Best Lava Lamp

#1.Lava the Original 14.5-Inch Purple Metallic

The Lava the Original is the best lava lamp for those who want a premium version of the classic design. This series comes in 5 different colors and features quality craftsmanship and design. The base is very sturdy and is hard to knock over even if you trip over the cord.

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Why do you need the Best Lava Lamp?

A lava lamp is also known as an Astro lamp and is a cool little gimmick to have in your room. The lamp is usually shaped like a rocket, thus the Astro lamp name. It consists of a special colored wax blend that is emulsified in a clear liquid. The bottom of the lamp usually contains some sort of incandescent light bulb, which will heat up the wax blend and cause it to change density.

It is the change in density that causes the wax to rise and fall, losing and gaining buoyancy along the way. Contrary to popular opinion, lava lamps are incredibly safe and no more dangerous than regular lamps. The lamp will not explode on you unless you put it near extreme heat, such as next to a hot stove. For the most part, lava lamps will bring newfound excitement to an otherwise dull room and will radiate with various colors and moods.

When trying to pick the best lava lamp for your room, you should pay close attention to the color first. Both the liquid and the wax should be different colors in order to differentiate one from another. In terms of the actual physical process of the wax moving, every lava lamp will be different based on random motions.

Next, make sure you get a sturdy and durable lava lamp that will sit well on a table and not get knocked over easily. The surface of the lamp will most likely be made of either glass or break-resistant plastic. Finally, you should consider lava lamps of different sizes and shapes. You may want to experiment and try out nonrocket shapes.

Best Lava Lamp

Best Lava Lamp

#1. Lava the Original 14.5-Inch Purple Metallic

The Lava the Original 14.5 Inch Lamp Series is the best lava lamp for those looking for the premium version of the most classic lamp. This lava lamp series has 5 different colors to choose from. The purple color has a yellow wax emulsified in a purple-reddish liquid. Additionally, the aluminum base and cap are painted purple and are made really sturdy.

This chrome finish is truly premium and definitely does not look or feel cheap. There is even a 25-watt light bulb included and it all plugs into a standard 120-volt wall outlet. Lava the Original for lack of a better word is more or less one of the original lava lamp manufacturers. The lava flow inside is pretty mesmerizing and never really repeats the same motion twice.

It really stands out as one of the best-looking lava lamps in the industry with a quality build and excellent craftsmanship. We also like the variety of cool colors to choose from.

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#2. Creative Motion Black Base Motion Lamp

For those who like the idea of having a cool-looking lamp, the Create Motion Liquid Peace is the best lava lamp. This is a 16-inch black base lamp with dark blue wax and a light blue liquid. The lamp runs off of a 25-watt bulb that illuminates from the bottom of the unit. Also, you plug the lamp in with a 6 feet cord into whatever wall socket is closest.

We think this is a great gift idea and great for any home decor. Your kids will definitely love it. The unit itself is pretty sturdy and doesn’t feel like it will tip over easily. In terms of quality, we would say it is pretty average but it is definitely not a cheap piece of plastic. Just don’t expect the premium quality of a lamp such as Lava the original.

However, it is definitely significantly cheaper and gets the job done. The Creative Motion Lamp series comes in many colors, so be sure to pick the one that you like.

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#3. Lightahead LED Volcano Lava Lamp

We think the Lightahead LED is the best lava lamp for those looking for an innovative design. This lava lamp is not like the traditional wax lamps in that it has small wax balls instead of large ones. The result of this paradigm shift is a bunch of mini beads that run up and down the chamber to simulate a live volcano eruption. With a mini red volcano base, it really is a cool little gadget to have around your house.

We really like the fact that this thing runs off of either AAA batteries or can be plugged in. This gives you lots of options on where to place it and makes it much safer to have around the house. With batteries, you no longer risk the chance of tripping over the cord and breaking the unit. And finally, with its red LED light, it looks really cool in the dark and sets a great mood light.

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#4. Sharper Image Motion Lamp

The Sharper Image Motion is the best lava lamp if you want a cool-looking lava lamp with speakers. While this is not a traditional lava lamp, we consider it one as it has glittery sparkles. The cool part of this lamp is that the lava and glitters inside this lamp dance to music. This is generated from the sound waves and the physical rattling of the lamp due to the bass and audio punch.

Also, these speakers have three pre-programmed light modes so you can change up the light based on your preferences. We really like the fact that you can pair any Bluetooth-enabled device to the speaker or even aux connection. The sound coming from the speakers is good and definitely doesn’t sound cheap.

Unfortunately, the Sharper Image lava lamp needs to be plugged in and does not run on batteries. However, it is well worth it when you turn on the audio and watch the magical light show.

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#5. Lamp Lava Lite 14.5 Inch Lava Lamp

The Lamp  Lava is a classic lava lamp with a special twist. It has a tri-colored globe theme and is packed with the latest technology. Although it commands a premium price tag, it is well worth it. First, this lava lamp has a really cool effect. It produces a silver star glitter and twirl that is unlike anything we have seen. All we can say is that there is some serious engineering here.

The downside of this is that you need a good 2 hours to separate the particles and set up the lamp for operation. Additionally, we really like the fact that this lamp is made of premium material. It has a nice glass housing and steel base and clearly does not look cheap. There is a 25-watt incandescent bulb included and an electrical cord with an inline switch for plugging into the outlet.

Overall, this is a great product with an innovative design and effect. You just have to pay a premium for it.

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