Best 9V Rechargeable Battery

best 9V rechargeable battery

1. EBL High Volume 600mAh 9V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

The EBL 9V Li-ion battery is the best 9V rechargeable battery on the market because it is premium and cost-effective. This battery performs well after each charge and is durable enough to support 1200 lifetime charges.


Why do you need the Best 9V Rechargeable Battery?

9V batteries are widely used in radios, clocks, smoke detectors, etc. Based on the materials used inside, these batteries can be divided into many types which have different capacities and different voltages. Furthermore, some of them are rechargeable, while others are not. In this article, we will focus on discussing the 9V Li-ion batteries, because they are rechargeable batteries with the highest capacity.

Although the 9V Li-ion batteries are called “9V”, the voltage of these batteries is actually about 7.4V. It’s slightly lower compared with non-rechargeable batteries such as Alkaline, Zinc-carbon, and Lithium. The capacity of a standard 9V Li-ion battery is about 620mAh. Basically, you can use the 9V Li-ion batteries to replace Alkaline or Zinc-carbon batteries, although you will get slightly weaker but long-lasting performance.

On the contrary, your “9V” li-ion rechargeable will definitely fail if your appliance needs exactly 9V. For applications that require more voltage and performance, you don’t need to replace your higher-performance lithium batteries with 9V rechargeable ones. However, we still highly recommend 9V rechargeable Li-ion batteries because they can be reused hundreds of times without steep degradation in performance. This means they are environmentally friendly and also money-saving.

Additionally, Li-ion batteries have a relatively slower self-discharge than other battery types, thus they have a longer shelf life. You can buy more Li-ion batteries as backup, because they can last for years, and won’t lose much capacity even after long periods of non-use. One thing you should be aware of is to not over-drain the voltage of your Li-ion batteries, otherwise, they may not be able to be recharged.

While it is certainly easy to just grab any 9V rechargeable battery off of the shelf at your local convenient store, you should know that they are not all created the same. The biggest difference between them is performance, both in the duration of the 9V battery in any particular cycle and in the number of total lifetime full charge cycles. Additionally, some batteries have a longer shelf life, meaning they can be stored for longer without deterioration. The best thing to do to ensure quality and performance is to go with a name brand and one that has verified user reviews.

Best 9V Rechargeable Battery

  1. EBL 600mAh 9V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  2. BAKTH 9V Advanced Li-ion Battery
  3. Bonai 9V 6F22 Rechargeable Batteries
  4. Odec 9V Rechargeable Batteries
  5. Tenergy 9V 600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

1. 600mAh 9V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

best 9V rechargeable battery

The EBL 9V Li-ion battery is the best 9V rechargeable battery on the market because it is powerful and long-lasting after each charge. Additionally, it is durable enough to support 1200 lifetime full charges.

Another thing that makes the EBL battery outstanding is its capacity. As performed in our tests, this battery has no discount on the 620mAh capacity, while many other brand products can hardly achieve an 85% rate of return. Even after 3 years of non-use, the EBL still maintains 75% of its capacity because its self-discharge is very slow. Also, this battery has no memory effect and works as well after each recharge.

Furthermore, people may run into trouble as they use this battery in appliances that require exactly 9V to work. However, it’s not EBL’s fault, because all rechargeable 9V Li-ion batteries have a true voltage at 7.4V. However, the EBLs have perfect performance when used in flashlights, radios, smoke detectors, or any other devices which are not voltage dependent. The current is powerful, long-lasting, and stable. Better yet, the EBLs charge quickly, making them convenient to use.

In order to have higher capacity, the EBLs have been made slightly bigger. Generally, it fits in most of the devices besides the outdated ones. Also, you can enjoy a 30 days money-back and 1-year warranty.

As a nice bonus, the EBL 9V rechargeable batteries come with a universal battery charger, which is very convenient to use. This product is definitely a super cost-effective option, and we highly recommend it.

– Outstanding capacity
– Powerful, long-lasting and stable current
– Reassuring customer service
– Comes with a universal charger


2. BAKTH 9V Advanced Li-ion Battery

best 9 Volt rechargeable battery

If you are looking for the best 9 Volt rechargeable battery, the BAKTH 9V Advanced Li-ion Battery is a good option. This battery can be fully recharged at least 600 times, which saves you the money and trouble of having to go through a bunch of disposables.

Additionally, the BAKTH battery has a low self-discharge, so the shelf life of this battery is super long. We are surprised that it has a higher real capacity than other brand-name batteries. Also, the BAKTH has great quality control that you never run into a battery with a capacity lower than 600mAh. This probably explains why the BAKTH is slightly more expensive. Because of the reliable performance of BAKTH’s batteries, we are more than happy to pay the price premium.

A common problem that every 9V Li-ion battery may have is that the voltage is actually 7.4V. So, you may not be able to use the BAKTHs in appliances that require exactly 9V. Fortunately, this battery works perfectly in R/C controllers, smoke alarms, detectors, transmitters, professional audio, medical devices, and other portable high-drain digital electronics. Please check the instruction on your device before you use this battery.

– Over 600 times of cycle life
– Great quality control
– Rechargeable
– Perfect for high-drain digital electronics


3. Bonai 9V 6F22 Rechargeable Batteries

best 9V rechargeable battery

There is no doubt that the Bonai 9V Rechargeable batteries are the most cost-effective energy source for your devices. Not only are they cheap compared to name brands, but also they can be recharged nearly 1200 times when fully or partially drained.

If you are expecting that the Bonai batteries are low quality, you are definitely wrong. We can tell you that just by holding them, you with feel the solid construction of the case and know that the manufacturer did not skimp on material costs. Although the capacity of these batteries is actually up to 600mAh and may be slightly lower than advertised, it’s still above the average of other brand-name products.

Also, the performance is quite stable. It works well in remote controls, digital cameras, 2-way radios, PDAs, or any other household devices which require standard 9V Li-ion batteries. Even if you haven’t used the Bonai’s for several years, they still maintain at least 80% of their capacity. Based on its superb quality over its recharge life, we recommend the Bonai 9V rechargeable batteries over expensive disposable 9V batteries.

However, we are a bit disappointed that these batteries do not come with a charger. But it’s ok since they are already affordable and they can be easily recharged by any charger suitable for 9V batteries. Also, the customer service is really friendly, by sending an e-mail to the official address can solve any problem you meet with the product pretty quickly.

– Super long cycle life
– High quality
– No memory effect
– Friendly customer service


4. Odec 9V Rechargeable Batteries

best 9V rechargeable battery

Odec is a well-known brand name of battery products so when we reviewed their 9V rechargeable batteries, we weren’t surprised they were superior to others. The Odec 9V is the best 9V rechargeable battery if you are looking for value.

Luckily, these batteries have 600mAh of capacity as advertised, as most manufacturers tend to inflate their capacity numbers compared with their competitors, they have a much longer-lasting performance after each charge. You can use them in appliances including R/C controllers, smoke alarms, medical devices, and more. Also, you can buy more as backup or if you see a deal online, as the self-discharge of the Odec is low, allowing the batteries to maintain most of their capacity after long periods of inactivity. Since the batteries can be recharged up to 300-500 times, you can save a lot by using the Odecs over disposables.

Additionally, like other Odec products, you can enjoy 30 days of money back with this product. Although you may not be likely to run into bad batteries, it’s still good to have considerable customer service to guarantee its quality.

– Quality products
– Long-lasting performance
– 300-500 times of cycle life
– Good customer service


5. Tenergy 9V 600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

best 9V rechargeable battery

If you want some trustworthy and durable batteries as energy sources for your devices, you should try Tenergy. The Tenergy 9V Li-ion batteries are rechargeable, saving a lot by replacing expensive disposable batteries. You can also help save the environment by recharging them instead of disposing them.

Any 9V Alkaline or NiMH batteries can be directly replaced by the Tenergy’s. They have similar sizes and similar working voltage, so there is no need to hesitate if you want to use the Tenergy’s in your LED flashlight, GPS, or smoke detectors.

As rechargeable batteries, the Tenergy’s can be fully recharged over 300 times. Also, they have no memory effect which may negatively reduce their capacity after each recharge.

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with a charger. However, any charger should be able to easily charge these batteries to full capacity in no time.

– Money-saving option
– Directly replacement of Alkaline and NiMH batteries
– Over 300 times recharge
– Easy to use



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