Best Macbook Battery Replacement

best macbook battery replacementEgoway Battery for Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro

The Egoway Battery for Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro is the best Macbook battery replacement because it’s a premium battery with high performance. In addition, the manufacturer provides very good customer service for returns and replacements.

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Apple Inc. is a great company and has produced a series of premium notebook computers known as the MacBook family. There is no doubt that these quality computers have longer life than their batteries. So, there will come a day that you need a battery for replacement. In this article, we are going to discuss about the best batteries for Macbook computers.

The most important thing to consider are the battery modes and compatibility. Before purchasing a replacement battery, you must make sure that this battery is compatible with your Macbook. You should check the part numbers printed on the batteries like “A1406”,”020-7379-A” or “661-5731”, and never buy batteries if their numbers can’t match with your previous battery, otherwise you will waste your money.

If you find yourself working a lot without plugging in your macbook, it is important to have a battery with higher capacity. However, you can’t know how much capacity these batteries really have without testing. Checking reviews to find out the regular working hours of the batteries may be more effective.

Finally, you should choose the batteries with better craftsmanship and security. It would be a disaster if your battery does not have any protective circuits, as it may bulge or even explode in your computer.

Best Macbook Battery Replacement

Egoway Battery for Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro

best macbook battery replacementIf you have a laptop computer listed in the MacBook pro series, the Egoway Battery is absolutely the best battery for replacement. This battery is suitable for a variety of Macbook Pro 13 inch products. It’s a perfect replacement for the OEM battery.

We don’t need to say much about the tech specs such as capacity or voltage, because the Egoway battery has the standard performance of the original battery of your MacBook. When you see its design, you will understand that this battery is premium. The Egoway battery has low power consumption IC built inside, allowing it to work longer than its competitors. Also, it has overcharge and discharge circuit protection, making it a very safe product. The self-discharge of the battery is quite low, resulting in low energy consumption. Additionally, you can use your macbook after days of inactivity without it draining much.

As a nice bonus, the manufacturer provides very considerable customer service. The battery comes at about 80% full, so you can directly install it right after you get it out of the box. Also, the manufacturer will help you if you are confused by the product description. Additionally, you get a 18 months warranty to the guarantee of its quality.

One thing that you should be aware is that this battery can’t be a replacement for a MacBook Air 11” A1406 battery. Luckily, you get a 30 days money back guarantee so you won’t lose your money if you have made a wrong purchase.

– Standard battery for MacBook Pro 13”
– Low power consumption
– Protected
– Considerable service

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Aaweal Battery for Macbook Pro 13 inch

best macbook battery replacementIf you are confused when looking for a replacement battery for you Macbook Pro 13 inch, just try the Aaweal battery. The Aaweal Battery for Macbook Pro 13 inch is quite universal. It can replace the Macbook Pro batteries such as A1278, MD101 and so on. You can easily find out whether it is compatible with your computer by checking the part numbers printed on your old battery.

The Aaweal battery is a very premium battery using Sony cells, so it rarely leaks and has high performance. This battery is protected, preventing any damage caused by over-charge or over-discharge. This not only enhances the safety, but also extends battery life.

In addition, the manufacturer provides good customer service. This battery comes with a crowbar and two screwdrivers, so you don’t need to worry getting tool for the installation. Furthermore, the Aaweal battery is guaranteed with a 30 days money back guarantee and a 12
months warranty.

– Battery for Macbook Pro 13 inch
– Sony cells
– Protected
– Long service life

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Temark Laptop Battery for MacBook Air 11”

best macbook battery replacementFor users of MacBook Air 11”, the Temark Laptop Battery is a perfect replacement battery. It is a high performance battery and never comes with quality issues.

The Temark battery can be used as a replacement battery for the Macbook Air A1406, A1495, A1370 (only for Mid 2011 version), A1465 (Mid 2012, Mid 2013, and Early 2014 version). This battery may not fit in devices not listed in its description, but it has better performance in compatible computers. It charges quickly, decreasing the time you wait for recharge. Also, this battery has lower energy consumption, so you can trustingly work outside for hours.

To make the Temark battery a safe product, the manufacturer has built protection circuits in it. You never run into issues when using or charging it. Also, the cells are premium and they won’t bulge or explode if properly used. Just remember don’t fully recharge the battery if you are not going to use the computer, otherwise it will be damaged like all Lipo batteries would.

Finally, the Temark battery is backed with a 12-month warranty, and the manufacturer support is very friendly.

– High performance battery for Macbook Air 11”
– Quick charge and low energy consumption
– Premium cells
– 12-month warranty

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LQM Battery for Apple MacBook 13

best macbook battery replacementFor your old Macbook, it’s hard to find a good battery as a replacement. Fortunately, the LQM has produced a good battery which is compatible with most of the Macbook 13 inch laptops. You don’t need to spend much time on search suitable batteries, unless your Macbook is of very special type.

The LQM battery can be used as replacement of A1185, A1181, MA561, MA561FE/A, MA561G/A and MA561J/A. It’s a more universal fit than its competitors, so there are more customers who the LQM batteries as their replacement batteries based on this quality. This battery has been tested by hundreds of customers and proven to be a great buy.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has used the best materials to produce this battery. The cells inside are grade A, allowing the battery to charge fast and consume less power. Furthermore, protective circuits are built in so that the LQM battery can be more durable than other similar products. Also, the LQM battery is reliable because the manufacturer provides great quality control; each battery comes charged without any quality problems.

Finally, just like other responsible manufacturers, the LQM provides a 30 days money back guarantee and a 12 months warranty. Better yet, it has very low price.

– Macbook 13 inch replacement battery
– Universal
– Good material
– Low price

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Key Power Battery for MacBook Pro 15 inch

best macbook battery replacementIt’s really hard to find a replacement battery for a Macbook pro 15
inch. If you have a macbook Pro 15 inch of mid 2009 or mid 2010 version, then the Key Power battery can be the replacement.

Although this battery has a higher price, we still recommend this
battery because it is worth the price. This battery is premium as the manufacturer has used the best materials. The grade A cells make the battery long lasting and the built-in protection circuit ensures both safety and stability. These features explain why the Key Power battery can have a very long life up to 500 recharge cycles.


– For Macbook Pro 15 inch mid 2009 or mid 2010 version
– Premium battery
– Safe
– Long service life

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