Best Audio Rack

Do you have an audio system that takes up a lot of space? A good way to store your audio system is to buy the best audio rack available on the market.

They provide a way for you to neatly organize and store your equipment, as well as make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for when in need. A great rack will keep your equipment high enough off the ground so that it doesn’t get dusty or damaged over time.

best audio rack

#1. Sanus Systems Audio Rack Stand

When it comes to the best audio rack, we highly recommend that you try out the Sanus Systems Audio Rack Stand. This audio rack is perfect for storing your audio equipment up to 100 pounds on the top shelf.

It has enough headroom for larger speakers as well. And lastly, the design is quite sleek and durable enough to not fade or rust over time.

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Best Audio Rack

Sanus Systems Audio Rack Stand

#1. Sanus Systems Best Audio Rack Stand

For those who are interested in the top audio rack, we think that the Sanus Systems Audio Rack Stand will do just the trick.

It has a nice sleek look with smooth chrome pillars. In terms of overall support, the bottom three shelves can support up to 75 pounds, and the top shelf can safely handle up to 100 pounds. This should be more than enough for any audio system that you have.

We also like the sleek black look of the shelves which definitely do a pretty good job of not fading too much over time, according to long-time user reports. Also, it has a nice and open design so that airflow is maximized and your audio equipment doesn’t overheat.

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#2. Pangea Audio Audio Rack

Next up, we have the Pangea Audio Rack, which is the best strong audio rack for those who want to go for something a little more premium with plenty of support for your audio components.

The standout feature is really that it looks nice and the devil is really in the details. Pictures just really don’t do it justice. You have to just see and feel this audio rack in person to understand.

These audio shelves are both wide and deep, which gives you more than enough room for your audio components and speakers.

The shelves actually don’t support as much weight as the Sanus Systems. However, we think the trade-off is that the Pangea’s just looks better and has a more “baller” look and feel to it.

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#3. BL Series Audio Rack

Another great option when it comes to the best audio rack is the BL Series Audio Rack. This audio rack has a premium cherry shelf finish that you obviously have to pay a premium for.

If you are looking for this kind of wood finish and look, then we suppose that the premium is definitely worth it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it is up to you to decide.

From a practical standpoint, we just can’t really justify the premium price tag and would rather save the money to buy better audio equipment.

However, we really just put this option here for those who really want that VIP look. Besides, it is also quite functional and extremely stable with lots of weight on it.

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#4. Samson SRK-12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand

The Samson SRK-12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand is yet another nice audio stand that is very useful. This thing has wheels and is built extra tough.

We like that you can also choose the different sizes you need. For us, we think that the 12 rack is the perfect size for most people’s needs. If aesthetics is your thing, this is not the right audio stand for you.

The standout feature is clearly that it can support a lot of weight and it is built pretty bulletproof. You have to assemble the racks yourself, giving you some freedom on the spacing to arrange your speakers and subwoofer.

Also, we just really like the heavy-duty wheels as the entire unit rolls very well even with some heavyweight on it. This is the ultimate practical tool for storing and transporting your audio equipment.

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Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Rack Tower

#5. Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Rack Tower

Lastly, we have the Nexera Jasper Audio Rack, which comes in a few nice colorways and has four open storage shelves. It is a kind of walnut audio rack without being made out of a walnut wood tree.

It is a great alternative to the BL Series audio rack mentioned above if you are going for that wood look but just can’t really justify paying a huge premium.

While the wood finish is clearly not on the same level as that of the BL Series, for all intents and purposes the Nexera Jasper will do and most people won’t mind.

Also, the durability is definitely there and it goes without saying that the Nexera supports a decent amount of weight. We also really like the fact that the shelves are adjustable so that you can adjust the height based on your speaker‘s size.

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Conclusions on the best audio rack mount

Since the invention of audio systems, people have been on a quest for a top audio rack. And that’s normal, and these show a little bit of your personal character to visitors. Everyone I know, and I include myself in this, like to have an exclusive custom audio rack to show their expensive audio player and speakers. We can find audio racks a bit everywhere too, such as in homes (obviously), businesses, and even restaurants.

As I said above, the use of a tiptop audio rack is a perfect way to show off your expensive equipment and these can be modified for any size room. In this article, we have provided 5 of the top audio rack brands. A number of variations of these racks were provided so that you can select the best one suited for your home.


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