Best RC Lipo Battery

best RC LiPo battery

Gens Ace 7.4V 5000mAh 50C 2S LiPo Battery

The Gens Ace LiPo Battery is the best RC LiPo battery because it has super high quality. This product is a premium battery that has passed the strictest factory testing of capacity, voltage, resistance and discharge curve matching process. If you want the most reliable LiPo battery for your favorite RC model, the Gens ace is definitely the right choice.


In recent years, remote control or RC models have become very popular. These toy are not only limited to children. Even adults can enjoy a good RC models because they are exciting and cool. With the development of advanced RC models, they are getting closer to real vehicles such as cars, planes and helicopters. To make the newest model work at its best condition, a strong energy source is definitely needed.

So, if you have a RC car or other similar products driven by electricity, you need the best LiPo battery to support it.
The LiPo battery, or lithium polymer battery, has several advantages over other batteries when being used as the energy source.

First of all, the LiPo battery has no liquid but instead is gelatinous solid inside. This means it will never leak and can be made in different shapes Furthermore, this feature allows it to fit in any appliances or have multi-layer structure to get higher voltage.

Second, a LiPo battery usually has twice the capacity of a Li-ion battery of the same size. By using LiPo batteries, you can easily have fun for hours with your favorite RC models. Also, if you are going to take part in RC competitions, LiPo batteries are a must have as they have lighter weight with a high capacity.

Finally, LiPo batteries have no “memory effect.”In other words, they retain their capacity no matter how many times they have been recharged.

Additionally, you should know that different batteries suit different purposes for RCs. If you just simply want to play longer, you should choose batteries with a big capacity. Or, if you are seeking for speed, a battery with higher discharge current will help. Also, there are batteries of smaller size and lighter weight to help you get better records in competitions. It can be quite confusing when choose the right battery for your RC models, because you can’t make accurate judgments without testing them.

To help you find the right RC LiPo battery for your needs, we have tested popular products on the market. We highly recommend the following 5 products because they have better performance, security, durability and ease of use.

Best RC Lipo Battery

Gens Ace 7.4V 5000mAh 50C 2S LiPo Battery

best RC LiPo battery

The Gens Ace LiPo Battery is the best RC LiPo battery because it has higher quality than most of the LiPos we tested. This product is a premium battery that passed the strictest factory testing of capacity, voltage, resistance and discharge curve matching process. If you want the most reliable LiPo battery for your favorite RC model, the Gens ace is definitely the right choice.

In terms of quality, this battery uses superior raw materials from Japan and Korea. And because of its the nice craftsmanship, the Gens ace LiPo Battery has up to 200Wh/kg energy density over most of its competitors. Also, it has a very long cycle life as it can be fully recharged at least 150 times.

Better yet, this battery has a super high discharge of 50C, which translates to the best performance in matches. Conversely, it can be charged very quickly since it has a 1C-5C fast charge capacity.

Another distinctive feature of this battery is its hard case. The battery is still soft inside, but the case prevents it from any physical damage, such as cutting, squeezing and dropping.

Taking off the case is not necessary since the case is quite lightweight; you shouldn’t do that unless you are very familiar with LiPo batteries, otherwise you may damage the battery.

Finally, the Gens ace LiPo Battery is easy to store. It drains really slow compared with other batteries, which all translates to longer usage times. You can even buy more as back up and peace of mind. This battery contains two sets of cells so the working capacity is 7.4V. We suggest you to charge or discharge the battery to about 3.85V per cell cutoff and keep it in the shade if you plan on storing it.

– Super high energy density
– Strong discharge current and quick recharge
– Hard case battery
– 150 recharge cycles at least and easy to store


Floureon 30C 2S 5200mAh Hard Case Battery

best LiPo battery for RC cars

The Floureon 2S Hard Case Battery is a very cost-effective energy source for RC cars, boats, etc. This battery strikes a great balance between a long running operation and a powerful performance. Also, considering its price, it may be the best LiPo battery for RC car players.

As advertised, this battery has a hard case protecting it from physical damages. It is practically designed considering both safety and weight, so it may not be as hard as other hard case batteries. After all, there is hardly a chance that you squeeze the battery by stepping or sitting on it, so making the case softer is not a big problem. On the contrary, even if the battery falls from the cliff with your RC car, it won’t crack and burn because the case is quite elastic and can absorb the shock.

And because of its 5200mah capacity, this battery is quite long lasting after each full recharge. Also, the 30C working current translates to a relatively fast speed forRC cars. With the Floureon 2S, you can have great fun with your favoriteRC car for hours.
Additionally, this battery is quite easy to use. It can be applied to RC cars, boats, drones or anything if the voltage, dimension and the plug match. Also, this battery recharges quite fast, so it shortens the preparing time for competitions. And to store it better, you just need to charge the battery to 3.6V-3.9V range per cell after use. If there is any quality problem with the battery, you have a 1 year warranty to get your money back. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate if you want to have a go with this battery.

– Reliable performance
– Protected batteries
– 300 cycles of recharge and long shelf life
– Good service for customers


Traxxas 2872X LiPo Battery

best LiPo battery for traxxas slash

If you are looking for a super long lasting LiPo battery for traxxas slash or traxxas stampede, you should use the Traxxas 2872X LiPo Battery. If you have the Traxxas models, it’s always better using related products since there will be less trouble.

This battery contains 3 cells, thus the voltage is 11.1V to provide enough power for your models. Other brand name batteries may have a thicker size that may make them harder to be mounted in your model. Also, the running current is up to 25C, which is powerful enough. If you are beginner toTraxxas RC, this is the LiPo battery for you.

Although the battery doesn’t have a bigger capacity compared with some of its competitors, the quality control is so much better that you won’t run into problems that may damage your favorite models. After all, there is still a doubt whether competitive products really have a higher capacity, because the Traxxas played no business trick in their advertisements.

Finally, no company beats the Traxxas in customer service. If you want to know anything about your Traxxas model and the battery, you can ask the manufacturer and get the answer. Also, you get a one year no cost replacement plus a 50% replacement warranty with each battery, so there is nothing to worry about.

– Original battery
– True capacity as advertised
– Great quality control
– Nice customer service


Vant Battery 3S 6600mah LiPo Battery

best 3S LiPo battery

The Vant Battery provides a very good replacement for the original Traxxas 3S LiPo batteries. This battery has 6600mAh of capacity, allowing your models to run further. Better yet, the price of this product is slightly lower compared with its competitors.

This battery has been designed to be extremely powerful. As advertised, the working current is 75C, translating to a very powerful performance in yourRCs. You can use it in 1/10 scale vehicles such as Traxxas Slash, Slash 4×4, Bandit, Rustler, Stampede, Stampede 4×4, E-Maxx and etc. Although it’s a bit thicker, it’s not hard to be installed in your RCs.

Additionally, you get a 6 months warranty if you properly use the battery. Since this battery is quite powerful, we suggest that you use it after you get familiar with LiPo batteries. This way you can get better performance, without adding the risk of damaging your model and the battery.

– High capacity 3S LiPo battery
– Cost-effective
– Super powerful
– 6 months warranty


Tattu 1300mAh 75C 4S LiPo Battery

best Lipo battery lightweight

If you are looking for the lightest LiPo battery for RC drones, helicopters or boats, the Tattu 1300mAh 75C 4S LiPo Battery is the product for you. It weights only 155g, but it has 200Wh/kg energy density and provides 75C current when working, allowing your RC model to move like a rocket.

Since it is light weight, we can’t ask more for its capacity. Nevertheless, the 1300mah of capacity is quite enough for any speed run. This battery has a XT60 plug, and it can be widely used in mini models. But if you want to run your drone or something for hours, you should have more as a back up. Fortunately, recharging it is quite fast, you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy it again.

This battery is not some sort of one-time-use battery, but a durable battery with a long service life. If you charge the battery to 3.85V per cell after each use and properly store it in the shade, it can be fully recharged at least 150 times. Also, the customer service and warranty is quite good.

– Super lightweight battery
– High energy density
– At least 150 full recharges
– Nice warranty




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