Best Pipe Insulation

I have to say that I learned my lesson last winter. My pipes froze while I was on a trip and burst. The cost of repairing the damage was nothing compared to the cost of repairing the damages caused by the water.

I can tell that pipe insulation is an essential component to any homeowner, but I believe to any business too. It simply helps keep pipes from freezing and bursting, reducing costly water damage and repairs.

When searching for the best pipe insulation, it is important to consider the type of insulation you need, as well as what other qualities you may be looking for. Whether it be ease of installation, longevity, or nice aesthetics, there are a variety of pipe insulation options available that can fulfill your needs.

Below are the 5 different pipe insulation that I have personally tried and they are all performing very well. To be honest, I prefer option 5, but there’s nothing wrong with the other wraps, etc. You just need to select the wrap or insulation that works for you.

#1. Reflectix Pipe Wrap – The easiest water pipe insulation solution

The Reflectix Pipe Wrap is the best pipe insulation if you want a very easy-to-use kit that is easy to cut and shape. It comes in a 6-inch by 25 feet roll and provides long last insulation for both your interior and exterior pipes.

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Do I need to use pipe insulation during winter?

For many homeowners, insulating water pipes can be a very efficient and cheap way to boost energy savings. Covering your pipes with the best pipe insulation should be an easy straightforward process that you can even do yourself. Covering your hot water pipes with insulation will keep your hot water hotter for longer.

It will definitely shorten the time it takes for water to reach your fixtures at your desired temperature. On the other hand, cold water pipes will need insulation as well.

Adding insulation to cold water pipes is just a few extra dollars of costs but you definitely see some real benefits. During the heat of the summer, pipe insulation can prevent heat from the outside from rapidly transferring over to your cold water supply and warming it.

Also, properly installed pipe insulation can prevent your pipes from freezing up during the winter and avoids condensation. When installing water pipes, you should know that hot water pipe insulation may need to be used all the way to their destination.

For cold water pipes, you may only need to insulate them near your water heater tank. In terms of whether or not it is worth the costs, you should know that the average household spends around $500 per year on heating water.

If you save the running temperature of your water heater by 10 degrees, you can cut energy costs by a good 5%. This comes out to be about $25 per year, which is not a lot but at least it will cover the costs of insulation. Afterward, all of it will be savings and profit.

Best Pipe Insulation

#1. Reflectix Pipe Wrap

For those looking for the best pipe insulation, the Reflectix Spiral Pipe Wrap is one of the best options. This is a 6-inch by 25 feet spiral wrap that comes in a very easy-to-use kit. You can easily install it yourself on your pipes or duct work as long as you overlap about half an inch as you go. It is quite easy to cut out and shape.

Just keep in mind that will need to secure this wrap with foil tape, which is sold separately. We like this wrap because it provides a nice air space between the pipe that adds insulation value. Additionally, it helps eliminate condensation, damaging moisture drips, and prevents freezing. We find the reflectix pipe wrap to be quite durable and feel thicker than the other pipe insulation we tested.

After installing, you will clearly feel this difference in heat between your water pipes, AC pipes or whatever pipe you wrap it around.

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#2. Vivosun Pipe Insulation Wrap Bubble Film

We really like the Vivosun Pipe bubble film because it is the best pipe insulation. This bubble film does a great job of preserving heat, preventing your pipes from freezing, and eliminating condensation.

This insulation bubble wrap is quite easy to cut out and to shape for whatever pipe you are trying to insulate. It works great for exhausting the hose of an AC or water pipe, as long as you secure it properly.

You can cut it to any length you wish without destroying it. We like the material, which is wire-reinforced mylar and it feels like it can insulate anything well. This film comes in a roll that is 6 inches by 25 feet. For insulating all of the pipes in your entire house, you will need more than one roll.

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#3. Harvey Polyethylene 10 Mil Pipe Wrap

If you want the best pipe insulation that is made of industrial polyethylene, the Harvey’s 10 Mil Pipewrap is the one for you. This is a 2-inch by 100 feet 10 ml wrap that is incredibly durable and great for all types of use. It sticks very well and has a pretty good thickness, even after years of being left on. We like the fact that it can be used anywhere and especially in outdoor environments.

This tape really shines outdoors where it can weather any storm and provide your pipes with moisture-proof protection. We also really like the fact that this tape is very resistant to UV exposure. It won’t warp or change color if you leave it out in the sun for a while. Please keep in mind that this tape is quite easy to apply when the air temperature is warm, but when it is cold outside, the tape becomes a bit stiff.

However, it does do a fair bit of stretching to make it fit most pipes and shapes.

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#4. Shurtape IT-100 Pipe Wrap Insulation Tape – For any type of pipe

The Shurtape IT-100 Pipe Wrap is the best insulation tape for those looking to eliminate pipe condensation. This is a 43 mil foam tape that has a closed-cell elastomeric insulation backing. The all-in thickness is 118 mils including carrier and adhesive. Additionally, the backing and carrier are made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber polymeric foam and the adhesive is acrylic.

In other words, it is designed to cover cold pipes to prevent condensation dripping or hot pipes to reduce heat loss. This material works very well with metal pipes and PVC. Since this is a pipe wrapping, there is only adhesive on one side of the tape. In case you are wondering, it has a thermal conductivity of 0.28 at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product’s size is 48mm by 30 feet, so be sure to load up on more if you plan on insulating all the pipes in your home. All in all, the Shurtape IT-100 works great and is very sticky, and applies very easily.

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#5. M-D Building Products Self-Sealing Tube Pipe Insulation – Best for long water supply pipes

The M-D Building Products Self-Sealing Tube is a great way to easily install insulation on your pipes. These are great foam rolls for the lazy and inexperienced who don’t want to cut out rolls of insulation.

With this self-sealing tube, you just attach it to your hot or cold pipes and seal it with the pre-cut self-sealing slits. In terms of the actual insulation value, this product is pretty amazing.

It does a great job in preventing heat loss or gain, which ultimately results in your saving money on your electricity bills. The self-sealing tubing has a nice black finish and is nice and thick. It is also quite durable and will last you for at least a few years.

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Can I insulate hot water pipes?

Pipe insulation is an important material to consider when dealing with hot water pipes. It can help reduce the amount of heat lost from these pipes and make them more efficient.

And the good news is that any insulation material can be easily installed. You do not need to be the king of DYI to do so.

In essence, using pipe insulation materials are a great way to ensure that your hot water pipes are operating at their most efficient level.

To be clear, any pipe insulation acts as a barrier, preventing the warm air from coming into contact with the cold air in its environment and reducing the rate at which heat dissipates from the piping system.

In addition, it helps reduce noise emanating from within the piping system by dampening sound waves.


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