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best mouse trap

Trapper Mini T-Rex Snap Trap

We think the best mouse trap is the Trapper Mini T-rex if you are looking for a snap trap. It is plastic so you can wash it off and reuse it, unlike the wooden ones which will stain and are designed for one time use. Also the jaws of the plastic contain sharp teeth that will dig into the intruding mouse and prevent it from escaping.


best mouse trapIf you have a clear mice problem in the house, it may be time to invest in the best mouse trap. The first step to solving your mice problems is to first identify that they are actually mice and not rats. The easiest way to tell the difference is in size: mice are much smaller than rats, which are normally the size of your hand or bigger. If you want the best rat trap, take a look at our reviews here.  Having mice around your house is not only annoying but also a health hazard. They can carry many diseases and parasites and get into your food supply or make your floors dirty with litter. You should get rid of them before they build a colony in your house and create an even bigger problem.

Best Mouse Trap Reviews

Trapper Mini T-Rex Snap Trap

best mouse trapWe think the best mouse trap is the Trapper Mini T-rex if you are looking for a snap trap. Snap traps come in many sizes and varieties, and the most popular one is the standard wooden one with a metal clamp and spring. While these wooden traps are quite cheap, we really don’t think they do a good job killing mice and are not very sensitive. On the other hand, the T-rex is one heck of a device. First of all, it is plastic so you can wash it off and reuse it, unlike the wooden ones which will stain and are designed for one time use. Second, the jaws of the plastic contain sharp teeth that will dig into the intruding mouse and prevent it from escaping. A simple wooden mouse trap is not as effective in stopping mice as it only has a single metal clamp. Many times, the mouse can wiggle out of it or the mouse will not be completely dead in the clamp. Third, the sensitivity of the T-rex trap is much higher than that of any wooden trap. A mouse trap with high sensitivity means any small disturbance in the mouse trap will set it off.  Often with wooden traps with low sensitivity, the mice may nibble around the bait and escape clean. Lastly, the T-rex is much easier to set than the wooden traps. You can simply stomp down on the plastic with your feet to set it or set it with one hand in one sweep. With a wooden mouse trap, you have to bring down the clamp with your hands and you risk the chance of it snapping back on you.

The T-rex mouse trap also comes with some handy additional features that set it apart from its competition. It has holes on the base, which makes it easy to attach to pipes, beams or attic rafters via plastic cables or string.  You can also use it with a base station (sold separately), which is basically a plastic box which can hold the trap and naturally guides the mouse into the box through holes on the side. This is mostly for protecting your children and pets, who could accidentally step on a mouse trap. The base stations also acts as a convenient way to dispose of the mouse if you don’t like dealing with dead animals. All in all, we are very happy with this device and consider it the best mouse trap if you want a snap based trap. It has a very responsive trigger and it is very durable.


Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524

best mouse trapVictor manufacturers the best mouse trap if you want an electronic solution to your mice problems. Electronic mouse traps kill mice by baiting them into the trap and delivering a lethal current that will instantly kill the mouse. Owning an electronic mouse trap like the Victor M2524 offers many advantages over a traditional snap/snare mouse trap. First of all, you basically get a 100% kill rate based on the tunnel design and columns that hold the mouse in place while the electric current is being delivered. Second, your children and pets are fully protected from it. The only thing that will be able to get in your trap is a mouse or a smaller animal. The risk with snap/snare traps is that they are often left in the open so kids and pets could accidentally tamper with them and hurt themselves.  Third, the electronic mouse trap is considered a more humane way to kill a mouse. With snare/snap traps, the mouse is often not killed 100%. Sometimes the mouse will still be breathing when you see it. Other times, blood will be spilt everywhere and it becomes a mess to clean up and poses a health risk as well. Finally, electronic mouse traps can kill multiple mice at the same time and thus can be set for a longer duration. This comes in handy when you are on an extended vacation. With snap mouse traps, it is normally one mouse per trap and the presence of dead mice in the open will deter other mice from snooping around.

The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap operates on 4 AA batteries and has enough power to deliver 100 shocks. It has a led light indicating the level of battery power, with green eing high and red being low. The trap is easy to set: you simply open the door up top and place some bait at the end of the trap away from the door. Don’t worry about the trap zapping you; when the door is open, the trap is automatically shut off. This also works great for your kids or pets when they try to play around with it. It is setup to where it is basically impossible to be activated by your kids or pets.  Most of all, we really like the circuit technology and trigger mechanism. It is durable, always on point, and always kills the mouse. Because of this, we think the Victor M2524 is the best mouse trap if you want an electronic device.


Mice Cube Reusable Humane Mouse Trap

best mouse trapWe think the Mice Cube is the best mouse trap for those who seek a live mouse trap. The Mice Cube offers many advantages that a traditional snap or electronic trap does not have. For one, it is the most humane way to capture mice as it doesn’t actually kill the mice. Instead, the mice will fall into the trap and a trapped door will slam shut behind them, preventing them from exiting. You can then release the mouse into the wild away from your home. Second, it will not leave any blood or traces of feces. You can keep your house clean in the meantime.  Finally, the Mice Cube is children and pet friendly because there is no trigger mechanism that can spring on the fingers of your kids of pets. However, using a live catch and release mouse trap does have some disadvantages, namely the annoyance of having to travel a meaningful distance away from your home to release them. If you release them near your home, they will surely come back again. Also, you have to check these traps more often because a mouse inside for too long will suffocate to death.

If you are concerned about harming animals and are willing to go through the trouble of checking and releasing mice, the Mice Cube is the best mouse trap for you. We think the Mice Cube beats the competition because it does not have any kind of spring trap door mechanism, which can end up snapping the tail off of mice. It is a very simple device that operates on the fact that the door is angled in a way such that once you get in you cannot get out. Gravity works its magic and closes the trapped door. We recommend putting some food at the base of the door to initially lure the mice to the trapped door.


More Info on the Best Mouse Trap

The best mouse traps come in many shapes and sizes. The main types are snap traps, electric traps, and catch and release traps. The main differences between these traps are that snap traps and electric traps kill the mouse and catch and release traps and a bit more humane way to dispose of mice in your house. Snap traps are the traps we are all very used to and are the oldest type. Although there are many different types of snap traps they all work pretty much the same: bait is placed, the trap is set, the mouse triggers the trap by disturbing the bait, and a resulting spring type trap slams down on the mouse either killing it immediately or preventing it from moving, thus suffocating it.  Electric traps are a bit different from snap traps. While they both have similar setups, the method of killing the mouse is different. Electric traps lure the mouse into the trap and then deliver electric current to kill the mouse. Catch and release traps are the most humane way to get rid of a mice problem in your house. Catch and release traps come in two forms, live traps and glue traps. Live traps lure the mouse into a compartment and close a door behind them, thus trapping them inside. You can then release the mouse into the environment outside your home. Glue traps are basically traps with very strong glue on them. When the mice walk over them to eat the bait, they will stick to the glue pad. You can then release the mice outside your home.

There are many things to consider when you are selecting the best mouse trap. First you have to decide whether you are ok with killing mice. Also you need to figure out whether you are ok with dealing with releasing a live mouse. This will determine whether you should get a snap/electric trap vs a catch and release trap. Next, you need to consider how often you will have the chance to replace traps. If you go out on a long vacation, you will need to get a bigger trap that can handle multiple mice and an odor controller. Finally, you want to determine whether the mice are located in areas of your house where you may not want dead mice or blood.  This is particularly important in carpeted areas.

In terms of setting the best mouse trap, you general want to set it in an area that is closer to where you think they live. Mice tend to not wander far from their home to find food so you need to make sure the traps are set within 30 feet of where you think they live. Also rodents tend to around along walls, so place the trap against your wall. In terms of selecting the best mouse bait, there is also a wide variety of products to choose from. And the answer is not cheese, as shown in many cartoons. From our personal experience we found peanut butter, chocolate, and bread to work the best. You can try other baits as well but we would definitely stick to sweets.  You can also try using the best mice poison or best rat poison.



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