Best Sound Deadening Mats

The best sound deadening mats are made with a special type of foam that is not only durable but also reduces the noises in your home.

The mats can be installed on any floor and are best for those who have thin carpets or just want to cut back on noise.

So, if you’re looking for your own best sound deadening mat, then the below 5 options should be all that you need.

We have been testing a variety of the most popular options on the market and have come to the conclusion that the Noico (see below) is the best of the bunch.

It is made from materials that provide up to great noise reduction and can be cut to your desired size.

#1. Noico 80 mil 36 SQFT Sound Deadening Mat

When it comes to the best sound deadening matt, we think the Noico 80 mil is the way to go. It is one of the thicker mats in the industry and is very easy to install.

We think it is probably the best bang for the buck as well as it offers great quality at a very reasonable price.

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Why do you need the best sound deadening floor mats for your car?

You definitely need to buy the top sound deadening mat for your car so that you can enjoy listening to your stereo without the outside noise. Here are a couple of points for you to look at when choosing your mat.

  • Energy absorption and reflection
  • Blocks out outside noise while you drive.
  • Eliminates interior rattles and vibrations.
  • Smoothes out ride quality.
  • It must be easy to fit in your vehicle’s trunk, roof, or doors.

Best Sound Deadening Mats

#1. Noico 80 mil 36 SQFT Sound Deadening Mat

We really like the Noico branded mat and think it is one of the best sound deadening floor mats you can find on the market because it provides the best price to quality ratio.

This is an 80 mil mat and you get 36 square feet per roll and at the retail suggest a price, it is definitely cost-effective and a bargain compared to other big brands.

And compared to some other brands, this particular automotive sound deadening and heat insulation mat is nearly 50% thicker which means that it also gets 50% more insulation, which is for sure a good bargain.

Finally, we just want to state that the Noico black 80 mil 36 sq ft car sound deadening butyl automotive deadener restoration mat and noise dampening insulation has a special indicator telling you whether or not you installed it correctly, which makes it pretty much effortless to install.

  • A cost-effective 80 mil automotive butyl and foil sound deadening.
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl.
  • Noico sound deadening has a total weight of 0.7 lbs/1sqft. 
  • Total coverage area of 36 sq. feet
  • Number of sheets in the stack 9 (sheets are folded);
  • Nominal sheet Size 29.5×19.5 inch. Roller is not included

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#2. Fatmat Sound Deadener Bulk – 50 sqft/80 mil

We think the Fatmat Sound Deadener is one of the best deadening mats if you are looking to buy in bulk. This particular model has 80 mil nominal thickness with its patented “super-stick” adhesive.

This is definitely its standout feature which makes it better than the competition as it has a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing along with a heat-resistant aluminum surface.

Also, it does a good job in absorbing vibrations which results in about a 3 dB gain in sound which is pretty huge. The Fatmat RattleTrap also stops nasty rattles, eliminates vibrations, and reduces road noise.

Finally, we just want to say that it is a bit harder than other brands to install and requires a bit more wiggling around and elbow grease to get it to stick right.

  • One 18 inches wide x 33.5 feet long Roll
  • Self-Adhesive RattleTrap covering 50 Sq Ft Total
  • 80 mil nominal thickness with Patented “Super-Stick” Adhesive
  • Sound Deadening Acoustic Insulation for Automotive, Marine, Home, RV
  • Vibrational damper: reduces distortion, boosts bass.
  • Pliable, easy to cut, heat-resistant aluminum coating. Keep Sound In, Noise Out.

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Uxcell 394mil Sound Deadener Mat

#3. Uxcell 394mil Sound Deadener Mat

Next, we have the Uxcell 394 mil mat, which is one of the best sound deadening mats if you are looking for top-shelf insulation and absorption. It also provides good heat insulation, damping, and antisepsis.

One of the things that separate this from the competition is the fact that it is scratch-resistant and the surface high-fiber cloth is made of fiberglass, which also makes it heatproof.

Furthermore, it also helps block exhaust pipe heat to the cab as well as reducing air conditioning energy consumption, which in turn helps you save fuel. Lastly, just take note that this product is just much thicker than most of the other products offered on the market. It is also quite easy to work with.

  • Strong sound insulation
  • Very good absorption performance
  • Great heat insulation mat
  • The surface high-fiber cloth is fiberglass.
  • Block sunlight, engine, exhaust pipe heat to the cab, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, saving fuel

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Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener

#4. Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener

There is also the Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener, which is pretty good at reducing engine rumble, speaker rattle, general road-noise, and buzzing parts in your car.

It is also one of the better-known brands out there, so it is definitely one that you can trust and count on to work well every time. We like that it also improves clarity, loudness, and bass response.

So one of the biggest selling points is that it is lighter than most other sound deadener mats while being much more effective. Also, it is good to know that no heat is required to apply.

Finally, just know that the Dynamat Xtreme is coated with aluminum for high-temperature areas ie. floors and/or firewalls.

  • Manufactured in : United States
  • Package Weight : 23 pounds
  • Package Dimensions : 21″ L x 12″ W x 3″ H

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Siless 80 mil 7.5 sqft Sound Deadening Mat

#5. Siless 80 mil 7.5 sqft Sound Deadening Mat

Another brand that we highly recommend is Siless if you are in the market for some sound deadening mats. This stuff is pretty cheap per square feet and is also quite decent quality.

We think the selling point and standout feature is that it is extremely easy to install. The best way to describe it is that it basically just peels out and place on.

What we like most about the installation process is that there are absolutely no messy spray-on paints or adhesives required to install it, which is definitely a plus.

Overall, this is a pretty solid sound deadening mat that is decently thick with very good quality. You should try it if other brands aren’t working out for you.

  • Thickness 80 mil/ 0.08 inches/ 2mm.
  • Coverage area – 18 ft².
  • Number of sheets in the box: 7
  • Each sheet size – 23.6×15.94 inches.
  • The installation instructions are included in the package but a roller isn’t.

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Best Sound Deadening Mats conclusion

Chances are, your dream car has become a nightmare because of road noise. Especially if the car is an older model.

Fortunately, there are a number of sound deadening products that are available to make your ride quieter. The above are five of the top brands for sound mats deadening with a brief review.

Note that many sound muffler mats are designed specifically for sound insulation in cars. These mats are made of materials such as cotton, wool, or rubber and they\’re usually fitted to the underside of the car for maximum sound insulation.

Airborne sound is absorbed by the car’s flooring so you’ll feel quieter while inside your vehicle.

Sound deadening mats have been described by many as the perfect way to make your ride more comfortable without burning a hole in your wallet.


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