Best Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

#1.ESP LTD TL-6N Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

For those who want the best hybrid nylon string guitar, the ESP LTD TL-6N is a crowd favorite and we can definitely see why: it just has the best combination of quality, performance, and price and offers the perfect value proposition.

Surely you can find better quality out there, but you have to pay crazy prices. This model is good enough for most people and that’s what really counts in the end.

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Best Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

#1. ESP LTD TL-6N Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

When it comes to the best hybrid nylon string guitar, we kindly have to hand it over to the ESP LTD TL-6N, which is in our opinion strikes the right balance between performance and costs.

Sure, the sky is the limit when it comes to guitars and in particular hybrid nylon string guitars. But we think the ESP LTD TL-6N is good enough for most people’s standards.

It boasts an alluring resonance and distinct style and has this beautiful maple-topped mahogany body that gives off a bright sound while achieving a well-balanced output. We think hybrid electrics are the perfect balance of quality for the money. It is truly the point of diminishing returns where more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

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#2. Ibanez Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

Next, we have something a little bit more affordable, which is the Ibanez Hybrid Nylon String Guitar. It is made of spruce top mahogany with mahogany back and sides.

Many people really like this model and think that it is the best hybrid nylon string guitar in terms of overall comfort. It is good for flat pickers all the way to finger stylists.

In terms of the overall sound, the Ibanez Hybrid gives you nice and warm, present lows while maintaining clearly defined highs. And of course, there’s plenty of room for midrange vocals. Perhaps the greatest selling point of this guitar is that it is pretty much the perfect “beater” guitar that doesn’t sound bad at all.

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#3.Cordoba Fusion 12 Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

Another really nice option when it comes to the best hybrid nylon string guitar is the Cordoba Fusions 12 Hybrid. It has a solid European spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This Fusion series is quite popular for those who want to merge the feel of a steel string with the tone of a classical guitar. In other words, it is designed to play and feel like steel string acoustics.

The thing that sets this hybrid crossover guitar out from the rest of the pack is that the necks are carved thinner than traditional Spanish-style classical guitars. So the slimmer dimensions give the Cordoba Fusion 12 the feel and playability that most electric and steel string players are used to.

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#4.Alvarez AC65HCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Alvarez AC65HCE is another hybrid nylon string guitar that we should consider adding to our arsenal of guitars. First and foremost, in our opinion, this is just a beautifully made guitar and if anything it can be considered art in our opinion. And we do believe that many others would agree.

Many people like the Alvarez AC65HCE because it is incredibly easy to play as a modern steel string guitar as well as gives you that nylon string classical guitar bass growl and treble. And for what it’s worth, we think that the price is very reasonable, and the durability and quality are a cut above the other guitars in the same price range.

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Best Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

#5.Kremona S63CW Hybrid Nylon String Guitar

Lastly, there is the Kremona S62CW Hybrid Guitar, which is made of a solid western red cedar top and mahogany body. It is just a beautifully made guitar and although it is a bit pricey, the quality definitely reflects back. There is definitely a learning curve on this guitar, but once you get it, the sky is the limit.

We like how this guitar is designed with crazy attention to detail in Bulgaria and sounds great unplugged and even better when you plug it in. If you have some more money to splurge and just want a very high-end hybrid, this is one of the better guitars to splurge on.

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