Best Diesel Fuel Additive

best diesel fuel additive

Sta-Bil Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer

Sta-Bil Diesel Fuel Stabilizer is the best diesel fuel additive if you are looking for something that can be used all year round. It contains a high concentration of detergents and lubricants that move sediments and engine deposits that contribute to the accelerated breakdown of your engine.


putting diesel fuel additive in a carMany people ask whether they should be using the best diesel fuel additive or the best fuel additive for their cars. There is heated debate in the auto community regarding the efficacy of these fuel additive products, and the general conclusion is it doesn’t hurt and it definitely helps the environment.

The best diesel fuel additive or the best fuel additive can be used to improve engine performance, fuel handling, fuel stability, and to control contaminants created by the burning of fuel. With the best diesel fuel additive or best fuel additive you can reduce pollution by nearly 50%, save 50 cents to $1 or more per gallon of gas, and double the life of your engine.

More precisely, using the best diesel fuel additive or best fuel additive improves mileage and power, cleans injectors and engine deposits, increase cetane rating, lubricates the cylinders of your engine, stabilizes fuel while reducing smoke, and removes water from fuel. There are many diesel fuel additives and fuel additives on the market and many they try to sell you at the gas station to mix in with your fuel tank. We have extremely researched and tested most of these additives, so look for the reviews below for our top picks.

Best Diesel Fuel Additive Reviews

Lucas Fuel Treatment 

lucas diesel fuel additiveLucas Fuel Treatment is the best diesel fuel additive and the best fuel additive if you are looking for an all-purpose additive. It is a name that is well known in the auto supplements industry and makes a quality product. One gallon of this product will treat about 400 gallons of fuel, whether diesel or gasoline. We really like this one solution fits all product.

There are many solutions on the market that are made for diesel only or gasoline only, but with Lucas you can apply it to both. By burning off the extra emissions from the exhaust, Lucas helps you emit less pollutants into the atmosphere and saves the environment. Lucas also lubricates and cleans the and carburetors which saves gas mileage and increase engine power.

We tested out Lucas on a lot of different cars, both diesel and gas powered. After numerous tests, we found the results to be similar and consistent. With Lucas added, the engine runs noticeably smoother and saves gas mileage by a bit (about 5%).  This becomes a significant positive over the long run. All in all, Lucas is the best diesel fuel additive and the best fuel additive when you want versatility without sacrificing quality.


Sta-Bil Diesel Formula Fuel Stabilizer and Performance Improver

best diesel fuel additiveSta-Bil Diesel Fuel Stabilizer is the best diesel fuel additive if you are looking for a diesel only fuel additive that can be used all year round.  This product works on all diesel engines and all diesel fuels and can be used in every fill up.  It helps remove water from the tank, and as we all know water promotes algae and fungus growth.

In a hot environment such as during the summer, the heat and humidity combined with water is a breeding ground for fungus and algae. Sta-Bil contains a high concentration of detergents and lubricants. This helps move sediments and engine deposits that contribute to the accelerated breakdown of your engine.

Sta-Bil also works decently in extremely cold environments where the temperature can drop below 0 degrees. However, it would be better if you also added in in addition to Sta-Bil. Sta-Bil is a powerful diesel only additive that really saves you on gas mileage. After testing Sta-Bil for 4 months on a few diesel engines, we noticed around a 10% savings in gas mileage, all else being equal. This is a significant increase in efficiency. So we highly recommend Sta-Bil as the best diesel fuel additive that can be used in hot or cold weather.


Power Service Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer

diesel fuel additive powerPower Service Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer is the best diesel fuel additive on the market if you are specifically looking for a winter only additive that has high performance. Its formula prevents fuel filters from combining with wax and stop fuel from gelling up.

It really is intended for use during the winter or when temperatures drop below 40 degrees F. This Power Service product lowers the cold-filter plugging point tremendously. Because of this product, you will be better starts, better throttle response, no cold smoke, and a nice smooth idle. This product should really be used in places where it can actually get really cold and gelling is a legitimate concern.

Many newer injection systems use a high pressure fuel pump. Without proper lubrication through using this additive, you could be looking at thousands of dollars of repairs. Using an anti-gel additive should be a part of your routine on your vehicle. You will definitely notice a difference in the fuel economy and engine power during the winter months. Ultimately, it will save you on expensive engine repairs. Power Service is the best diesel fuel additive of all of the winter anti-gel additives out there.


Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

best diesel fuel additiveThe Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is one of the best diesel fuel additives if you are looking for one with industrial strength. This particular diesel fuel additive is extreme in that it is one of the highest cetane boosting cleaners available. Hot Shot is a boutique brand name that is a very strong player in the fuel additives industry. It is a name that is trust amongst professionals and auto enthusiasts, although it is still not widespread commercially.

With this diesel fuel additive, you can significantly improve power and performance on your diesel engine. It helps improve gas mileage and maintains fuel stability. With the Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme, your diesel engines will be kept much cleaner in a maintenance free environment. It will also clean out the gas tank and your fuel injectors and remove free water form the system. Finally, Hot Shot’s helps coat the tank and lines with a rust inhibitor. One bottle of this stuff will treat about 75 gallons of fuel.

For those who are skeptical about diesel fuel additives, we urge you to give the Hot Shot a try. For a few buck, it will likely improve the performance of your vehicle. The worst case is that it does nothing and you lost a few bucks. You certainly won’t harm your vehicle by putting this stuff in your tank.


Standadyne Diesel Performance Formula

best diesel fuel additiveFor those looking for a diesel fuel additive approved by many OEMs, the Standadyne Diesel Performance Formula is the way to go. It is an all purpose diesel fuel additive. This basicaly means it is designed to fix almost all problems related to diesel fuels. With the Stanadyne Performance Formula you can prevent fuel gelling, cleaner and lubricate your gas tank and fuel injectors, and reduces smoke and water. It also helps you lower your fuel consumption and offers year round protection. It stabilizes your fuel in cold weather and improves the diesel pour point.

One 64 oz jug of this stuff treats 250 gallons of fuel. The Standadyne also meets Cummins L10 Superior Test requirements for cleanliness. It is formulated with ultra low sulfur and is environmentally friendly. This is also a cetane improver, so it improves combustion and allows your engine to start better. Engine knocking and noise are also reduced. We like this diesel fuel additive in that it contains no alcohol, so it does not lead to quick corrosion of your engine.

We also found that it does a pretty decent job in cleaning out the deposits of your injection system. This helps improve horsepower and leads to better torque and acceleration. Although the difference is small, it is definitely not negligible. All in all, we say that this is a nicely made formula that it quite easy on your engine parts. It is not damaging and provides more benefits to your engine than the average competitor.


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