Best Watch Battery

You may have noticed that your watch is running slower or not at all. This means your battery needs to be replaced. A new battery can get your watch back to its original accuracy, but you need to know which one to buy and who are the best watch battery suppliers.

You can find many different kinds of digital watches online, each with its own specifications.

This article will help you choose the best watch battery for your timepiece using a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to identify the type of battery in your watch. Then, you’ll need to determine what kind of replacement battery you’re looking for.

From there, it’s really easy. Just keep reading to find out more about the types of batteries available and how they compare–and then decide which one is right for your needs.

1. Renata #377 Silver Oxide Watch Battery

best watch battery

The Renata #377 Silver Oxide Battery is the best watch battery because it is the most dependable battery on the market.

This battery is long-lasting and durable, and it always provides a high voltage.

The Renata battery is the preferred brand of many watch manufacturers, including famous Swiss watch companies.

It is, in essence, the best watch battery company that all of the top watch manufacturers use, but that most members of the public never heard of.


Why do you need a battery watch?

In recent years, Apple Watch and other wearable technology are becoming popular. But they can’t take the place of traditional watches, because these old watches are classic, sentimental, collector’s pieces, and decorative items.

People never abandon their old watches, and they certainly need good watch batteries. Watches that are powered by batteries usually run through the quartz movement, which is different from mechanical watches that run by hand winding or movement.

If you are in need of watch batteries, you may get confused with various brand names, battery types, and tech specs. It’s difficult to find the battery you need, and much harder to find the perfect one for your needs.

To help you, we will focus on discussing the best watch battery in this article.

Before purchasing batteries, the first thing you need to make sure of is the size. It goes without saying that buying a battery of the wrong size is a total waste of money.

The next thing is the battery voltage. Similar batteries may have different voltages as they use different materials; if the replacement battery has too high a voltage, it may damage your device.

If you are not seeking something low-cost, you should pay more attention to well-known brands like Maxell, Sony, and Renata. In general, these brand-name batteries have higher performance and better security than their competitors.

Other products may be attractive as they have lower prices and have been advertised to be high-performance, but they have a greater risk of quality issues.

Why does a watch need a battery?

A watch needs a battery to power the quartz crystal that keeps the time. Most watches use a digital display that needs electricity to power them.

What are the different kinds of batteries for watches?

There are two kinds of batteries for watches:

  1. Disposable.
  2. Re-usable.

Disposable batteries can be thrown away when they no longer work, but reusable batteries can be used over and over again.

What is the Best Watch Battery available?

This question is quite difficult to answer and there’s no such thing as a single battery fit for all. That’s why we have reviewed 5 of the best brand of watch batteries you can find out there.

  1. Renata #377 Silver Oxide Battery
  2. Maxell SR626SW 377 Silver Oxide Watch Battery
  3. Varta 377 Batteries
  4. Energizer Watch Electronic Batteries
  5. Sony 364 Watch Battery

1. Renata #377 Silver Oxide Battery

best watch battery

Renata batteries are produced by a Swiss company that is owned by the Swatch group. These batteries are specially designed for quartz watches. In other words, they are long-lasting, reliable and from the best watch battery make company.

Renata batteries are silver oxide batteries. Although old silver oxide batteries contained a little mercury which is toxic to the environment, the manufacturer of the Renata has completely removed this chemical.

Renata batteries provide about 1.55 volts, just like other standard watch batteries.

But Renata batteries are definitely better than other batteries because they have a very low self-discharge rate and last much longer.

Also, these batteries never leak. We believe that your watch will work stably after using the Renata battery.

In addition, Renata batteries have a long shelf life, so you can buy more as backup and not have to worry about them discharging over time.

Furthermore, these batteries are definitely good value for your money.

All the features we have mentioned above explain why Renata batteries are usually used in Swiss quartz watches such as Rolex Oyster Quartz, Tag Heuer, and Breitling. Many other watch companies also choose Renata batteries for their products, since they tend to perform the best.

Overall, these are the best quartz watch battery you can find on the market. Here are the four points that summarise this battery:

  • Silver oxide batteries
  • Super stable performance
  • Long shelf life
  • Watch company preferred


2. Maxell SR626SW 377 Silver Oxide Watch Battery

best 377 watch battery

If you are looking for premium batteries with a relatively low price for your watch, the Maxell batteries can be a great option. They offer the best online watch battery replacement through different e-commerce shops.

This company is very experienced in producing small electronic batteries, including watch batteries.

These 377 silver oxide button cell batteries provide 1.55 volts with excellent long-term performance. We think they are pretty perfect for traditional watches.

It’s reasonable that the Maxell batteries are popular. We think they are just as good as some of the name-brand expensive batteries but without the steep costs.

Additionally, these batteries are very reliable.

First, they have a low self-discharge rate, allowing them to last longer than most of their competitors even if they have high capacity. Second, the Maxell batteries have good craftsmanship, so they tend to never leak.

Finally, these batteries have a long shelf life and can maintain most of their capacity after years of storage.

We highly recommend the Maxell batteries because we think the manufacturer has got a good balance between high performance and cost.

  • Silver oxide watch battery
  • High popularity batteries
  • High performance
  • Relatively low price


3. Varta 377 Battery

Varta sliver oxide watch battery

You can’t forget to mention Varta products when discussing watch batteries. They make the best type of watch battery in the industry and will power your quartz watch for long periods of time.

The Varta 377 Batteries are premium silver oxide batteries with no mercury inside.

These batteries are very competitive when compared with other top-rated batteries because they are designed to be universal.

These batteries can be used in any devices which require this battery size, such as watches, calculators, PDAs, LED lights, and even strict medical devices.

It’s a pity that the Varta 377 batteries are not very popular, given they are stable, cheap, and reliable. They strike a nice balance between performance and price and in terms of versatility, they win hands down.

Overall, we are fairly certain the Varta 377 batteries are very reliable after our extensive testing in various quartz watches. Also, in most compatible devices, these batteries performed very stably for long periods of time.

As a nice extra feature, we like the fact that they can be stored at room temperature for long periods of time without decay. In other words, they have a long period of expiration.

  • 377 battery
  • No mercury
  • High performance
  • Reliable product


4. Energizer Watch Electronic Batteries

best lithium watch battery

If your new quartz watch requires 3 volts to work, then the Energizer Watch Electronic Batteries are the best quality watch battery for you.

These batteries are very popular because they are the best lithium watch batteries on the market.

They have been tested by thousands of customers in recent years, and have managed very few negative reviews. Just be aware of fake batteries from untrustworthy sellers.

As standard lithium batteries, the Energizer batteries have a high energy density, allowing it to have higher voltage and capacity.

This is a 3-volt battery operating with a 240 mAh capacity. These batteries are also durable; they have a wide temperature range for operation and storage, and they are leakproof.

In addition, the Energizer watch batteries have a very long battery life. They have a very low self-discharge rate, so they maintain great performance after years of storage.

Furthermore, these batteries are more powerful than traditional watch batteries made of alkaline.

Also, they tend to be very reliable in low temperatures, which is always a plus. Finally, they can be used for other accessories such as fitness or healthcare devices.

  • High energy density
  • Lithium batteries
  • Long-lasting
  • Great value


5. Sony 364 Watch Battery

best 364 watch battery

For people who need 364 watch batteries, Sony has provided a very good option. These batteries are made in Japan, and they are genuine products with a very low entry price.

Before your purchase, you need to know that these batteries are 364 batteries which are 0.5mm thinner than 377 batteries.

So, they can’t be used to replace the 377 batteries and they don’t last as long. As standard 364 batteries, the Sony batteries have 2 years of shelf life. They are known in Japan as being the best watch battery to buy from a leader in electronic manufacturing.

Generally, a typical customer needs one or two Sony batteries a year. These batteries are silver oxide batteries without any mercury, which can be toxic to the environment.

Compared with other 364 watch batteries, the Sony batteries are super cost-effective. They have a much lower price compared with their competitors but work just as well.

We recommend the 10-pack set since you can get 5 more batteries as a backup just by paying a little more than the 5-pack set. Having more backup is always good because no matter what brand of batteries you use

  • 364 watch batteries
  • Standard performance
  • Sony products
  • Super cost-effective


Final words

Finding the best watch battery can be difficult.

These days, there are so many options to choose from.

Purchasing a watch battery is more than just finding the cheapest one. You want something that won’t let you down and will last for a long time. So, what should you do?

Well, if you read the above, you should not have any problem choosing your battery watch. You’ll find the best watch battery available online from the comfort of your sofa.


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