Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

best cigarette rolling machine

Just Good Tobacco Cigarette Machine

If you want the best cigarette rolling machine or the best electric cigarette rolling machine, there is no better option than the Just Good machine. The only problem is you need to pay an initial premium for such luxury. Because it can make a pack of cigarettes in a minute or two and is actually very accurate, it is the best of both worlds.


If you invest in the best cigarette rolling machine or the best electric cigarette rolling machine, you can create cheap, cost effective cigarettes that taste great. Because manufactured cigarettes often contain lots of harmful additives, many people try to find an alternative solution. By buying your own tobacco and rolling papers, you get to control what goes into your cigarette and in the meantime save money.

A cartoon of cigarettes costs about $50 per cartoon if you buy it retail, but if you roll your own cigarettes using the best cigarette rolling machine, one cartoon will cost you around $20. Assuming you smoke one cartoon every two weeks, you can save $750 a year. Basically, the initial investment will definitely pay off if you roll your own cigarettes.

Plus, they are healthier for you and even taste better. However, not every cigarette rolling machine is made the same. They can be evaluated based on durability, ease of use, and speed. Cigarette rolling machines are either automatic or hand-cranked, with the automatic machines being able to make cigarettes much faster than manual ones. The best cigarette rolling machine or the best electric cigarette rolling machine will also be very durable and won’t clog or jam up.

Best Cigarette Rolling Machine Reviews

Top-O-Matic T2 Cigarette Machine

manual cigarette rolling machineThe Top-O-Matic is a name brand cigarette rolling machine that creates cigarettes using a crank that needs to be hand winded. We think that the T2 is the best cigarette rolling machine that is manually operated and is definitely an improvement from the T1 product line, which is their flagship product.

The T2 is more accurate, lasts longer, and pumps out cigarettes faster than its predecessor, the T1. The T1 is flexible enough to be able to produce all types of cigarettes including Kings, 100mm, and Regular. There is a switch on the machine that can be switched to change the types of cigarette you are trying to make.

Operating the T2 is pretty simple. You first need to loosen the tobacco of your choice (sold separately) and load it into the strip in the machine.  When you load, be sure to pack it tight but not too tight. Next take the cigarette tube of your choice (also sold separately) and insert it into the metal tip at the end of the machine. Then you can pull the lever down a bit to lock everything in and finally fully engage the lever to pack the cigarette. It takes some practice to get this right. And there is definitely a learning curve on packing the right amount of tobacco. Finally, you need to find the sweet spot for how much pressure to use when packing.

We think the T2 is extremely durable and is better built than the T1. It packs the cigarettes tighter and gives you more room for error when packing. We also find the mechanism used to operate the lever and pack the cigarette to be superior. While the T2 does not pack cigarettes as fast as the best cigarette rolling machine that is automatic, it does a great job for the price and is more accurate. Also, on average, the quality of each cigarette is pretty uniform as opposed to batches made with automatic machines which tend to have defects.  The machine itself is very durable and comes with a one year warranty.


Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Machine

automatic cigarette rolling machineIf you are looking for the best electric cigarette rolling machine, the Powermatic II maybe your answer if you want one that is good bang for your buck. Powermatic II is an improvement from the original Powermatic I and is now faster and more durable. Operating the Powermatic II is very easy to do. You simply place your tobacco in the tray provided and jam some further in the slot.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be too precise about how much you are jamming in the loading slot. You then plug the machine in and load an empty cigarette tube in your machine. You then pull the handle and the machine loads the cigarette automatically. In a sense, the Powermatic II is a semi-automatic. The difference between a manual and the Powermatic II is that when you pull the crank down, the Powermatic has an electric injector system that calculates the exact amount of tobacco to load. A manual machine does not have any electric plugs and loads the cigarette based on how you crank the lever.

We really like the Powermatic II over manual winding cigarette machines because it speeds up the time required to making a pack of cigarettes and it packs it better. While the Powermatic is not a true automatic in that it is not completely hands off, it does give you more control and is less prone to errors. The general rule of thumb is that the more automatic a machine is the more it is susceptible to routine errors.

Fully automatic machines pump out cigarettes faster but get jammed up and produce bad batches more frequently. We really like the fact that the Powermatic II has a reset button when it jams up. Overall, we think the Powermatic II is the best cigarette rolling machine that strikes a good balance between price, durability, speed, and accuracy.


Just Good Tobacco Cigarette Machine

best cigarette rolling machineIf you want the best cigarette rolling machine or the best electric cigarette rolling machine, there is no better option than the Just Good machine.  The only problem is you need to pay an initial premium for such luxury. Because it can make a pack of cigarettes in a minute or two and is actually very accurate, it is the best of both worlds. The Just Good Cigarette Machine is built for speed and operating it is very straightforward.

You simply fill a compartment full of tobacco, which is good for making two packs of cigarettes. Then place an empty tube inside the machine. Then you press a button and the machine will extract the tobacco automatically and load it into the tube. To make another cigarette you simply need to load another empty tube and press the button again. Because you don’t need to load tobacco every time you load the cigarette, the Just Good Cigarette Machine can make a pack of cigarettes (20) in one minute or two.

The best part about the Just Good Cigarette Machine is that you don’t need to load tobacco. There is a large compartment where you can dump a large batch of tobacco and the Just Good machine will automatically calculate the exact amount of tobacco needed and feed it into your cigarette tube. You just need to load up the tobacco compartment after every two packs you make. One feature that could make the machine better is having an automatic cigarette tube loader, which would completely automate the entire process. However, that machine would be more expensive to design and would be prone to many more errors.

We really like how accurate the Just Good is for an automatic rolling machine. Since automatic cigarette rolling machines naturally make errors due to tobacco jams, it is surprising to see an automatic machine with a low error rate. Out of 100 cigarettes made, only about 1 of them turns out bad, which is an error rate of around 1%. Although the Just Good comes with a hefty price tag, it also comes with very nice features. It lasts a long time, rarely jams, has a low error rate, and is very easy to use. It is the best cigarette rolling machine/best electric cigarette rolling machine on the market if you are willing to pay the price. You will make the investment back in no time.


RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

best cigarette rolling machine

If you want a cheap and rather portable cigarette rolling machine, you should give the Raw Machine a try. This is a manual cigarette rolling machine that you can stick in your pocket and roll cigarettes on the go. You must use rolling papers for this one and not premade cigarette paper with filter. Keep in mind that it rolls straight cigarettes and not cone shaped ones. Also this roller is for size 1 ¼ and not kingsize or 70mm papers. If you want a different size, RAW sells them as well.

The process to roll a cigarette is very basic. However, to get a perfectly rolled cigarette, it still takes a bit of practice knowing how much tobacco you want to pack in. To make a cigarette, you need to spread the rollers apart. Then you should fill up the gap with tobacco and add a filter at one end.   Then you push the rollers together and roll towards you. You need to make sure the wrap sheet stays tight throughout the process. Make sure that the glue side is sticking up and keep on slowly rolling with your hands until it forms a cigarette. Then you have to lick the glue and seal it.

We have it admit, it definitely took us more than a few tries to get this thing right. But we think it that it rolls cigarettes very nicely once you get the hang out it. You can definitely roll a cigarette faster with this machine than hand rolling one. And for just a few bucks, it is definitely worth the investment.  You can even buy a portable box where you can store the RAW cigarette rolling machine, filters, rolling papers, and tobacco. This makes it nice and convenient to carry with you everywhere you go.

There is not much else to say about it. We have never had a situation where the paper or tobacco jammed while testing. The RAW Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine is quite durable and definitely doesn’t feel cheap in your hands. It is made of durable plastic and the rollers don’t really break even in your pockets. We think it is definitely the best value deal. If you roll a lot of cigarettes by hand, maybe it is a time to make a switch.


CAM2 Power I Plus Electric Cigarette Injector Rolling Machine

best cigarette rolling machine

For those looking for an alternative solution to the Powermatic, try out the CAM2 Power I. It is usually cheaper than the Powermatic and works around the same. This is an electric injector type cigarette rolling machine very much like the Powermatic. You have to plug it into the wall and hand crank it to load a cigarette. It is a one loading system, so you can only make one cigarette per crank. What we like about the CAM2 Power I is that it has a jam indicator. There is also a crank for stirring up the tobacco. It is important to keep your tobacco nice and fluffy and prevent it from clumping up.  Because of this, we think the stirring bar in the tobacco container is very useful.

The CAM2 Power I has a nice motor and gear quality which results in 25% more power.  This also results in a cigarette that is packed quite nicely and has less room for mistakes. We would say in terms of quality control, 1 out of every 20 cigarettes in a batch comes out bad. This is a pretty good hit rate in the industry. The increased motor speed also results in less jams than the Powermatic. We really like the fact that it comes with a brush and stick, which helps you clean out jammed tobacco. You will definitely have a tobacco jam at some point.

In terms of build quality, you definitely won’t feel like you are buying a cheap piece of plastic. It is made of a black color ABS material. It will also definitely hold its ground if you accidentally let it slip from your desk. All in all, we really like the CAM2 Power I for its power, efficiency, durability, and jam protection. It is very comparable with the Powermatic. If we were to pick one, we would pick the one that is selling cheaper online.




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