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Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame

The Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter is the best cigar lighter and best torch lighter if you want an entry level economic lighter. The Scorch Lighter is pocket sized and stands at about 3 inches tall. The butane in this light is refillable and the flame is adjustable.


best cigar lighterCollecting cigar lighters is just as much of an art as collecting cigars itself. While all lighters work in one way or another through igniting butane, not all cigar lighters are created equal. By using the best cigar lighter or best torch lighter, you can easily create an even burn on your cigar and impress your friends. Cigar lighters make some of the best butane lighters because they shoot out a strong torch like flame that is tough to be blown out by the wind.

Igniting the cigar is a skill that takes time to master. In order to create an even burn throughout the process of smoking your cigar, you must cut the cigar and ignite it properly. The lighting process seems simple but is deceptively tricky and can easily result in a bad burn line. It is consider a bad burn line in the smoking community if there’s more than 3/8 of an inch of uneven burn. So not a lot of wiggle room!

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Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment

best cigar lighterThe Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter is the best cigar lighter and best torch lighter if you want an entry level economic lighter. The Scorch Lighter is pocket sized and stands at about 3 inches tall. The butane in this light is refillable and the flame is adjustable. There is a triple flame which makes sure you get an even burn on your cigar. The flame also does a good job holding up against light wind, but still fails in a strong wind setting.

When you flick the slide switch, the top cap open automatically and the flame ignites. The lighter itself feels solid and isn’t made of cheap plastic. It has nice grip on the sides so it is easy to hold in your hand. We recommend you buy some butane refills because the lighter doesn’t come with any. The Scorch Torch also comes with some cool accessories like a nice carrying pouch and a cigar hole punch tool attached. Overall, this is the best cigar lighter if you feel too embarrassed to use a BIC and still want a strong torch flame.


Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

best torch lighterThe Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter is the best cigar lighter or the best torch lighter if you want a tabletop lighter. This lighter is a cool type of lighter to bring to the table. Because it is too big to carry around, you should really have the lighter sitting around in your cigar room table. This unit takes a 1.4 fl oz butane fuel canister (not included).

There is a valve on top of the canister that you open and then click the switch to ignite the flame. The flame is a single soft flame that is nice and fat. The height of the flame can be adjusted by turning the on off knob, which simply controls how much butane is being burned. We wouldn’t call the flame a torch or a soft BIC lighter flame. The flame is somewhere in between, so basically the same flame from a Bunsen burner in high school chemistry labs. Overall, this cigar lighter has an attractive design and does a great job toasting cigars. It is a nice durable alternative is standard portable torch lighters.


Rocky Patel Cigar Lighter Diplomat 5 Torch Lighters with Punch – Gun Metal

best torch lighterIf you want the best cigar lighter or the best torch lighter that will impress your friends, take a look at the Rocky Patel Diplomat. First and foremost, you should know that this is a big lighter. If you are looking for something to fit in your pocket, the Rocky Patel is not the right lighter for you. The Rocky Patel stands at about 6 inches tall and feels like a lightsaber. It has a solid design and grip and comes in three colors: gun metal, black, and chrome.

We think the gunmetal looks the best. By just feeling this lighter, we can tell it is made of some kind of expensive metal with a nice finishing. Everything about this lighter screams extravagance. When you open the top up you can see that it is a 5 flame lighter. It has a great adjustable cutter attached with three different sized punches depending on the ring gauges of the cigar.

It is very handy, sharp, and cuts well. It also has a little screwdriver attached to the base of the lighter for adjusting the gas flow. The flame fires right up with a click of a button and it is tall and strong. It works every time and never really breaks down. There seems to be a large butane tank inside as well because it seems to last a lot longer than standard lighters. Although it is a bit expensive, it comes packed with value and can be a great gift for someone who likes cigars. The Rocky Patel Diplomat really has a wow factor to it whenever people see it.


Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

best torch lighterThe Tonino Lamborghii Torch Flame Cigar Lighter is the best cigar lighter if you really have some money to blow on a lighter. Sure, ok we admit there is nothing particularly special about this lighter’s functions to justify the sky high prices. But hey, it is a Lamborghini lighter and we bet you will see fewer of these lighters in your lifetime and real Lamborghinis. This cigar lighter comes with a very nice leather carrying case with the Lamborghini logo imprinted on the outside and velvet on the inside. There is even a zipper to open and close it.

This Lamborghini lighter comes with all the standard features of any good cigar lighter: refillable butane, a butane meter, solid grip, and a solid single torch flame. The only difference is that it has the Lamborghini logo imprinted all over the lighter. In terms of build quality, this lighter definitely feels a step above all the other lighters we have tested, including the Rock Patel.

It feels indestructible and has a sleek design; it’s also nice and portable, so it fits in your pockets. In case you ever break it or it doesn’t work, the Lambo lighter comes with a 2 year warranty. Get this lighter to add to your cigar lighter collection or give it to someone as a gift. You may not be able to pick out a good cigar for someone, but everyone will always enjoy having an expensive lighter around the house.


More Info on Cigar Lights

With the best cigar lighter or the best torch lighter, you can avoid bad burn lines by following the basic lighting etiquettes: first, hold the cigar with your primary hand between your thumb and middle finger at a 45 degree angle; then, point the lighter an inch directly below the foot of your cigar and start the flame; slowly bring the cigar to the tip of the flame until you see a bit of smoke coming from the cigar; this is your reference distance and should be the proper distance you hold the flame from the foot of your cigar; then, rotate the cigar with your thumb and middle finger to avoid the flame overheating one spot on the cigar for too long; once you have the foot of the cigar uniformly darken, bring the cigar to your mouth and take some gentle puffs; finally, observe the end of your cigar and find patches where there are no flames and light those patches.

This is how lighting a cigar is done in the professional community and this is how you will light your cigar if you want to be taken seriously. If you light your cigar unevenly at first, you risk the high chance it will also burn unevenly, which will totally ruin the cigar and result in cigar canoeing. Remember, proper lighting technique is crucial for mitigating the risk of a bad burn. In terms of picking the best cigar lighter, the best torch lighter, or the best butane lighter, you should just focus on the quality of the flame. Ideally you want a strong torch flame that will withstand strong winds, because we all know the frustrations of trying to light anything outside with the wind out.

Many cigar lighters or torch lighters also have built in punch cutters, so you don’t have to carry around two pieces of equipment. Of course you can always use a zippo or a bic lighter, but those lighters usually don’t have strong flames that stand straight. Also, you can’t be seen lighting a $100 cigar with a bic lighter: it’s just not proper etiquette. We have to admit, at least half of owning a collection of cigar lighters is for show. So you have to take into account design as well when selecting which cigar lighters to add to your collection. And just remember, no gentleman just has one cigar lighter just like no gentleman just has one watch.



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