey, the Attiki Pure Greek Honey is definitely a nice option. This Greek honey comes from wild flora and thyme.

We like it because it has a nice distinctive taste and the wild flora and thyme definitely don’t distract from the overall flavor profile. It also has this nice thick smooth texture that we like.

Additionally, it has this nice-looking caramel color and is definitely a crowd-pleaser at parties with various spreads as it pairs very well with various salty slices of cheese.

Overall, this is a very popular brand for a good reason. It is a very reliable brand with great manufacturing and sourcing practices and it tastes amazing.

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#2. Orino Honey – Best thyme honey from Crete

Next up, we have the Orino Honey with Thyme, which is the best Greek honey for those of you who want a natural product with no chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

Orino is more of a Greek product made for Greeks. It doesn’t have fancy international marketing like the Attiki mentioned above and still maintains its Greek roots.

The honey is harvested from the island of Crete and the wildflowers on the mountains of that island. You can almost smell the wild mountain flowers in each can.

We like this brand because it comes in a rustic can and doesn’t have any silly marketing tricks. It has a nice subtle yet powerful flavor and the sweetness definitely tastes pure.

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#3. Dinas Monastiri Greek Honey – Best raw honey

Another great product when it comes to the best Greek honey is the Dinas Monastiri Greek Honey. You can tell this was made for locals and imported because there’s not much English on it.

This honey is made with a combination of thyme honey and the honey of coniferous trees and various flowers of the Cretan land. It is pretty light and doesn’t overpower you with honey flavor.

This is definitely not your average supermarket honey from wildflowers. When you taste it you can tell the difference in quality immediately.

We would say that it has this unique taste and scent that many other brands just can’t replicate. The only way to really find out is to just try it out.

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#4. Ebion Wild Raw Organic Greek Honey (not always available)

Best Greek HoneyThe Ebion Wild Raw Organic Greek Honey is an internationally famous Greek raw honey that has won quite a few awards in international competitions.

The honey is harvested from Ebion in the Pindus mountain line in the specific Red Fir region which is loaded with the right herbs and flowers for honeybees to work from.

We really like it because it has this nice soft taste and light aroma that is just additive. We also really like the medium dark red and bourbon brown color profile, which adds to the overall appeal.

But for this Greek honey, the flavor is definitely the winner here, and not just flavor but also consistency and texture. It is beyond just normal raw honey and almost has this savory sweet taste.

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#5. Fotopoulos Greek Honey Taygetos Mountain – Wild flora from the Greek mountains

Lastly, we have the Fotopoulos Greek Honey. which is harvested from the Taygetos Mountain region. This is definitely a no-frills locally made product that isn’t even trying to be fancy.

And that really is the odd charm about it. It is as pure and raw as it gets and even the jar it comes in looks a bit shady and rustic. But the honey tastes great and has a subtle light sweetness.

More importantly, we think that it is quite possibly the placebo effect but it looks like it hasn’t gone through any large-scale packaging process.

The honey looks pretty unfiltered and untreated. And this actually adds to the overall appeal and charm for us. Somehow, things in a rustic jar with foreign languages somehow just taste better.

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Final words on honey from Greece

Greek honey is a delicious and highly thought-after treat with many varieties and medicinal properties. Overall, Attiki Pure Greek Honey is the most well-known brand. But if you want a different taste, we would advise you to try the Orino Honey with Thyme.

You cannot go wrong with the Dinas Monastiri Greek Honey as it comes from a Monastery with Monks that ensure the highest quality. We quite like the Ebion Wild Raw Organic Greek Honey, and the Fotopoulos Greek Honey Taygetos Mountain. These are both excellent options to explore, though the Taygetos has a little extra with its Mountain origin.

In summary, whether you’re looking for a sweet addition to your breakfast or an ingredient for your baking experiments, any of these kinds of honey will make the perfect addition to your pantry.


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