Best 4S Lipo Battery

best 4S Lipo battery

Gens Ace 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery Pack

The Gens Ace 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery Pack is the best 4S Lipo battery if you want something powerful, long-lasting, and durable. The company is very experienced in producing Lipo batteries and has provided this product as a very nice option for RC model players. This battery pack is a premium product as it has high energy density while remaining safe and steady.


Why do you need the best Best 4S Lipo Battery?

The 4S Lipo batteries are mainly used on radio control (RC) models. They have the same work principle as 2S, and 3S Lipo batteries, but have used more sets of cells to provide higher voltage and capacity. Generally, the number before the “S” tells us how many sets of cells are in the battery, and each set of cells provides 3.7V. So, a 4S Lipo battery has 14.8V of voltage when running normally.

When we use a 4S Lipo battery, we definitely want more powerful performance out of our RC model. Basically, we can find out how powerful the battery is by checking the number before the “C” since it stands for the strength of the working current of the battery. For example, a battery claimed as 95C is much stronger than a 35C battery. Thus you should choose the 95C battery for the competition.

On the contrary, the more powerful your battery is, the quicker it runs out of its energy. If you want something long-lasting, you should consider it. But, don’t use weak batteries on heavy-duty devices, or it will be a total waste of money.

Another important thing is the capacity. Usually, you need a high capacity to support long-term operations. But, if you are going to take part in a match, you’d better use a low-capacity battery to keep your RC model lightweight.

Unfortunately, you may run into trouble because the plugs on the batteries are really confusing. Few batteries have universal plugs which fit all models of different kinds. Usually, according to the types of the models, XT60 plugs and Deans plugs are widely used. You should be aware if the battery you want to buy has a non-mainstream plug, because such a battery may be outdated and hard to use. We suggest you ask the manufacturer before purchase if you have anything unsure about the plugs.

After testing mainstream products on the market, we highly recommend the following 5. They all have great performance, durability, security, and ease of use.

Best 4S Lipo Battery

  1. Gens ace 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery Pack
  2. Tattu R-Line Lipo Battery Pack 1300mAh
  3. HRB 4S 10000mah MAX 50C RC Lipo Battery
  4. Vant Battery 6500mAh 4S 75C-150C HardCase Lipo Battery Pack
  5. Floureon 4S 1300mAh 40C with XT60 Plug Lipo Battery

1. Gens ace 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery Pack

best 4S Lipo battery

Whenever we talk about Lipo batteries, the Gens Ace is always a nice option. The Gens Ace 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery Pack is a premium product as it has high energy density while remaining safe and steady. This is definitely the best 4S Lipo battery if you want something powerful, long-lasting, and durable.

Gens Ace has 20 years of research on developing their Lipo battery products. With exquisite battery technology, the Gens Ace 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery Pack has great craftsmanship, translating to a very stable performance wherever it is used.

Also, this battery pack has a very long cycle life which is 150 times minimum, and it never reduces its capacity after each charge because it has no “memory effect.” Furthermore, the company has used high-quality raw materials from Japan and Korea, thus the battery pack has up to a 200Wh/kg energy density, which other brand-name products hardly achieve. This also explains why this battery pack can be quickly recharged, saving time for having more fun.

Considering its weight, this battery pack may not be suitable for speed-run matches. On the contrary, if you want to have a strong performance ดพนท your RC model lasting for hours, this battery pack is clearly a good choice. It has a relatively strong output of 50C, allowing your RC model to dash really fast, and the energy won’t be easily exhausted since the capacity is 5000mAh as advertised without any marketing gimmicks.

Additionally, the manufacturer worked hard on the attention to detail. This battery pack has been specially designed for 1/8 & 1/10 RC models. So, it has a Deans plug to fit the models, and a hard case to protect it from any physical damage. Finally, the company provides great quality control; each cell in the pack has similar performance and never arrives malfunctions.

– High-quality raw materials
– Great quality control
– Strong, long-lasting performance
– Deans plug and hard case


2. Tattu R-Line Lipo Battery Pack 1300mAh

best 4S Lipo battery for FPV racing

If you are going to take part in FPV racing, you definitely need a lightweight, small-sized battery pack like the Tattu R-Line Lipo. The weight of this battery pack is only 125g. This 4S pack has outstanding energy density which is up to 200Wh/kg. Additionally, the capacity is a full 1300mAh, allowing your RC model to cover the full course of FPV racing. Also, the recharge is quick, so there is no need to rush, and you can get more time to enjoy the match.

Needless to say, this battery pack doesn’t have a hard case since it goes for extremely lightweight. You should pay more attention to preventing it from any impact or extrusion. Fortunately, the quality control is good and cells usually do not come dead. Also, this battery pack has a long cycle life, which is 150 times minimum.

This means it can remain functional for months if it’s properly used and stored. You should be aware of its voltage when using it, because the output is so strong that the energy drains very quickly, and when the voltage is too low, the battery may not be able to recharge.

One thing you should know is that this product has an XT60 plug. This plug is suitable for high current, so you can use this battery pack on not only FPV but also other models like Hovership MHQ2, Mini Shredder, drone, etc.

– Extreme lightweight
– Quick recharge
– Long cycle life
– XT60 plug


3. HRB 4S 10000mah MAX 50C RC Lipo Battery

best 4s Lipo 10000 battery

The HRB 4S 10000mah MAX 50C RC Lipo Battery is another one of our top picks, as it has an outstanding quality that ensures its safety. For RC quadcopters, the most important thing is to cover long-distance flights. In this sense, the 10000mah battery has become a standard energy source for RC quadcopters. But, batteries with such a high capacity definitely have a higher risk of bulging and burning.

As far as quality control is concerned, this battery is quite good as it never really comes will dead cells. Also, it recharges quickly, so you don’t have to wait a long to fully recharge this 10000mAh battery. But, any battery of this capacity can be dangerous if you don’t properly use it. You still need to make sure that you always use a Lipo-approved charger with cell balance and charge it in a fireproof location.

Finally, this battery uses a Dean T plug, and it can fit in any model if the voltage, dimension and plug match. If you got any questions about the plug or the battery, you can ask the manufacturer. The company provides friendly service, and each product has a 1-year warranty to guarantee its quality.

– 10000mAh battery for quadcopters
– Great quality control
– Dean T plug
– Friendly service and 1-year warranty


4. Vant Battery 6500mAh 4S 75C-150C HardCase Lipo Battery Pack

best 4S Lipo battery high capacity

The Vant Battery 6500mAh 4S 75C-150C HardCase Lipo Battery Pack may be the best 4S Lipo battery pack with a super high capacity. This hard case battery pack has very high output, and can support your RC cars running for hours. With this battery pack, your 1/8 or 1/5 scale vehicle will run extremely well and efficiently.

Because it is always nice to get lots of power out of your RCs, you should definitely consider power when making a purchase decision. But such vehicles may sometimes run into an accident such as falling off a cliff. Without a hard case and the right protection, a powerful battery may crack and burn, causing secondary damage to your vehicle. Because the Vant Battery is well protected, we highly recommend it when taking it outdoors.

Additionally, this battery pack is warranted to come with no defects. If the batteries are properly used, you can get your money back if they fail to work within 6 months of your purchase. After 6 months, you just pay half of the money for a replacement whenever you need it.

– High capacity and strong output
– Hard case
– Comes with no defect
– Lifetime replacement


5. Floureon 4S 1300mAh 40C with XT60 Plug Lipo Battery

best 4S 1300mah Lipo battery

The Floureon 4S may be the best 4S 1300mah Lipo battery considering its price. You will get 2 packs of batteries by paying the same amount of money as one pack of brand-name batteries. If you need a cheap but strong battery for training or testing for any speed run match, these batteries are a nice option.

However, you won’t get the most powerful performance of your models with this pack, since the output is only 40C. Nevertheless, this battery pack never overcharges and damages your model, which is always a plus. Also, with similar weight but lower output compared with batteries for competition, you can easily find out the difference after each adjustment, helping you to get the best performance.

We can’t ask more for its quality, but this battery is relatively durable if properly used. Finally, you don’t need to worry because this battery pack has a 1-year warranty.

– Lightweight
– Low output
– Super low price
– 1-year warranty



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