Best CR2032 Battery

best cr2032 battery

Duracell Duralock CR2032 Lithium Batteries

The Duracell Duralock CR2032 Lithium Batteries are the best cr2032 batteries on the market because they have super high quality. They are reliable products which never leak and can even be used in medical devices.

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The CR2032 battery is a lithium coin cell battery which is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick. It’s widely used in daily used applications like calculators, watches and automobile keys, and medical devices such as implantable cardiac defibrillators, artificial cardiac pacemakers and hearing aids.

Compared with alkaline batteries, lithium batteries are slightly more expensive, but weigh less while having higher capacity and wider temperature range. It has the best performance compared with all competitive products of its size and voltage. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the CR2032 batteries are replacing other batteries, such as the 5004LC 2032.

If you are looking for a CR2032 battery, the first thing you should remember is that the numbers after the “CR” stand for its size as we mentioned above. Also, a CR2032 battery provides 3 volts to support your electric device; it shouldn’t be mixed up with the Renata 751 which provides only 2 volts.

We urge you to be careful as there are a lot of replicas and fakes on the market. Generally, if you find a CR2032 battery priced lower than one dollar, it is very possible that this battery is substandard or fake. To find quality products, you should focus on famous brand products and pay more attention to the capacity and battery life.

Furthermore, if you want to buy more batteries as back up, you should check its manufacturing date. Keep in mind that a recently produced battery certainly has longer shelf life. After all, batteries will erode and discharge after long periods of inactivity.

Finding the best CR2032 battery is not easy as there are too many products with different brand names. Luckily we have tested out some of the more popular ones out to see which ones have better performance. We took into account overall battery life, discharge rate, durability, and price when we tested these CR2032 batteries out.

Best CR2032 Battery

Duracell Duralock CR2032 Lithium Batteries Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand VST

best cr2032 battery

If you don’t want to spend too much time on looking for the best cr2032 battery, you can simply choose the Duracell Duralock CR2032 Lithium Batteries. It goes without saying that Duracell batteries are built to last. These are premium batteries with above-average capacity and nice craftsmanship.

Also, the Duracell batteries have just the right size for small portable electric devices. They can be used in flashlights, keyless entries, or any other devices using CR2032 batteries. And we wouldn’t worry about any defects as each battery has good quality standards. These batteries never leak, so they are perfect for critical medical devices such as implantable cardiac defibrillators.

Furthermore, the Duracell batteries have high performance. The capacity of each battery is above average compared with other top-rated products. They can last about five years if not used in heavy duty devices. Also, these batteries have very low self-discharge rate, prolonging their shelf life for a few more years. This means you don’t need to change them out frequently as they do not erode or lose charge over time.

The only thing that we don’t like about the Duracell Duralock is that the batteries are not packaged separately. If you do not need to use as many as 4 batteries, you should not tear the package apart to get your batteries out. Otherwise, the rest of the batteries may be directly exposed to the air and shorten their lives.

– Never leak
– Suitable for medical devices
– Super long lasting
– Low self-discharge

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Panasonic CR2032 Lithium Battery

best cr 2032 battery

If you have had enough of poorly made batteries but still want something cost effective, you definitely should pick the Panasonic CR2032 Lithium Battery. This Japanese brand name product has a great balance between high performance and cost, making it a premium product that everyone can afford.

Panasonic is very experienced in manufacturing electronic products, including energy products. The Panasonic CR2032 Lithium Battery has standard battery voltage and capacity, and it works stably in most of the devices that require CR2032 batteries as their power sources. This product is a nice replacement of other batteries of the same capacity and size, as it has longer service life and better performance.

Another good thing is that the packaging of Panasonic batteries is very convenient. You can easily tear off the part you want and take out your batteries, while keeping the rest of the batteries perfectly packaged.

Additionally, the shelf life of this product is quite long. You can buy more as back up, because these lithium batteries have a very low self-discharge, and they keep most of their capacity even after being stored for years. If you forget to take these batteries out of your devices and keep them inside without any use, they still won’t leak even after months.

– Premium Japanese batteries
– Cost-effective
– Considerable package
– Long shelf life

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AmVolt CR2032 Battery

best cr2032 3V lithium battery

The AmVolt CR2032 Battery may be the best CR2032 3V lithium battery on the market. This battery maintains a high rate of performance after being tested by hundreds of customers. We can understand why it commands a much higher price than most of its competitors.

First of all, the AmVolt CR2032 battery is very durable. It has been designed to prevent leaks up to 2 years. Also, as a new product on the market, the company has kept a very low rate of defective products, making the battery life claim more believable.

Theoretically, this battery has a very long shelf life, allowing it to maintain its function for up to 8 years. We didn’t find any sign in our test that it will fail to last that long; in other words, so far so good. Certainly, there is no need to take the risk to use it in medical devices such as implantable cardiac defibrillators, but using it in something like a keyless entry is definitely ok.

Also, this battery has premium performance. It has a great capacity compared with other brand name CR2032 batteries. Also, it’s quite long lasting. Most of the batteries still work normally after being used for over one year, which is almost twice longer compared with cheap batteries.

– Leak free
– Long lasting
– Long shelf life
– Standard performance

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Maxell CR2032

best cr2032 battery

If you want some good CR2032 batteries with reasonable price, maybe you should try the Maxell CR2032. This product comes with 5 batteries, and each battery has nice quality.

This product is very convenient with nice packing. You can easily take the batteries you need and keep the rest safe and sound in the package. Also, these batteries can be widely used in small portable devices such as flashlights. Additionally, keep a charge after long periods of inactivity. We like the fact that each battery has a outstanding capacity of 235mAh on average. We highly recommend these batteries as replacement batteries as they are durable and cost-effective.

Compared with other CR2032 batteries, the Maxell products have better quality control. This explains why it beats some famous brand name products, as these competitors have gotten lazy on maintaining the quality standards of their product.

– Cost-effective
– Convenient
– Durable
– Good quality control

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Sony Lithium CR2032

best cr2032 lithium battery

We highly recommend the Sony Lithium CR2032 as the most economic battery on the market. A 10 pack product may seem excessive, but these batteries have a long shelf life and cost less on an average per battery, so buying more Sony batteries as back up actually saves your money in the long run

Also, it goes without saying that Sony batteries are premium Japanese batteries with nice quality. They have ideal temperature resistance and can be used in any household devices. Also, these lithium batteries have low self-discharge; so, after long term storage, they still keep most of their capacity.

Another good thing about these batteries is that the package is really considerable. Batteries are separately packaged, and you can easily take the batteries you need without exposing other batteries directly to the air.

– Japanese product
– Super low price
– Long shelf life
– Low self-discharge

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