Best Hifonics Amp

Below I summarises 5 of the best Hifonics Amp series that you can choose from.

I think you need to know that Hifonics is the leader in providing products for car audio enthusiasts.

They are high-performing, high-powered, versatile, and will give the best output that you want in your vehicle.

This amp manufacturer has been one of the best in the market for many years, all in terms of performance, durability, and most of all, reliability.

The company continuously performs well among many other amplifier producers in the market. Below are five Hifonics amp reviews.

1. Is Hifonics Brutus a good amp? The Brutus Series

best hifonics amp

The Hifonics Brutus Series is the best Hifonics amp because it is their best value amp.

We think the Brutus Series strikes a nice balance between high performance, excellent durability, long-lasting reliability, and somehow they manage to keep the price tag on a not too cheap, neither too expensive.

I would say that the above factors are what has made Hifonics a world leader in amps, preamps, etc.


Are Hifonics amps any good?

In the world of car audio, Hifonics amps are one of the most well-respected companies in the world, but still many ask the question “are Hifonics amps good?”.

They help bring some of the most power and best sound quality to your car, all at a reasonable price. Hifonics is known to be a very trustworthy brand name that makes quality amplifiers.

The whole purpose of Hifonics is to build amps to help boost the power of weak signals and then are later sent to your speakers. This is their motto. And they are really successful in doing this.

Amps are absolutely necessary for those who want to get to high-quality audio in their cars. Unfortunately, car amps can get ridiculously expensive, and sometimes they are just not worth the extra premium.

This is where Hifonics comes in. They are a relatively new brand on the market, but they have conquered the world with their product. They have a Greek-themed logo and font.

Compared to old brands like Pioneer, Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate, and JBL, Hifonics are relatively cheaper. We think Hifonics amplifiers are priced right and look pretty attractive.

Because Hifonics offers a wide selection of amps, it may be hard to pick out the best Hifonics amp for your needs.

You have the high-watt amps like the Mount Olympus series, which is the top-shelf line of Hifonics amps. Then there are more affordable Hifonics amps like the Zeus. Finally, there are all sorts of models in between these extremes. As you can see, there is a Greek God theme going on here.

What are the Best Hifonics Amps?

There are so many Hifonics Amps that it is difficult to find the best one out of the pack. Below, I highlight 5 series from Hifonics. These are really good. When I say they are good, and I mean it, and I would even go further by saying they are excellent.

Note that Hifonics has the habit of discontinuing some of its products. This is normal for a large company, but they replace all of their products with better ones. So do not worry, if you do not find what you wanted, Hifonics will have an even better amps model elsewhere.

  1. Hifonics Brutus Series
  2. The Hifonics Zeus Series
  3. Hifonics Colossus Series
  4. Review of the Hifonics Hercules Series
  5. Hifonics Goliath Series

1. Hifonics Brutus Series

Hifonics Brutus Series

The Hifonics Brutus is the best Hifonics amp if you are looking for something that is middle of the road. If we were to pick a Hifonics amp based on value, this would be it.

The most important aspect of the Brutus series is that is portable, durable, and the amp does not overheat in most cases.

Brutus or BRX amps include a long list of nice features and technology to make your sound better.

This particular model is the 1500 Watt Brutus model with 1 ohm stable, mono super -D class. However, you also can custom configure your desired wattage and channels.

With the Ultra Fi Mosfet technology, you get high power with minimal distortion.

There is also a low noise preamp, so the signal comes into the amp circuit with minimal distortion. Additionally, there is multi-mode, which also 2 channel and bridged mono modes.

Furthermore, you have nickel-plated RCA inputs, electronic crossover, and a 4-way system protection circuitry for all sorts of protection. You also get a bass remote and loads of bass controls to help you sculpt that perfect bassline. Note that you can have a Hifonics brutus elite with a 4000-watt amp.

  • Portable
  • Low noise preamp
  • High power with min distortion
  • Includes bass remote


2. Hifonics Zeus amp review – The Zeus Series

best hifonics amplifier

The Zeus series by Hifonics represents their most affordable line of auto amplifiers. This is the clearly best Hifonics amplifier if you are on a budget.

The Zeus series features a complete lineup of superclass A/B multi-channel amps and class D mono amps. With the Zeus series, you get fitted with some of the earliest technology and circuitry that Hifonics started with.

Despite older technology, we still like the amount of power and sound the Zeus series can deliver.

Perhaps the best feature of the Zeus series is its ability to manage itself properly without breaking down.

Overheating is not an issue as it features an old-school Hifonics heatsink to help with heat dissipation. There are also diagnostic indicators, DC, and short circuit overload protection.

In terms of durability, it is made of military-grade PCB, so it can take a beating. It also features a PWM MOSFET power supply that helps deliver max current levels. All in all, we think the Zeus series is a great reliable amp with nice sounds, power, and awesome prices.

  • Entry level Hifonics amp
  • No overheating issues
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Military-grade PCB


3. Hifonics Colossus Series

best hifonics amp

With the Colossus Series, you are stepping into premium territory. This is one of the top Hifonics amps if you are looking for power, but don’t want to completely splurge on their high-end model.

The Colossus Series is entry-level for the Mt. Olympus Hifonics Amplifiers. What you get with this amp is very high power ratings across various ohms.

With the pulse width modulated MOSFET power supply, you can ensure your currents are delivered at max levels.

The Colossus Series also features crazy signal directing with its Accu cross crossovers and xcurve functions. The EQ on the Colossus units is pretty awesome with 0 to 10 dB boosts. And of course, you have one or two-channel operations modes.

The Colossus Series is also built like a tank. It has gold-plated RCA level inputs and screw terminals. It is CTA-2006 rated for RMS power. Also, the heat sink technology is much better than the entry-level Hifonics amps and cools much more efficiently.

  • Entry level premium hifonics amp
  • Pulse width modulated MOSFET power supply
  • Nice Equalizer
  • Superior heat sink


4. Hifonics Hercules Series

best hifonics amp

If you like the idea of the Hifonics Zeus Series, the Hercules Series could also be amongst the winners for being a top-end Hifonics amp for your setup.

The Hercules series was introduced as the 35th anniversary of Hifonics and offers an incredible entry-level amp at minimum prices. Perhaps our favorite part about the Hifonics Hercules series is the excellent build quality.

If you take a look inside the unit, you can see that the electrical components are all properly secured to double-sided military-grade glass resin epoxy circuit boards.

This also means that high voltages pass through the circuits with little data loss and distortion.

Additionally, the Hercules series employs the Ultra Fi MOSFET outputs, which helps smooth out the power during peak performance.

The entire unit is also built pretty tough with and the casing is pretty much indestructible. Overall, we really love this anniversary edition and the fact that it comes in black is a nice cherry on top.

  • Anniversary edition
  • Sturdy components and circuitry
  • Ultra Fi MOSFET outputs
  • Great overall build


5. Hifonics Goliath Series

Hifonics Goliath Series

If you want the definition of a super amp, the Hifonics Goliath Series is the answer. This amp by Hifonics has it all in terms of the latest technology and the best of the best quality materials.

It is rated at 6000 Watt max and 3000 watt RMS, which will absolutely make any truck shake and rattle.

The standout features are probably its onboard ParaQ bass EQ and its ultra D class design which uses high-speed microprocessors.

These processors help efficiently control current consumption, resulting in much lower distortion, less heat, and higher current efficiency.

Most Hifonics amps and most auto amps, in general, are not equipped with this kind of technology to handle heat and current as well.

The Goliath is packed with every feature Hifonics has ever invented. You have accu cross, x curve for signal directing, a top-notch heat sink, preamp circuitry, tiffany style RCA connectors, and a Twin Turbo Coil Power Supply.

Unfortunately, the price is a little high but compared to equally powerful amps on the market, this is a steal.

  • Packed with the latest technology
  • On board ParaQ bass EQ
  • Advanced way of dissipating heat
  • Microprocessors to control current and heat


Final words

In this article, we try to demystify which Hifonics amp is the best and we hope we have made the brand justice.

Note that Hifonics is one of the best-reputed brands in the audiophile community that specializes in manufacturing high-performance sound equipment.

Their products such as Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Car audio systems, Marine audio systems, Speakers, and much more.

The company behind these amps has become the favorite choice of a large gathering of professionals and amateurs looking for great performance at an affordable price.

In the above, we took a look at their top 5 product series. Now you just need to choose the series that is most suitable for your needs.



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