Best Marine Battery

best marine battery

Optima Batteries BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

Optima manufacturers the best marine battery if you want a great starting battery. It is a 12V battery with 800 cold cranking amps.

It uses a patented technology called SPIRALCELL that extends your battery life, allowing it to run longer and recharge faster. The build quality is stellar and quite professional.


best marine batteryBuying the best marine battery for your trolling motor is a great way to get the most out of your boating experience. 12 Volt batteries mostly come in three types: starting/cranking, deep cycle, and dual purpose. Starting batteries or cranking batteries have the initial power to deliver a short surge to your engine while the alternator recharges the battery over time.  A deep cycle battery is a bit slower and distributes power more evenly. They are the workhorses of your boat and provide steady power to your trolling motor. They also provide power to the accessories on your boat when other power sources are not present such as when the engine is turned off and the alternator is not running. Dual purpose batteries are batteries that can be a starting and deep cycle battery at the same time. It has enough current to deliver a high charge to start or crank an engine as well as provide a steady lower current over a long period of time. Because a dual-purpose battery does not have the same cranking power as a starting battery and lives through fewer charge cycles as a deep cycle battery, it is better to get a separate set of batteries for each purpose.  If you are interested in the best marine battery for your trolling motor, please read our reviews below.

Best Marine Battery Reviews

Optima Batteries 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

best marine batteryOptima manufacturers the best marine battery if you want a great starting battery. It is a 12V battery with 800 cold cranking amps. It uses a patented technology called SPIRALCELL that extends your battery life, allowing it to run longer and recharge faster. The build quality is stellar and quite professional. In terms of durability, there are plates built inside of the battery that can absorb vibrations, which is important when you are going through waves and jerks.

The case protecting the insides of the battery is solidly built and with professional craftsmanship. It completely seals the insides and prevents anything inside from spilling. You no longer have to worry about acid leaks, spills, or even cleaning the terminals. This is one of the main reasons why we like Optima batteries. It is free from corrosion and you can mount this anywhere and not worry about your batteries having any problems. The battery even has extra outlets if you want to hook up other 12 V accessories to it.

Installing the Optima BlueTop Starting Battery is quite easy. It delivers tremendous power to your trolling motor and is the best marine battery if you want a cranking battery.  In terms of the competition, we find that the Optimas delivers the most consistent surge of current to your trolling motor. It has one of the lowest fail rates and is known to have great customer support.

If you are not convinced, it even comes with a two-year guarantee. It comes at a slight premium to most other cranking/ starting batteries but we think it is worth it. The battery has never failed on us while testing it, and we put it through a beating just to make sure it stays functional while going through heavy waves. You will want to check out Optima’s website to figure out to right-sized of Optima Blue Top Battery you need for the specifications of your boat and trolling motor.


VMAX857 Marine RV Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery

Vmax marine batteryIf you are looking for the best marine battery and need a deep cycle battery, look into the VMAX series of batteries. VMAX is a well-respected brand in the battery community, although it is not as famous as some brands like Optima. We really like VMAX’s deep cycle marine battery and appreciate the performance for the price.

VMAX’s deep cycle batteries all have AGM technology, which stands for absorbed glass mat. This glass mat fits between the plates of the battery are basically counters all vibrations and shocks to the battery, which makes it better than wet lead acid batteries.

This is a big concern for many boat enthusiasts who need that kind of protection when riding through turbulence. Keep in mind, that the longevity of a battery greatly depends on the plates being well fixed and anti-corrosive. Luckily, the VMAX Deep Cycle Battery series has a solid professional build and doesn’t fail often.

When looking for the best marine battery and in particular a deep cycle battery, you need to make sure you get one that is durable. Since a deep cycle battery will be the workhorse of your boat engine and electrical needs, you want one that will last a long time and withstand lots of charging cycles. Also, VMAX’s batteries are all sealed air-tight, which prevents battery acid from leaking out. It is made of the highest quality materials and outlasts any other deep cycle battery we have tried and tested. Rest assured that when you install the VMAX into your boat or marine vehicle, you will have long-lasting power for many years to come.


Odyssey TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

Odyssey marine batteryThe best marine battery for your trolling motor is the Odyssey Thunder Marine Series if you are looking for a dual-purpose battery. A dual-purpose battery performs both cranking and deep cycle functions, so it starts the engine as well as maintains all electrical equipment on your boat with or without the engine running.

The Odyssey line of batteries manages to boost its reserve capacity and deliver more power (for both cranking and deep cycle) than traditional dual-purpose marine batteries. This is achieved through maximizing efficiency inside of the battery and making better use of dead spaces.

The plates inside the pack in more surface area to volume and are protected by AGM or absorbed glass mat, which is a way for batteries to absorb shock damage from vibration caused by waves and other turbulences. The battery also has a solid frame, which is important to make sure there aren’t any leaks. The materials used to make the battery are anti-corrosive, which is great for making a long-lasting battery.

One thing we are not too happy about is the premium price, which is entirely justified. It simply delivers better performance, both in starting engines and in maintaining power throughout. We have charged this numerous times and we find that the efficacy cliff is not nearly as drastic and rapid as some of the cheaper dual-purpose batteries. It is quite rare for a dual-purpose battery to perform well as both a starting and deep cycle battery, and miraculously Odyssey has done the job.

There are probably some brilliant mathematicians behind the engineering of this crafty battery. One issue we have is they don’t really have a great customer support team, which is a minor bump in the road. Most people complain that a dual-purpose battery is simply not good enough for either cranking or deep cycle purposes. Odyssey dual-purpose batteries solve this issue, but at a premium cost. It is simply the best marine battery if you’re interested in a dual-purpose monster battery.



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