Best Resonator Strings

#1.D’Addario EXP42 Resophonic Guitar Strings

If you want the best resonator strings, the D’Addario EXP42 is one of the better options out there. This set of strings gives you a very nice warm and bright sound that is not too overpowering. It is also probably the most durable string out of all of the others we tested and pretty good value for the money.

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Best Resonator Strings

#1. D’Addario EXP42 Resophonic Guitar Strings

For those who are looking for the best resonator strings, we highly recommend the D’Addario brand. The EXP42 16-56 series is the perfect start as it is warm, bright, well-balanced, and highly durable. When it comes to coated strings, we prefer D’Addario over other brands. Most brands wind and then boat their strings, while D’Addario does it the other way around.

In coating the strings and then winding them up, the coating stays on much longer and won’t flake off so easily. They also don’t sound coated and have a bit of a natural squeak. In general, we would say that these strings are amazing right out of the pack. And they sound even better when aged a bit. They are not too bright and not too mellow, so right in between.

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#2. Dunlop DOP1656 Resonator Strings

Another great brand when it comes to the best resonator strings is Dunlop. The DOP1656 is a great set of resonator strings that are coated in phosphor bronze. In our opinion, the resonator strings are some of Dunlop’s top products and they do a good job of making them. They are bright and consistent and the resonance is perfect.

Another great reason to get these resonator strings is that they tune up nicely and stay tuned better than most of the other strings out there. And finally, we like the fact that it is packaged extremely well. Each set of strings is sealed with VCI fresh technology and packaged with three levels of moisture protection.

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#3. Black Diamond Bronze Resonator Guitar Strings

Next, we have the Black Diamond Bronze Resonator Guitar Strings, which are the best resonator strings for those who are going for great sound and quality. Overall, this is a brand you can count on and trust. It has been in business for over 100 years and has been making quality products since its inception.

The N780 resonator guitar strings are wound with pure Phosphor Bronze wire for an amazing tone. We think it is safe to say that the standout feature is the build quality. Not only do they sound nice and play extremely well, but they are also built to last. Although it is not as durable as the D’Addario EXP42, it holds its weight over time.

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#4. John Pearse JP3100 Resophonic

We like the John Pearse JP3100 Resophonic, which is the best resonator string for those who are looking for shimmering highs and solid bass tones. Overall, we like the tone and we think the brightness is balanced with strong lows and mids. This makes these strings good for both flat-picking and finger-picking.

We think that these strings are a bit of a hidden gem. They are nice and cheap, but the good thing is they sound just as good if not better than strings that are at least double their retail price. One thing to note is that these are non-coated strings and some people may not like the finger squeak noise that comes out of them.

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#5. Elixir Strings Bronze Resonator Acoustic

Lastly, we have the Elixir Strings Bronze Resonator Acoustic, which is constructed with 80% copper and 20% zinc. These strings give you a nice remarkably clear mid-range presence. We like it because it gives you that played-in sound with a warm and robust tone. Another thing we like is that these string maintain their original feel and sound much longer than others.

With the mixing of copper and zinc, these strings give you a smoother and more mellow tone than normal phosphor bronze strings, so it’s a bit of a change-up from the norm. Finally, we like the fact that there’s an ultra-thin poly web coating that keeps these strings sounding fresh and newer than most other strings.

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