Best High Sensitivity Speakers

Music has a lot of power. It can put you in the mood for anything from a party, your first date, or a great discussion. But what about sound quality? What if your speakers are too quiet? Or they’re tinny and make it hard to hear the vocals or instrumentals? Or, even worse, they distort everything so that your eardrums will never be the same again.

Sound quality is definitely an important factor for any speaker system. But this has become ever so important with the rise of technology (phone containing our favorite music piece) and the internet (free streaming access to music, mp3, radio, recorded talks, etc.). In fact, nowadays, it’s possible to enjoy music from all over the world, in almost any genre imaginable.

Accessing to the best high sensitivity speakers for quality sound will make your music come alive like never before.  A good speaker system is key to this enjoyment. No more tinny sound or fuzzy bass, we have come a long way since the boom-box era! That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites top high sensitivity speakers brands in the below review, so you can get the most out of your music experience.

We tested many different best high sensitivity speakers. Obviously, we shortlisted only the best and summarized the top 5 high sensitivity speakers. Our aim was that you can easily choose the one that fits your personal need easily without having to filter through a ton of information. Note that the criteria we used to select the below speaker are easy but highly effective:

  • The speaker will have the ability to produce sounds at different frequencies with crisp clarity and detail.
  • It must maintain deep bass.
  • The speaker must have a wide frequency response so that it’ll have lower distortion when playing loud music

What are high sensitivity speakers?

The human ear can hear frequencies between 20 and 20000 Hz. That means that any speaker with a frequency lower than 20 Hz or higher than 20000 Hz is out of the range of human hearing.

A high sensitivity speaker has a frequency response within this range, which will sound more natural and clear to humans. So, if you love good sound, then you need to get one of these high sensitivity car speakers. The best ones are known as high sensitivity full-range speakers simply because they can operate across the full frequency spectrum.



#1. AP650 6.5-Inch High Sensitivity Speakers

For those who are interested in the highest sensitivity car speakers, the AP650 6.5 Inch High Sensitivity Speakers are definitely a nice option. These are a 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter that delivers some great sound quality across the entire dynamic range. Also, it has some really high sensitivity coming in at 91 dB.

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Best High Sensitivity Speakers

AP650 6.5-Inch High Sensitivity Speakers

#1. AP650 6.5-Inch High Sensitivity Speakers

If you are looking for one of the top and best high sensitivity car speakers, the AP650 is definitely a very nice choice. These have a sensitivity rating of 91 dB which is pretty high in the grand scheme of things. These are just nice speakers to have around the house or on the patio. We really love how they are IP6X weather-resistant and can even do fairly well in the shower.

The AP650 is our top choice because we think that it is the most versatile for the greatest number of people. While it doesn’t bump deep low bass for parties, most people aren’t even looking for that. And ultimately, we think that the price to performance is definitely more than fair to the point where this is almost an incredible bargain.

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The Soundboks 2 High Sensitivity Speaker

#2. The Soundboks 2 Best High Sensitivity Speaker

Next up, we have the Soundboks 2, which are extremely good high sensitivity speakers for those who are willing to spend the big bucks. However, if you are a true audiophile, we urge you to stay away as these speakers would be considered a wild rip-off and a grand marketing scheme.

The value is in its amazing portability and performance. For its size, weight, and the fact that they run on battery power for 40 hours, these speakers are actually quite nice and do the trick.

Also, they are high sensitivity although it comes from testing it as the company doesn’t provide exact numbers. The key here is the durability, portability, and the fact that it runs on batteries. This is one of the high sensitivity floor-standing speakers.

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Micca PB42X High Sensitivity Speakers

#3. Micca PB42X High Sensitivity Speakers

Another one of the best high sensitivity loudspeakers and a really great option when it comes to the high sensitivity speakers is the Micca PB42X.

These speakers have a 4-inch carbon fiber woofer and a silk dome tweeter. In terms of sensitivity, it is 85db 1W/1M which is pretty high up there. We really like these speakers because they are quite neutral and accurate and gives you amazing vocal clarity.

Also, they have a nice design that makes it very easy to just place in any room and have it blend in. You also get a nice bass response with very low distortion. And finally, we should mention that the amp is built into the speakers so you don’t have to bring in any additional wiring or equipment. This is really convenient and a dealbreaker for some people.

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#4. Alesis ELEVATE 5 Monitor Speakers

The Alesis Elevate 5 are nice monitor speakers that have both high sensitivity and are great monitor speakers for the bedroom or a desktop studio. These speakers have a separate high and low-frequency driver with crossover and it features 80 watts total with 40 watts per channel. The 4-inch woofer does a pretty good job in delivering rich tight bass.

Don’t expect anything crazy good with these speakers. For the price point, these are perfectly great at being monitor speakers that have high sensitivity. And given that they are monitor speakers, they do have a fairly flat frequency response curve and outputs all frequencies at equal levels.

By the way, the Alesis also called a high sensitivity subwoofer because of it stylish look.

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Aiwa Exos-9 Portable High Sensitivity Speaker

#5. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable High Sensitivity Speaker

Lastly, we have the Aiwa Exos-9, which is really nice and again one of the best speakers with high sensitivity if portability is your top priority. While they are not exactly cheap, we do think the quality of the sound is pretty good and really worth it. It features a nice 9 hours of battery life through its large 57.2 Wh lithium-ion battery that is removable. Also, it pushes over 200 watts through its 6.5-inch dual-voice coil subwoofer.

Furthermore, we find it relatively lightweight and can easily be carried around wherever you go without struggling. We like to call it a poor man’s Soundboks 2 (mentioned above). Also, we just want to mention that it has some high sensitivity and the Bluetooth connection works surprisingly well every time there’s a new device connection.

These speakers are also be called “high sensitivity speakers car” because they are mobile and small enough to fit in your vehicle, while you can use a phone and Bluetooth to connect to it. A great addition to your arsenal of speakers and a great speaker for picnics and outdoor activities. You can even use it for training or coaching sessions, it’s that easy to use.

A word of advice though, I would buy rechargeable batteries, like this, you do not need to buy batteries for a long while. And do not forget to get a battery charge too. My preference is to get a solar charger for my batteries, but this is my personal preference.

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What is a high sensitivity speaker?

I have answered this question above, but I want to make sure I get the point across. A high sensitivity speaker is a speaker that operates across the frequencies we can hear as human beings. These frequencies range between 20 to 20000 hertz. That’s all.


Have you ever wondered why some speakers are more expensive than others? The truth is that not all speakers are the same. They vary in quality and price range. From the materials used, to the size, shape, power, and design of the speaker. All of these factors make a difference in sound quality and performance.

However, not every person has the same preferences and needs when it comes to speakers. The above five selections of speakers with the highest sensitivity take the above different criteria and provide a varied set of speakers you can choose from. In putting this article together, we wanted to save you time and money on your search for the best high sensitivity speakers.

All of the speakers we highlighted above have been sold thousands of times and are great products. The only thing you need to do is to choose one of them and enjoy the music.

Note that there are second-hand high sensitivity speakers for sale out there. My advice is to no buy one of these as they may be damaged and you’ll only find out after payment that it is faulty. Why take the change? Just get a high sensitivity speaker kit that is new and you’ll get the benefit of a refund or even a good warranty. 


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