Best Aux Cable

best aux cable

1. Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable

The Anker Auxiliary Audio Cable is the best aux cable for those who want great quality, durability, and little to no loss in audio quality all at a very affordable cost. This cable has gold-plated connectors that are corrosion coated and can withstand being bent. It also fits with devices of all types including phones, laptops, headboard units, and speakers.


Why do you need the Best Aux Cable?

best aux cableIf you need an easy way to play music from your laptop, phone, or portable music player, chances are you need the best aux cable. Aux cables connect two devices with auxiliary ports and help transmit analog audio signals from one source to another. The most likely way you would use the best aux cable is by connecting your phone or computer to a speaker or car head unit with a built-in aux port.

Aux inputs are generally 3.5mm jacks and can be used with any audio device, which means aux cables should be universal and fit into any device with an aux input. Of course, there are other ways to get audio signals transferred from one device to another, such as via USB, Bluetooth, or Wifi. In general, the audio quality transmitted via Bluetooth and wifi will be worse than USB and AUX, because USB and AUX transmit data over cables, and Bluetooth and wifi transmit over the air.

In terms of USB vs AUX, USB always has better quality audio because it is a digital signal vs the analog signal from AUX. However, AUX is still the standard for transferring audio between devices because it allows you to have full control of your audio directly from the device you are playing it from. When you use an aux cable, the audio signal is amplified by your output device first (such as an iPhone) and then fed into the input device (a head unit on a car or directly into speakers) where it is further amplified.

With USB, the original audio will not be amplified by your output device and will be sent raw to the input. Your gut instincts probably tell you that all aux cables are created the same and that there is not really a huge difference between them.  For the most part, this is true, but if you want to ensure you get the best quality, you need to refer to our buying guide below. Aux cables can affect audio quality to a decent amount and the difference between the best aux cable and a cheap one is definitely noticeable.

Best Aux Cable Reviews

1. Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable

best aux cableIf you are looking for the best aux cable with the best value, the Anker 3.5mm aux cable is the obvious choice.  Anker is a very reputable player in the audio industry and makes solid products. Their aux cable has solid performance and durability at a very affordable price. This cable looks pretty sleek with the cable coated with high-quality PVC and the end connectors being gold plated.

The cable itself is only 4 feet and is quite small and thin. It has universal compatibility so it works on everything from phone jacks to laptops, and head units in your stereo units. The Anker aux cables really shine on the durability front. The gold-plated connectors on both ends have corrosion resistance added, so they rarely degrade over time. You no longer have to worry about a faulty cable due to the ends being bad. Also, the cable itself is meant to be bent, and this audio cable is tested to be bent over 10,000 times. You will likely never reach this level of abuse for your aux cable.


2. iVanky 3.5mm Audio Cable Male to Male

best aux cableIf you want the best aux cable built with a pure copper shell, the iVanky aux cables are the way to go. First of all, this is a 2-pack, so you get 2 aux cables for the price of one, which is definitely a bargain. But the selling point is not the price – it is the build quality. The cable itself is made with copper shell, which works much better than aluminum shell, which is what most aux cables are made of.

With a copper shell, you lose a lot less signal and noise when audio transports from the input to the output. The entire purpose of an aux cable is to transport data from one end to another, but inevitably data will be lost in the process and this degrades audio quality. The iVanky aux cable is ultra slim at the end, which means it fits into any device. We can’t say the same with standard aux cables that may require you to remove a case for smaller aux ports.


3. iXCC 3.5mm Universal Auxiliary Audio Stereo Cable Cord

best aux cableIf you want the best aux cable that is extremely short and reliable, give the iXCC aux cable a try. This particular cable comes in at 3 feet, but you can also get it in 6 feet and 10 feet. First of all, this aux cable is built very solid as the plugs can withstand very heavy wear and tear. You can basically step on the connector ends and nothing would happen to them. This is because the ends are built with dual shielding, high-quality polished metal connectors, and gold-plated ends that are corrosion-resistant.

Finally, the cord itself is always reliable and ensures that the signal does not get a loss when it goes from your input device to the speakers. The short cord is quite flexible and can certainly withstand being bent.  There is also a 2-year warranty in case your aux cable breaks and you need a replacement. And don’t worry, it connects to any device with a 3.5mm aux port/jack.


Best Aux Cable – A Buying Guide

best aux cableBy using the best aux cable, you can transmit top-quality audio signals from your phone, laptop, or mp3 player to a car’s head unit or directly into speakers. Of course, the most important part of having good audio quality is to ensure you have the best audio source (high-quality files) and a premium output unit (great speakers). Assuming you have both input and output maxed out, it makes sense to pay a few extra bucks for a premium aux cable.

If you are going to use poor-quality speakers or audio files, you definitely don’t need to bother with getting really expensive high-end aux cables. However, if you have speakers of decent quality and high-quality audio, it makes sense to make sure your aux cable is also quality. It is basically a very cheap insurance policy against big blowups and poor audio. This is especially true if your job depends on it or if you have some kind of concert. Please see below for some factors to think about while shopping for the best aux cable for your needs.


We will fully admit here that the best and cheapest way you can get a significant boost in audio quality from a cable is to just use shorter cables or the shortest cable possible for your setup. Let us repeat: cable length is the single most important factor in determining audio quality. This means that doubling the price of the aux cable doesn’t necessarily have the same effect if you don’t make the cable length shorter. The analogy here is to imagine a highway where cars travel from one end to another. If the highway is shorter, cars will get to the other end faster, no matter how clean the road conditions are. So the point is, do yourself a favor and just get the shortest aux cable without sacrificing convenience.


The type of material of the aux cable definitely impacts the resistance, capacitance, and noise of the cable. Without getting too technical, just know that copper is generally better than aluminum in terms of reducing the amount of loss signal and noise. The analogy here is simply the construction quality of the highway from the previous example. If cars want to go from one end to another, building the highway and the road with the least amount of resistance will allow you to travel the fastest from one end to another.


While most aux cables can fit most of the devices out there with an aux jack, there are some exceptions out there. When shopping for the best aux cable, be sure that your aux cable is compatible with your devices.


You want the aux cable you buy to last and usually, the more expensive ones offer more protection against people stepping on it or spilling things on the cable. The most durable cables are also quite hard and don’t twist easily, so it is not easy to tangle.


Aux cables usually stay within a certain reasonable price range. We will be honest and tell you that there is absolutely no reason to go out there and buy yourself a super-expensive aux cable. The benefits you receive will be minimal compared to the additional costs. Just get an aux cable that is not too cheap and within the normal range of cables and you will be fine.



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