Best Lawn Sweepers

#1.Agri-Fab 45-0492  Lawn Sweeper

We really like the Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper and think that it is the best lawn sweeper out there if you are looking for convenience, reliability, and affordability. This sweeper comes from a reputable brand and it does everything that traditional lawn sweepers are supposed to do like easily collect and store. It will last for years with appropriate care and is very easy to use in your garden.

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Now that you know our number 1 lawn sweeper, let’s look at why we like these. Beautiful lawns are a sight to behold; everybody loves having such lush gardens around their houses. Your lawn is one of the very first things people will use to describe how beautiful your home looks; you need to make a perfect impression with your garden or lawns if you care so much about what people say about you.

Making your lawn look great requires a lot of care and attention, but there are just so few tools out there that can make this happen – the best lawn sweepers.

If you are in for a regular home cleanup or you love doing it once every month, lawn sweepers are a great tool (an essential backyard tool) that helps you manage your lawn and garden – keeping it looking clean and tidy.

Whatever, you intend to use your lawn sweepers for – sweeping fallen leaves, twigs, grass clipping, pine needles, or any rubbles in the garden, there’s a good lawn sweeper meant for you.

We have asked people’s thoughts on this valuable tool and also checked in on some stores and spent whole lots of time testing out these sweepers so we can be in an excellent position to answer any question you might have on the best-rated lawn sweepers. This review will guide you in choosing the best lawn sweepers for leaves and every other debris that might mess up your lawn.

Best Lawn Sweepers

#1.Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

Raking your lawn is the toughest and hardest part of keeping your house beautiful and clean. It can be tiring and back-breaking work. Raking up leaves, grass clippings and lawn debris seem like an endless task coupled with its slow emptying process- just to make matters even worse.

Unless, of course, you have the Agra fab lawn sweeper attached to your riding lawn tractor, it will make a big difference in your busy life.

and here’s why…

The Agri-Fab is a sturdy piece of machine that is uniquely assembled to provide users with long-lasting service. The bushing, for instance, is made from high-quality bronze metal, which delivers a robust working tool in any lawn.

Since you don’t have to use a back-breaking rake anymore, you’ll love this sweeper. It offers a full sweep of grass and is designed to clear all of your lawn debris in half the time without that tough back-breaking work. The bottom line is the Agri Fab lawn sweeper is made to do the job much better than a rake.

Stirred by thorough customer feedback, this revolutionary device offers several distinctive features that make lawn care easy. New features make it so you can simply measure the length of the grass straight from the sweeper –making sure you get the exact height settings before starting to sweep.

Then the wide brush already adjusted to your lawn can efficiently clean all of your clippings and debris in one pass. You won’t have to go over the same spot again and again or need tedious sweeper adjustments that just take a lot of time to adjust. The extra-large steel rod debris bag holds 25 cubic feet for more sweeping and now equipped with extra airflow you can fit much more in the pocket so you’ll make fewer stops emptying the load. And when it is time to drop, the one-handed easy dump feature eliminates the need to even get off the tractor.

For even more ease of use and time-saving functionality, the unique offset point allows you to move and sweep at the same time. Offsetting the toe for added mobility is as simple as twisting a knob into place, making lawn care a lot easier.

The intelligently designed sweeper hitch keeps the sweeper level and always at a perfect height to align with your tractor. The removable bag and collapsible design offer both quick setup times and secure storage.

Before you know it you’ll be an expert at using your Agri Fab sweeper and your lawn will easily have that professionally manicured look.

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#2. Brinly 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

If you’re fed up with the inefficient and exhausting task of breaking your lawn, then the Brinly high-performance lawn sweeper is the ideal tool to have. Brinly’s lawn sweeper is perfect for clearing your lawn of leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings and provides quick and easy patch collection after detaching.

With your Brinly dethatcher, the heavy-duty nylon brush system rotates on a split axle differential to continuously pick up material. Brinly advanced three brush design creates a lower tip lift, and the higher tip velocity and help sweeps your lawn at a rate of 4.8 sweeps per foot with continual sweeping.

During turns, the all-welded steel brush housing an 18 gauge all-steel tubular frame provides durability year after year.

The reinforced woven vinyl hamper with UV and moisture-resistant inhibitors can collect and haul 20 cubic feet of lawn materials. And can quickly be emptied with a swing dump, right from the seat of your tractor using the adjustable full rope with ergonomic t-handle.

The durable high-density polyethylene hamper bottom provides a sturdy foundation even in damp conditions.

The removable mesh windscreen prevents flyaway leaves, and lawn material at slow speeds and medium winds, and the lockable brush height lever easily adjusts with default settings for use on everything from flat pavement surfaces to dense layers of leaf and patch build-up.

The included multiple-position clevises hook-up provides a universal fit to any tractor, and when your lawn project is completed, simply collapse the hamper into its patented upright position for convenient space-saving storage. Enjoy your beautiful fall weekends again without the hard labor with a Brenly 42-inch toe behind the lawn.

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#3.Sun Joe Lawn Dethatcher

Let your lawn breathe deeply with the Sun Joe AJ 801 e electric scarifier + lawn dethatcher thatch. Regularly removing thatch is essential for maintaining green and healthy grass. Powered by a robust 12 amp motor Sunn Joe rakes an impressive twelve-point six-inch wide path effortlessly.

The Sun Joe comes with two attachments that you can swap in and out in a depth adjustment.

It allows all those vital nutrients and oxygen and water to penetrate your deeper grass layers and that translates to greener healthier grass.

And if you look at the dethatcher, you’ll see that it’s equipped with 24 spring steel breaker tines that stay sharp, and longer for reliable performance, scarifying your grass at regular intervals. Cuts roots and encourages growth for a thick, lush lawn, and this is the air boost technology.

With these raker tines, you get maximum thatch removal so that means less time and less work to get the job done.

Simply twist the five-position control knob to adjust the raking depth from minus point 4 inches below the surface to 0.4 inches above the soil

While the 8-gallon collection bag catches thatch and detaches easily for quick, convenient disposal

while ordinary rakes can be tiresome and ineffective AJ, 801 e starts instantly with a simple push of a button doing the job in less time with zero toxic emissions and never a need for a tune-up.

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#4.Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

If you are looking for a super solution for picking up leaves, grass clippings, and other debris the Agri Fab lawn sweeper is your best bet. This excellent lawn care removes everyday lawn waste and helps you to maintain a cleaner lawn landscape with a neat appearance. This equipment is well-suited for homeowners that are tired of manually raking the lawn.

If you find raking a tedious task, the Agri Fab best push lawn sweeper is a tool you will like.

  • It cleans grass leaves and debris without using your back-breaking rake
  • It ends the task of boring bagging the debris
  • That Agri fab sweeper offers a 26-inch sweep of grass and blades and is intended to clear lawn and debris 50% quicker than a rake

It is that much better

The bottom line is that the Agri Fab sweeper is made to perform the task better than a rake to make your lawn care easy and rubble-free. This sweeper has a diameter of 26 inches to get the work done effectively without too many overlapping moves.

Light enough to hang for storage. The hopper bag is easily removed for emptying and it is ideal for areas up to 2,000 square meters

The best push-lawn sweeper with adjustable height settings is a simple machine to pick up grass clippings and leaves off the lawn and is durable,

The lightweight sweeper Is made from durable material and it resists rust, therefore, it is going to last in varying climates for years to come. The lightweight design allows for easy pushing, and it’s easily collapsible for space-saving storage when not in use.

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#5.Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush

If you are interested in a good sweeper, you might have to consider the one offered by Ohio Steel. Although users have mixed experience on this sweeper it is nevertheless a great tool to have. While some enjoy its effectiveness in cleaning the lawn others have complained about its heaviness and problems when used to lawn on uneven ground.

The steel sweeper has a 50-inch width built to sweep your lawn fast and efficiently. The brush and the hopper make this tool a delight. This is why this product is one of the best picks for its overall quality and function. So if you are looking for a sweeper with ease of use and management this may be a good alternative.

Generally, this tool is user-friendly and it is heavy-duty equipment and can hold much debris compared to other tools.

It’s a heavy-duty lawn sweeper that could assist you in quickly taking away the dirt from your lawns.

This works great for flat surfaces.

Moreover, it offers ease of functionality and could perform its function for several years.  The quality and durability it offers is highly remarkable.

More features…

Spiral Brush With 11″ Polypropylene High-Density Bristles

  • Densely packed large-diameter bristles
  • Reduces wear on equipment; fill hoper fuller compared to straight brushes
  • Pick almost all debris including pine needles, leaves, grass, and most types of nuts
  • 11-inch x 2-1/2-inch semi-pneumatic wheels

Large Cubic Foot Capacity Hopper

  • easily collapsable for easy storage
  • high-quality mesh screen with an additional thick bottom
  • 33% larger – virtually eliminates clogging including a 3-year limited warranty.

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FAQ Lawn Sweeper

Here are some of the questions you may want answers to.

What is a “lawn sweeper”?

It is a piece of machinery for cleaning debris like grass clipping, leaves, and tiny sticks away from lawns. It sweeps debris into a collection hopper through the floor-positioned brushes that rotate as the lawn sweeper is in motion. This piece of machinery is a time saver and is very important to have around.

What is a “tow behind lawn sweeper”?

This is one of the two types of lawn sweepers we have around. This type of sweeper is the largest, and they pick up more lawn debris in a shorter time and need no manual input to operate; also, they are the more expensive.

What is a “push lawn sweeper”?

This lawn sweeper is operated by manually pushing it on areas that need to be kept clean, just like if you’re pushing a lawnmower. These machines are built to be eco-friendly i.e., it requires no gas, it’s a low-noise sweeper, and takes up less storage space. However, it takes up less debris because of its size and is not convenient for use on large lawns.

 What type of debris could a lawn sweeper pick up?

Tiny sticks, pine cones, leaves, pine needles, grass, gumballs, and acorns. However, not all models are efficient in handling all these types of debris, which means you need to read online reviews on the type you want that can work for your situation. The standard know-how is that the tow-behind sweepers are adept at taking up more debris compared to the push sweepers because they are built for heavy duties while the push sweepers are made for lighter waste like grass clippings and leaves.

Do I Need a tractor or riding lawn mower to utilize a lawn sweeper?

That’s a yes if you are using it with tow-behind sweepers, and you may also need some self-driven machine to make it work for your purpose. The best self-driven machine to consider is a riding lawn mower and lawn tractor.

If you don’t already have your lawn sweeper to take care of your lawn, consider getting one since both lawn sweepers are better than raking and can save you a great deal of time.

How To Choose Which Lawn Sweeper To Buy

You can significantly damage your grass and impede its growth if you allow fallen leaves to gather and get decay in your yard. Letting this debris stay longer than necessary causes bare spots and also contributes to thatch build-up. If you are used to raking your lawn, you will agree on how arduous and exhausting task it is to rake a yard much more when you have to do this throughout the fall season

Using a lawn sweeper makes everything simple. Lawn sweepers clear away debris, grass clipping, leaves, and even pinecones. The sweeper machine is one that is handy and will likely work for years, helping you to save time, and giving your lawn the right look it deserves.

If you are in the mood to buy a lawn sweeper, it is essential to weigh the options at your disposal and choose the best lawn sweeper for your situation.

Push Lawn Sweeper And Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Choosing between the push lawn sweepers and the tow-behind sweepers is very important, and you need to assess your situation before choosing the one to buy carefully. Also, it is essential to note that,  within the tow-behind and push categories, there are varying differences between the model and the brand.

Here are the factors you need to consider before buying a lawn sweeper:

1- Manually push or tow-behind

You come across two types of lawn sweepers in the market – those that are easily attached to the rear of a lawn tractor and pulled along and ones that are manually pushed along

If you chose to go with the manually towed lawn sweepers, consider the weight as it is essential to go for ones that are lightweight so they can be pushed with ease. Also, they need to be very strong and made with high-quality materials so they can last for a long time.

Tow behind sweeper is getting popular as it is found almost in every home and tends to take the most beating. The lawn sweeper for leaves should be made with durable material and solidly built so it can be used for many seasons.

2- Location

The geography of your lawn also matters when looking for the best lawn sweepers to care for your lawn. This is because some sweepers are more durable and work better on sloping land or rugged environment compared to other lawn sweepers.

3- Size of your lawn

The bigger your lawn, the more specific your lawn sweeper needs to be. This means that the size of your lawn will determine the type of lawn to use – if your lawn is up to 2,000 sq. Ft., then the push-along lawn sweepers are an ideal tool for such a size; however, if your lawn is larger than 2,000 sq. Ft the tow-behind lawn tractor is recommended.

4- Hopper bag size

The size of the hopper bag also is an important consideration when planning to buy the best lawn sweeper. If you are considering spending your money on the best push lawn sweeper;  the hopper bag is a bit smaller, and you will need to do the emptying frequently which can be very inconvenient when working on your lawn. Equally, a big hopper bag can be hefty when full of lawn cuts and can hamper the sweeper’s operation while in use.

For the tow-behind sweeper, the bigger, the better. If you have a large lawn to keep, the better is usually the excellent rule of thumb

5- Manufacturer reputation

The maker of the sweeper is also a factor to consider. Check on the best lawn sweeper reviews on the internet, and also check if the product has a warranty and if it’s solid and well-built to stand the test of time.

How to Use a Lawn Sweeper?

The push-along lawn sweepers can easily be operated by pushing the tool straight, just like you would a mower. To ensure an optimum collection of fallen leaves or debris, it’s advisable to use a crosshatch pattern cleaning. Also, if you want to avoid the risk of overflow, the hopper bag needs to be emptied every time.

Tow-Behind Sweepers are easily attached to the back of a tractor and can be used efficiently to manage your lawn using the crosshatch pattern of removing debris from lawns.

To maximize the effect of lawn sweepers, it is vital to find the right height for the clippings on your lawn with the brush low enough to meet some resistance but high enough that they don’t mash your lawn.


Finding the best lawn sweeper shouldn’t be a difficult thing after reading through this guide. And you don’t need to purchase by try and error. The best you can do for yourself is to follow the simple tips and suggestions, so you won’t end up with a product that does not meet your satisfaction.

You need to put into consideration the kind of support you will get from the manufacturer and the type of largeness of the lawn, and next, you want to decide if the push lawn sweeper is the ideal or the tow-behind sweeper.

If you take your time to read customers’ reviews to determine the brands and models that have worked for some and when you see one that has lots of reviews from real people who’ve used the product before then it might be a pointer to choosing your new lawn sweeper

The best lawn sweepers are a fun tool to have and they speed up your chores and cut down on doing the same thing over and over with a rake.

Therefore before you make that decision to buy the best lawn sweepers go through the tips again to be ready sure

– Make sure it is of top-quality materials

– it must have a large carrying capacity – the bag needs to be big enough

– it must be accessible to operate and assemble.


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