Best Harley Fairing Speakers

Want to add some music with one of the Best Harley Fairing Speakers? Is your Harley-Davidson so loud you can’t hear it anyway, right? Wrong! There are now speakers that attach to the Harley fairings and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tunes on the open road.

You want speakers that not only sound good but look good, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Harley fairing speakers.

Below are the speakers that I found work well on my Harley. I have spent over 50 hours researching these and I shortlisted the ones that are clear winners.

By the way, you may want Bluetooth capabilities, a waterproof rating, or a bass that will make you vibrate. Below, I made sure you have a mix of these features with some reviews of the top-rated speakers on the market to help you decide what would work best for you.

Now you have the brands, the prices, and the 5 top speakers, just choose the one that fits your Harley motorbike and start enjoying the ride.

#1. Rockford Fosgate Harley Fairing Speakers

If you are interested in the best speakers for Harley lower fairing, we think that the Rockford Fosgate Harley Fairing Speakers are the way to go.

Rockford Fosgate is a quality world-renowned brand and these speakers have a great mixture of sound quality and outdoor durability.

And to top it all off, they are definitely not overpriced, which is nice to know.

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Best Harley Fairing Speakers

#1. Rockford Fosgate Harley Fairing Speakers

When it comes to the best lower fairing speakers, we highly recommend you try out the Rockford Fosgate Harley Fairing Speakers. These are some of the smallest and loudest motorcycle fairing speakers on the market.

They have a great combination of good sound and protection. First and foremost, it is Rockford Fosgate, which is a world-renowned brand when it comes to speakers and acoustics as well as reliability.

You already know what you are getting into when you sign up.

These Harley fairing speakers feature 75 watts RMS and 150 watts max power and have this ultra-efficient 25mm dome tweeter.

They have this integrated phase plug for really clear highs. Furthermore, we find that these speakers are also incredibly weatherproof and will last through severe storms, winds, rain, snow, and whatever you throw at them.

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#2. XFMT Lower Vented Fairing 6.5″ Speakers

Next up, we have the XFMT Lower Vented Fairing Speakers, which are the best 6.5 speakers for Harley Davidson due to their amazing sound quality and output.

I repeat myself here, but these round speakers are definitely the best 6.5″ speakers for Harley lower fairing. You won’t believe this till you try them for yourselves.

They pack a nice punch with great mids and highs. The lows are nice and deep and well and surprisingly powerful for a 6.5-inch speaker.

When compared to the Rockford Fosgate’s, we actually have to hand it over to the XFMT best 6.5 speakers for Harley in terms of overall sound quality.

They just seem to sound a bit better in our opinion. However, everything does have a bit of a trade-off, and these speakers are way worse in bad weather and rain than the Rockford Fosgate’s. Again this is the best 6.5″ speaker for Harley at the moment. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I am speaking about. 

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Kenwood Harley Touring Fairing Speakers

#3. Kenwood Harley Excellon Speakers

The Kenwood Harley Excellon Speakers are some of the best fairing speakers because they strike a really good balance between sound and durability like the Rockford Fosgate’s.

While they are not the most durable out there, this Harley offer certainly does hold up well in bad weather conditions. They will definitely last through some good storms and are ok to keep in extreme heat or cold.

In terms of sound quality, we find that it is a little worse than the Rockford Fosgate’s mentioned above.

However, the durability is definitely on par if not better than the Rockford Fosgate’s. All in all, this speaker set works great and has that

Kenwood reliability that we all know and love. Also, the price is pretty good and we consider it a great bargain for this quality.

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Hogtunes Harley Fairing Speakers

#4. Hogtunes Harley Fairing Speakers

The Hogtunes Harley Fairing Speakers are certainly a nice set of speakers that is nice, lightweight, and cheap. These 5.25-inch speakers feature vented magnets for increased power handling.

We really like the fact that there’s this 1-inch titanium tweeter dome that makes it absolutely amazing for very smooth highs. In fact, the brilliant highs are what separates this speaker from the other brands.

The bass response is also quite alright and something worth mentioning. It is not something to really brag about, but it is definitely worth a mention.

And in terms of specs, these speakers are rated at 100 watts RMS power handling which is quite respectable for speakers of this size.

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Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Harley Speakers

#5. Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Harley Speakers

Lastly, we have the Rockford Fosgate TMS65, which is yet another Rockford Fosgate branded speaker that we can vouch for. These are full-range coaxial speakers with no mods needed.

One of the best talking points of these speakers is that they are incredibly easy to install and pretty much anyone can do it. They use your existing stock connectors and hardware.

You get a nice 75-watt RMS and 150-watt peak speaker that sound good and look pretty solid as well. They also fair well against the elements and any bad weather conditions.

If you want the reliability of a name brand and a pretty good bargain in terms of performance-to-price ratio, we think that these speakers are worth a try.

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Conclusions on the Best Harley Fairing Speakers

Harley Davidson has always been a symbol of freedom and individuality. So, it’s no surprise that you want to take your Harley to new heights with the best motorcycle fairing speakers available. What I mean is this:

“Just because you are on a Harley doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite tunes. There are many speakers that make the perfect addition to any biker’s bike. Whether you want something that looks rugged or sleek, there is a speaker for every style and budget. That’s why I put together the above list of some of the best Harley fairing speakers.”

For me, speakers are the most important part of the audio system for my Harley Davidson motorbike. I definitely need quality sound when I’m cruising down the highway.

The aforementioned selection of speakers makes it to the top of the list of speakers that I found after hours of research.

I have ensured that you have the widest choice and I personally included the best 6.5 speakers for Harley fairing as it seems we, as bikers, like the 6.5″ speaker size.

I don’t even know why we like these, but a lot of friends have these (and I have these too on one of my motorbikes, though I have the above five speakers – Yes guilty of loving the sound. I put my hands up). 


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