Best Lawn Tractor Battery

best lawn tractor battery

1. ExpertPower EXP12200

The ExpertPower EXP12200 is the best lawn tractor battery because it’s the most reliable tractor battery on the market. It has wide operating temperatures and never leaks. Also, it has a very long life span, making it a very cost-effective product.


Why do you need the Best Lawn Tractor Battery?

In recent years, more and more people use lawn tractors which are driven by electricity. These gardening tools use rechargeable batteries as their energy source, so they are more environmentally friendly and convenient than gasoline-powered tractors. However, it’s not easy to find suitable batteries for your tractor, because there are too many similar batteries on the market. Also, they may not fit in your tractor if you don’t choose carefully.

Generally, for tractors and mowers, there are three types of batteries: nickel cadmium, lead acid, and Li-ion batteries. If you are looking for a standard replacement battery for your lawn tractor, you should focus on traditional lead-acid batteries. In this article, we won’t discuss the li-ion batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries, because they are for lawn mowers which are quite different from lawn tractors.

The first step in choosing the best lawn tractor battery is to make sure what kind of lawn gardening machine you are using. Next, before you choose a replacement battery, you need to know the physical size of the battery you are going to replace. This is very important if you want to try a new battery since it can help you narrow down your search. Knowing the battery voltage and brand of your failing battery is certainly helpful

Usually, the most used lawn tractor batteries are 12V, but you still need to check the voltage because some lawn tractors may use 6V batteries. Also, you can reduce the risk of purchasing bad batteries by sticking with name-brand products

Finally, the most important thing about your battery is its amp hour rating. It literally tells how long the battery can work for one charge. A big battery with high amp hours is definitely the preferred option.

Best Lawn Tractor Battery

1. ExpertPower EXP12200

best lawn tractor battery

The ExpertPower EXP12200 is a traditional lead acid battery produced by ExpertPower, which is very professional in manufacturing batteries for households. This battery is the best lawn tractor battery as it’s the most reliable battery that everyone can afford. It works stably in any weather regardless of whether it is in summer or winter, and it never leaks as it’s perfectly sealed.

The ExpertPower EXP12200 is manufactured with high-quality materials, making it a very durable product. If properly used, this battery lasts for years and its performance doesn’t deteriorate over time. It uses Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) to prolong its life span and avoid leaking. This technology makes ExperPower performance in different environments such as wet, dry, cold, or hot.

Next, the ExpertPower EXP12200 is very easy to use. It can keep working for hours after being fully recharged. Also, this battery is compatible with most lawnmowers and tractors such as the CMM1200 mower, because it has the right size and battery voltage. The size of the product is 3X6.5X7.1 inches, translating to an easy installation.

Additionally, as we mentioned above, this battery is so durable that basically, it needs no maintenance. One thing which may not be good is that the battery takes about half a day to recharge. However, this problem is not specific to only this battery, because all lead acid batteries have the same problem of slow recharging.

– Most trusted brand
– Maintenance-free and long-lasting
– Sealed acid for no leaks
– Easy to use


2. UPG UBCD5745 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

best rated lawn tractor battery

As the best-rated lawn tractor battery, the UPG Lead Acid Battery is the popular choice amongst many consumers, because it has a very long life span. Additionally, this product has great quality control, ensuring that each and every batch comes in with impeccable quality and error-free. If you want a number, each battery can be used conservatively for 5 years, making it a very cost-effective battery for every tractor owner.

The UPG UBCD5745 has 18Ah, which is a bit lower compared with batteries of similar sizes. This is because it has used tougher cases while keeping it lighter than other products. We think it’s acceptable since the battery has a super long life span and never spills or leaks over time. The UPG UBCD5745 has a leg up on its competitors in that it is designed to handle bumps and harsh movements as you are mowing your lawn. Meanwhile, the trade-off is that batter you need to recharge it slightly more frequently.

The good thing is, this battery is quite easy to use. The size is pretty standard, so it easily fits in lawn tractors and is easily installed and mounted. After installation, all you need to do is to recharge it when the voltage goes too low, and no more maintenance is needed.

To make it an even better sell, this battery has a lower price than similar-performing batteries. As a replacement battery, it has a very long service life given its cost. You can save about 30% of the money you may have otherwise spent on other brand-name batteries that do the same thing.

– Long service life
– Tough case and lightweight
– Easy to use
– Super cost-effective


3. Mighty Max Battery 12V 55Ah SLA Battery

best battery for lawn tractor

If you need the best battery for a big lawn tractor, we highly recommend the Mighty Max Battery. This battery has a very high amperage of 55Ah and can be used in a wide variety of applications including but not limited to lawn tractors, golf carts, and motorcycles.

For owners of big lawn tractors, this battery is super easy to use. It has a deep discharge recovery, allowing it to work longer after each charge.

Compared with similar products, this battery is very convenient to install and operate. The two movable handles on its side are very solid, and won’t stick out when you put them into position. Furthermore, replacing this battery is super easy, because you don’t need to dig out the battery with your fingers. We can’t say the same with other batteries, which require a lot of work just to install or remove.. As a cherry on top, you don’t need to deal with rotting handle ropes after years of use.

There is no doubt that this battery is very durable. It is SLA/AGM spill-proof battery, and it has wide operating temperatures. Also, the battery is perfectly sealed so you can mount it in any position. Additionally, the case of the battery can resist shocks and vibration. For 3 to 5 years, this battery will stably work in your devices, and you never need to repair it.

Finally, the manufacturer has guaranteed its quality by providing a full 1-year warranty. You can receive a full refund if you find anything unsatisfying about the battery within 30 days of purchase.

– High amperage
– Super convenient for replacement
– SLA/AGM spill-proof battery
– Durable product with good after-sale service


4. Chrome Battery 12V 35AH Battery

best lawn and garden tractor battery

If you own a Speedex Tractor Co 1020 Lawnmower and you need a replacement battery for it, the Chrome Battery is absolutely your best choice. However, the Chrome Battery is not just limited to one lawn tractor. It has a universal fit so that it can be installed in a wide variety of other lawn tractors.

This battery is a quality product that is leak free as it has been perfectly sealed in every batch. One common issue of many lawn tractor batteries is that they leak over time. Luckily the Chrome battery does not have this quality problem. This is mostly due to the lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass matt technology.

Overall, we really like the performance of these batteries as well as their outstanding durability. It has a long life span and is pretty much maintenance-free, given its slow discharge rate.

A nice bonus is that this battery has nice customer service backing you up. You get an 18-month warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Also, in case you are interested, the size of the battery is 7.68 X 5.12 X 6.45 inches, so it is suitable for many tractors of different brand names.

– Leak-free
– Long life span
– Durable product
– Great after-sale service


5. Casil 12V 35AH Garden Tractor Battery

best lawn and garden tractor battery

For people who need batteries for lawn and garden tractors, we highly recommend the Casil 12 Volt Battery. Since all of the 12-volt batteries on the market usually have similar performances, this battery is very eye-catching because it has a lower price-to-performance ratio.

Although it is designed for John Deere Lawn Tractors, it can certainly fit into most lawn tractors. Perhaps the most redeeming feature of the Casil 12 Volt is the fact that it is extremely stable. This reliability makes it a great workhorse battery. It comes pre-charged out of the box, so you just pop it in and fire up your lawn tractor engine. Furthermore, this battery delivers plenty of power, which is always a plus.

– Durable battery
– Reliable performance
– Designed for John Deere tractors
– Low price to performance



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