Best 18350 Battery

best 18350 battery

Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery

The Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery is the best 18350 battery on the market because it has great quality and craftsmanship. We like the fact that the manufacturer has succeeded to produce the best energy source for their flashlight products. This battery perfectly fits the Nitecore flashlights, and it is also a wise choice for other high drain devices


If you have a high drain device like an electronic cigarette, you¬†definitely need an 18350 battery as its energy source. The ‚Äė18350‚Äô¬†stands for the size of the battery, which means 18mm in diameter and¬†35mm in length. Since it has similar size with regular CR123¬†batteries, people may mix them up. But, there are big differences¬†between these two kinds of batteries.

Firstly, the 18350 batteries are rechargeable, while the CR123 batteries are not. Although the 18350 batteries have smaller capacity and don’t last as long compared with the CR1223 batteries, they can be recharged for hundreds of times, translating to superior long term performance. So, using the 18350 batteries will help you save quite a sum of money.

Secondly, the 18350 batteries are slightly thicker than CR123 batteries. Generally, an 18350 battery won’t fit in the case for CR123 batteries, while a CR123 battery can be used in devices supported by 18350 batteries. But, it’s meaningless or even dangerous to try to use either one to take the place of the other. The CR123 batteries have much lower voltage than 18350 batteries, so they can’t produce as strong of an output. On the flip side, the 18350 batteries produce heavier current and may damage the appliances which can only be powered by CR123 batteries.

If you are in need of the best 18350 batteries, you may find it difficult to find quality product. As the 18350 batteries are not the main stream products, to compete with the CR123 batteries, the manufacturers often exaggerate when advertising their products. It’s quite common that people run into batteries which have half the capacity as advertised and have no durability at all.

To help you find the best 18350 battery, we have strictly tested popular products. The 5 products below are highly recommended, because they have better performance, security, durability and ease of use.

Best 18350 Battery

Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery

best 18350 battery

We highly recommend the Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery as the best 18350 Li-ion battery. It has better quality and craftsmanship compared with competitive products, and it has very stable performance. Basically, this battery is for Nitecore EC11 and MT10C LED flashlights, but you can also use it in any high drain devices like electronic cigarettes.

To get the best energy source for its own flashlight products, the Nitecore has produced this 18350 battery with the best materials and craftsmanship. The 700mAh is just the lower limit of its capacity, and the manufacturer provides great quality control to make each battery as good. Generally, it’s really difficult for a high drain battery to have a big capacity and a big discharge current at the same time. So, it’s quite surprising that the Nitecore battery can produce a strong current of 7A as advertised.

If you have got the Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery, you should be happy because it has the most reliable performance according to our test results. When working in your flashlight, the Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery will keep producing stable current at 3.7v, so the lighting will be strong and stable for hours. Also, you can use it in your electronic cigarette, because its current is absolutely strong enough. This battery can be recharged over 500 times, and the capacity never decreases. Additionally, the voltage and capacity reduces very slowly in the process of storage since it has low self-discharge.

Also, the Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery is a safe product. The battery is protected, preventing it from over-charge or over-discharge. And there is no need to mention the risk of leaking, because this battery never leaks.

Finally, the Nitecore IMR 18350 Battery is easy to use. You can recharge it with any universal charger, and it charges quickly. But you should follow the instruction of your appliances, because this high drain battery may cause damage to your appliances if inappropriately used.

– Attentive safety design
– Outstanding capacity and strong discharge current
– Over 500 recharge cycles
– Easy to use


Ikan 18350 Li-Ion Battery

best 18350 Li-ion battery

The Ikan 18350 Li-Ion Battery is a perfect high drain battery for any use in your household. It is a wel made premium battery, and we highly recommend it because of its high performance. Just with one set of the Ikan batteries, you can get the best performance out of your devices for a very long period of time.

This battery is designed to be universal, which means it can be widely used in flashlight, electronic cigarettes or any other high drain devices. The capacity of the battery is about 800mah, which is really outstanding compared with its competitors. Also, this battery can produce strong but safe current to meet different demands of various appliances. There is no need to worry about the damage of over-charge or over-discharge, because this battery is protected, and each battery is factory tested for safety. In a word, the Ikan 18350 Li-Ion Battery has very reliable performance and is suitable for daily use.

We consider this the best 18350 Li-ion battery because it has long service life. As there is no memory effect, the capacity and the voltage will remain well after hundreds of recharges, and for most of the time it feels like you are using a newly bought product. It can be recharged over 300 cycles. If you don’t overuse it when the voltage has been drained to lower than 3V, the battery may work for years without significant deterioration.

Additionally, this battery has very low self-discharge, so it can retain most of its capacity after years of storage. This means you can buy more Ikan batteries as back up. Also, the manufacturer provides gift-wrap service, so after you have enjoyed its reliability and convenience, you can share it with your friends.

– Reliable performance
– Protected batteries
– 300 cycles of recharge and long shelf life
– Good service for customers


Demonfire 18350 Rechargeable Battery

best 18350 battery high current

If you are in need of 18350 batteries with high current, the Demonfire 18350 Rechargeable Battery may be your best choice. Although the company plays a business trick as they exaggerates the capacity and the amp limit, this battery is still long lasting and powerful compared with its competitors.

However, the real capacity of the Demonfire battery is about 750mah, which is slightly above average. Also, this battery can produce a strong current of about 7A, so it is very suitable for electronic cigarettes. We can understand that to compete with other batteries, the manufacturer use the best result from different testing tools as their advertisement. But it never means that this battery is re-wrapped or fake. In fact, this battery works well in most high drain devices, you don’t need to worry about its quality.

As a rechargeable battery, the Demonfire battery can be recharged 300 times at average. It has no memory effect so the voltage and the capacity won’t be reduced. When working in your appliances, the voltage will be kept at a stable 3.7v, translating to a reliable performance of the device. Also, it’s protected, so it’s always safe no matter if it is in your device or being recharged in your charger. Based on its performance history, we think this battery is quite

Additionally, each set of the batteries comes with a dual battery case, so you can keep them in a better environment for storage. Finally, the customer service is pretty good, and this is just icing on top.

– Above average capacity and high amp limit
– Protected battery
– 300 cycles of fully recharge
– Good customer service


TrustFire 18350 Rechargeable IMR Battery

best 18350 IMR battery

The TrustFire 18350 Rechargeable IMR Battery is a high quality battery for electronic cigarettes. It’s cheap, but it does a good job as a high drain battery. Therefore, using the Trustfire battery can be very cost-effective way to get to most bang for your buck on your vaporizer.

As a standard 18350 IMR battery, the performance of the Trustfire battery is quite stable. It has low resistance, which translates to a longer cycle life as it can be recharged up to 500 times, without reducing its capacity. The voltage is 3.7v, so you can use it in flashlights or other appliances.

Although this battery is really cheap compared with other high drain batteries, there is no need to worry about the safety. Also, this battery never leaks so no need to worry here. Furthermore, when working in devices, the current produced by this battery will be kept at a safe level. If you recharge it, this battery won’t be heated or cracked. It’s quite amazing that a cheap battery can have such a good durability.

Overall, the Trustfire is a cheap but durable battery. It can be the best 18350 IMR battery as it is good value for money. There is no need to hesitate if this product catches your eyes, because it’s safe and trustworthy.

– Low resistance
– Super cost-effective
– Over 500 recharge cycles
– Safe product


ON THE WAY18350 Li-ion Batteries

best 18350 Li-ion battery

The ON THE WAY 18350 Li-ion Battery may be the best 18350 Li-ion battery for people who are seeking value. This battery has long service life and can be easily used in devices like cameras, calculators and etc.

As a cheap product, we can’t ask for more with its capacity. Although that the ompany claims the capacity of this product is 1200mah, the real capacity as we tested is only about 600mah. Considering that this battery is rechargeable, the performance time for each full recharge is still acceptable.

It is good that the battery is durable. It has up to 600 recharge cycles, and the capacity will remain above 75% for most of the time. We suggest not using it in heavy duty devices like flashlights and cameras because of its capacity, but there is no problem using it in calculators or vaporizers. This is because the self-discharge of this product is so slow that it is suitable for partially used devices.

– Rechargeable batteries
– Up to 600 full recharges
– Low self-discharging
– Super cost-effective



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