Best Black Chalk Paint – The best black paint for furniture

Painting furniture is an excellent way to give your home a unique and personal touch. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a room or transform a piece of furniture, choosing the right paint color can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for a dramatic and impactful hue, black chalk paint is an excellent choice. With its rich matte finish, black chalk paint can be used to create bold statements with furniture, walls, and even fabric. Below we provide you with the top 5 black paint for furniture available on the market. These are all vetted by our experts. And please do not forget to read our FAQ further down the page.

best black chalk paint

#1. Renaissance Black Chalk Furniture Paint

When it comes to the best black chalk paint, the Renaissance Black Chalk Furniture Paint really shines above and beyond the competition.

This stuff really works well on furniture and cabinets and gives you that smooth black chalky finish with lots of good coverage and durability. It is pretty good value for the money as well.

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Why Use Black Chalk Paint?

Black is one of the most powerful colors that we either love or hate. So for the ones who love this color, using black chalk paint can bring a sophisticated and elegant look to your furniture.

One of the biggest advantages of using black chalk paint is that it creates a matte finish. This matte look adds depth to your furniture and gives it an authentic vintage feel. In fact, black chalk paint looks great on any kind of furniture – from dressers, and cabinets to coffee tables.

Another reason why black chalk paint is best for your furniture is its versatility in blending with other decor elements. Black goes well with other colors like white, gold, or silver which means you can create multiple combinations that match the existing theme in your room.

But the real reason is that black color has always been associated with luxury and elegance so adding this color will give your space a touch of sophistication that will impress anyone who sees it.

Best Black Chalk Paint

#1. Renaissance Black Chalk Furniture Paint

best black chalk paint

If you are looking for the best black chalk paint, we think the Renaissance Black Chalk Furniture Paint may just be the right fit for you. This paint is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and has superior coverage.

What we really like about this black chalk paint is the outstanding coverage. Usually, you need one or two coats, that’s it. Also, it doesn’t really require sanding or priming.

Also, we think it has a very nice shabby chic gritty chalk finish. Of course, the midnight black chalk color is our favorite but you can definitely tell the difference in quality between this paint and another.

In the end, this chalk really does a good job of giving you a nice vintage look for furniture and cabinets. It also comes in plenty of others colors too in case you get bored with black.

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#2. FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Furniture

For those looking for the best black chalk paint, we think the FolkArt Home Decor Chalk is the way to go. This stuff is proudly made in the USA and is great for furniture and cabinets as well as glass or metal.

Perhaps its standout feature is that it goes on very thick and is definitely a lot thicker than the other paints out there. We suggest that you roll it on instead of using a brush.

The good part about having such thick paint is that it is very durable and built to last much longer than thin paint. Just be aware that it is a bit streaky, so be sure to work fast and make it even.

Lastly, we think it looks great if you distress it with a sand pad. And it goes without saying that you should wax afterward.

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#3. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalked Paint

The Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte is the best black chalk paint in our opinion if you are into ultra-matte chalked paint for a large variety of interior surfaces. You can use it on wood, metal, ceramic, and canvas.

Perhaps its standout feature is that it has a low-odor latex formula that can quickly be cleaned up with just soap and water.

Next, we really like how easy it is to create that distressed vintage look that many people desire. It just has a really cool smooth look that many other brands can’t really replicate well.

Finally, we just want to let you know that it has excellent adhesion with a very easy application process that requires very little prep work.

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#4. Krylon Black Chalkboard Paint

The Krylon Black Chalkboard Paint is such a great black paint for those looking for a more smooth slate-like finish. You can also write with chalk on it and erase the chalk without damaging the paint.

First and foremost, we just really like the finish and think that it stands out in terms of the shade of black used and its gritty texture.

You can also choose between an aerosol can or a quart jug of paint on which you have to brush. It is not too thick of paint so you may have to apply a few layers to get proper coverage.

It is designed for interior use only and definitely has a very durable finish that will outlast most of the other brands we tried.

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#5. Iron Gate, Heritage Collection Chalk Paint

Lastly, we have the Iron Gate Heritage Collection, which is just great at adhering to most surfaces. Although it is available in many colors, the black chalk paint is clearly the best.

First of all, what really makes this paint stand out amongst the others is the fact that it has a primer, wax, and top coat built in. Many other brands don’t have this.

Next, it really does a good job of adhering to many surfaces and even the hard to stick to surfaces like Formica, glass, and stone.

And it goes without saying that you don’t really have to prime. All in all, this is a very rich true deep black chalk paint and you should get it if you are frustrated with other brands that advertise black paint that look charcoal.

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Frequently asked questions on black paint for furniture – FAQs

Here are answers to your most common questions on black paint.

What is black chalk paint?

Black chalk paint is a type of paint that is specifically used for furniture. It is a matte finish paint that dries to a black color. Furniture with black chalk paint provides what we call a rustic, antique, classic, or vintage look to modern furniture. This paint is easy to apply and is preferred by many artists and DIY enthusiasts.

Basically, black chalk paint can be easily used to create a distressed look on furniture. It can be used to cover different surfaces such as metal, wood, or plastic. Furniture with black chalk paint is durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique touch to their current furniture or wanting to revamp their space.

In summary, whether you’re painting a dresser, table, or chair, black chalk paint can help transform your old furniture into something new and stylish.

How to paint furniture matte black?

This is fairly and we can divide this task into 9 basic steps. Just follow these steps and you’ll get an amazing black

  1. Remove any hardware that can be attached to your furniture and you do not wish to pain in black color
  2. Clean the Furniture (use some humid old cloth)
  3. Scuff Sand (this is almost a must for better results but also for the black chalk paint to stick to the furniture)
  4. Prime (it is always best to apply a prime for better results)
  5. Paint (apply your first coat – you can use spray paint if you want, but we prefer a brush that is also easy to apply)
  6. Topcoat (add a topcoat only if needed, but most of the time you need this coat)
  7. Attach Hardware (now you are almost done – ensure you put back the hardware in the right place)
  8. Let your furniture dry and cure (remember to leave your furniture in a nondusty place – you don’t want to have to redo the work because plenty of dust stuck to your furniture)
  9. You’re done. You managed painting your furniture black. Well done. Enjoy your artwork and prepare your next piece of furniture.

Why use black paint for your chic furniture paint makeover

Black furniture has always been a classic and elegant choice for interior design. If you are considering giving your old furniture a fresh look, then painting it black is one of the best options that you can choose. Black paint gives any piece of furniture an instant sophistication and glamour, which makes it perfect for modernizing your home decor.

There are many advantages to using black paint for your furniture makeover. First and foremost, black is versatile and can work well with any color scheme or style. It also hides imperfections in the woodwork better than other colors, making it a great option if your furniture has scratches or dents that you want to cover up. Additionally, black furniture creates a bold statement in any room and adds depth and richness to space.

Another advantage of using black paint for painting furniture is that it helps create a cohesive look throughout the house.

But black paint is also much more durable than other lighter paint colors. Usually, you only need one coat of paint, meaning you’ll often use less paint to get the job done. Black furnitures (especially black matte color) reduce the visual aspect of old stains bleeding.

How to clean matte black furniture

Many people find it difficult to keep matte black furniture clean.

However, this is easily done by using the right technique. Here are a few tips for you to keep your matte black furniture clean:

  • Dusting: Using a soft cloth to dust the surfaces. You can also use a dusting brush or even a soft vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove fingerprints: There are times when you can see fingerprints on your furniture. In these cases, you just need to use a humid (dampened) old cloth and gently wipe them away.
  • Get rid of tougher stains: This is where it gets a little technical. Note that you do not need any special chemicals to clean your favorite furniture. First, mix together equal parts water and vinegar (just enough to clean your furniture). Now, test the mixed solution on a small spot. When you feel confident, just apply the mixture to the stain. You do this using a sponge or cloth. Leave it for a couple of minutes and wipe it away with a clean, damp cloth. Repeat this if necessary.
  • Now you have a clean black painted furniture.

Can you spray paint over black paint?

Yes, you can. We all know that black chalk paint has been a popular choice for many homeowners who want to give their furniture pieces a stylish and modern makeover. However, if you decide that the black color is not working for you anymore, then you need to paint it with a different color.

You can use the above 9 basic steps to paint over black paint. However, you need to choose your new color carefully. It’s best to use a lighter shade or one that contrasts well with black as this will require fewer coats of paint and provide better coverage.

However, if you decide to apply a primer, then you should have no issue painting your furniture in any color you wish.


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