Best Bass Practice Amp

best bass practice amp

Fender Rumble 15

The Fender Rumble 15 is the best bass practice amp because it has that nice Fender tone packaged in a little lightweight unit. This 15 watt bass combo amp is the perfect bass practice amp with its great craftsmanship and tone shaping controls.

8.5 Total Score

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Ease of Use

While getting a large bass amp is certainly powerful and mind blowing, it may not be so practical for everyday use. When you bring it back to your studio or practice area, you will probably want a bass amp that is suitable for a practicing environment. Some people will say these bass amps are for beginners, but we like to think of them as bass amps that are suited for your smaller venues.

Of course you can always just use a large bass amp and turn down the volume, but this may also mean that you lose some tone quality such as distortion and overdrive, that sound the best at high gain. By using a dedicated practice bass amp, you can have a pretty portable device while still being able to preserve a rich sound. Furthermore, if you end up getting the best bass practice amp, you can even use it for gigs at small venues.

The most features of the best bass micro combo amp or the best bass amp for beginners may not be just the one that sounds the best. Since you are practicing alone or trying to learn a part or a technique, tone is far less important than you think. Don’t get us wrong here as we are not saying sound and tone are not important. Just don’t get caught up on it. We think you should also consider other features such as size, headphone output, aux input, transparent sound, and price.

In general, you should be focusing on bass combo amps for practicing. This means you have the amp itself and speakers in one unit or cabinet. Power ratings should range from 20 watts to 100 or 200. On the practice side of things, you should aim at smaller speaker configurations at around 3 to 5 inches. But don’t worry about the size, you would be surprised by the amount of bass the smaller speakers can actually produce. For a bass practice amp, you want something really lightweight, so something in the 25 to 50 pound ballpark.

Best Bass Practice Amp

Fender Rumble 15

best bass practice amp

If you want the best bass practice amp for all occasions, the Fender Rumble 15 is definitely the way to go. You can really go wrong with the legendary Fender tone and with the Rumble 15, you can have it all in a nice portable package.

This bass practice combo amp has an eight inch aux input jack so that you can plug in an external audio source and shred along with some music. Also, the Rumble 15 has headphone output so you can practice privately with headphones.

Keep in mind that the Fender Rumble Series comes in many different sizes and we recommend the 15 watt Rumble 15 as a bass combo practice amp. With the 15 watt Rumble 15, you are looking at an extremely lightweight unit at 16 pounds. Also, we really like the 3 band EQ on top of the unit that helps you shape you tone.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Fender Rumble 15. It is made with Fender quality material and has a great overall build and expert craftsmanship. The tone is superb for your bass and the wattage and power ratings are just right for solo practicing to shredding with your band.

– 15 Watt Bass Combo Amp
– Headphone Output
– Aux input
– 3 Band EQ


Peavey Max 126 Bass Combo Amp

best bass practice amp

The Peavey Max 126 is the best bass practice amp you can get if you want a 10 watt 4 ohms combo amp. We like the Max Series of bass combo amps from Peavey because they deliver huge bass tones with the patented Psycho acoustic low end enhancement technology. This allows the unit to add bass without increasing the size of the speakers.

The Max Series comes in 5 different sizes and power ratings. As the entry level bass combo amp, the Max 126 is the perfect 10 watt amp for practicing. It is also just merely 12 pounds, so peanuts to carry around with you.

Another cool feature of the Peavey Max 126 is the vintage gain control. With the patented TransTube circuitry built into the unit, the Max 126 gives you a nice little tube amp overdrive gain effect. And of course there are other features like a 2 band EQ, DDT compressions, headphone out and aux in.

– 10 Watts @ 4 ohms
– 12 pounds
– Vintage gain boost control
– 2 band EQ


Ampeg 20 Watt 8 inch Bass Combo Amp

best bass practice amp

If you want to sacrifice a little portability for a much more powerful bass practice unit, the Ampeg BA-108 is the best bass practice amp for you. With this bass practice amp, you get 20 watts of RMS power which fuels the 8 inch Ampeg custom speakers. Additionally, the cabinet design is pretty rugged and features a true 60 degree sound reinforcement monitor angle. What this essentially goes is direct sound better in small spaces and gives you more clarity.

It goes without saying that the Ampeg BA-108 gives you the classic Ampeg Tone with the legacy Ampeg preamps, tone stack circuits and matching speakers all in one box. Also, you have a headphone out for silent practicing and an aux in for playing along with music. Finally, with the Ampeg BA-108, you have a 3 band EQ that is front facing to further fine tune and shape your tone.

Overall, this is a great bass practice amp for most spaces. Although it is a bit on the heavier side weighing in at 28 pounds, it is not so heavy that you break your back carrying it around. And we think the boost in watt rating is definitely worth the extra few pounds.

– 20 Watt @ 8 ohms
– 60 degree sound reinforcement monitor angle
– 3 Band front facing EQ
– 28 pounds


Sawtooth 10 Watt Bass Combo Amp

best bass practice amp

If you want the best bass practice amp and you are on an extreme budget, the Sawtooth 10-Watt amp is the way to go. This is a great little beginner bass amp for those who want to jam in their homes or at practice without disturbing neighbors. It’s total out power RMS is 10 watts at 4 ohms impedance. The speaker size is 6.5 inches in diameter, which is enough for most situations.

With the Sawtooth 10 Watt, you get the barebone essentials of any bass practice amp. There are volume, gain, and drive knobs as well as a 3 bands EQ control. You have 6.35 mono input jacks and a 6.35 stereo headphone hack.

To be fair, we can’t really vouch for the tone and sound of this amp as it really is a beginner practice amp. While audiophiles would frown upon this amp, we view it more as a super cheap bass practice amp you don’t mind beating around. It’s saving gracing is that it doesn’t produce a lot of hum.

– 10 Watts @ 4 ohms
– 6.5 inch speakers
– 3 Band EQ
– Super cheap


VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amp

best bass practice amp

The VOX PB10 is the bass practice amp for under 100 dollars. It is one of the newest member of the Pathfinder family from Vox. What separates the PB10 from the rest of the bass practice amps we recommend is that it features a dual speaker system with superior tone controls.

The VOX Bass 10 is rated 10 Watts from a pair of 5 inch VOX bulldog speakers. We love the fact that you get two speakers in this combo amp because it really helps bring out certain tones. Additionally, the VOX really shines in its ability to shape your tone with the bright switch, drive control and 2 band EQ.

Where the VOX really shines is the tone, which is full and loud as opposed to lousy and noisy like most cheap combo amps. It also helps that it has a nice vintage look and the thin cabinet depth helps you tuck it away easily. Finally, it is pretty lightweight, coming in at just around 15 pounds.

– Superior tone
– 10 Watts from two 5 inch speakers
– Bright switch and drive control
– Full tone



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