Best Dremel Tool

best dremel tool

1. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool

If you want the best dremel tool, you should stick to the original brand. We really like the portable cordless 8220 model because it has great battery life, stellar performance, and is extremely versatile in many situations. It also feels sturdy and comfortable in your hands.


Why do you need the Best Dremel Tool?

best dremel toolIf you are looking for a versatile small power tool that can cut, polish, engrave, sand, and shape, chances are you are looking for the best dremel tool. A dremel tool really comes in handy when an angle grinder is a just too much power and a hand file is not enough. These tools are actually called rotary tools and Dremel is simply a brand that has become the most popular.

It is the same way a thermos bottle is really an insulated water bottle, but Thermos is just a brand that became popular. The good part about rotary tools is that they are handheld, so they can get into a lot of small spaces and cut things like nails, and bolts, and make small slots in metals and screws. Dremel tools are usually available as both corded and uncorded.

The versatility of this tool is amazing as it can be used on wood, metal, plastic, and even glass. There are two types of Dremel tools: basic rotary and cut-out tools. Basic rotary tools are lighter, have more stability, and are good for detailed work such as engravings and shaping.  Cut-out tools are heavier, and more powerful, but less stable and are used for cutting through the material. When choosing the best dremel tool, you should consider the following factors: ergonomics, performance, compactness, and versatility. Generally speaking, performance and compactness are inversely correlated.  If you want power, you will need a bulkier rotary tool. Also, look for rotary tools that are versatile and come with many functions and bits.

Best Dremel Tool Reviews

  1. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool (Top Pick)
  2. WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft
  3. Black & Decker RTX-B 3-Speed RTX Rotary Tool Kit

1. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool

best dremel toolThe Dremel 8220 is the best dremel tool if you want something that is cordless. You can either buy the stand-alone tool with basic attachments or the complete set with a full range of accessories. We recommend getting the full range of attachments as it the basic accessories are only a starter kit.

The Dremel 8220 runs off of Lithium Ion batteries, which are included and deliver power at 12 Volts. It has a speed range of 5,000 – 33,000 RPM variable, which is a much wider range than its predecessors. There is a slider that you can set at speeds in the RPM range and a separate on/off switch. And unlike many older rotary tools, the Dremel 8220 comes with an EZ twist nose wrench, which allows for fast accessory changes.

This rotary tool has great ergonomics as it has a 360 grip zone and feels very comfortable and sturdy in your hands. And because it is cordless, it is very portable and quite lightweight. In terms of battery life, it has 33% more than its predecessor the Dremel 8200. The battery life is pretty good and normally lasts about an hour. However, if you are running it non-stop while engraving, you will probably get at most 30 minutes on a full charge. This is actually quite good compared to its competitors so we are definitely not complaining about the battery life.

In terms of power, the Dremel 8220 has a surprising amount of power for a cordless tool. With all of the bits and attachments, you can pretty much rip through anything and get all of your engraving, polishing, and sanding. We have never encountered a situation where we need more power. And if we did, we would probably use an oscillating saw or sawzall. We recommend you get the accessories as they are quite nice and are fitted for the Dremel.

In terms of attachments, we really like the Flex Shaft, as you can do engravings and shape with ease with this attachment. The flex shaft is small and easy to handle. Overall, we really like the Dremel 8220. It is the best portable rotary tool that has great battery life, excellent performance, plenty of versatility, and great ergonomics.


2. WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft

best dremel toolThe WEN 2305 is the best dremel tool if you are looking for a corded rotary tool. It features a 120V, 60 Hz, 1 Amp motor, which delivers plenty of power. It has variable speeds of 8,000 – 30,000 RPM which is a good speed range. You can get it with the flex shaft, which we recommend.

It is a tube-like shaft that attaches to the rotary tool and allows you to hold it like a pen and do precision engravings. There are 100 pieces of accessories that come with the tool including sanding disks, dressing stones, cut-off wheels, sander bands, drum sanders, mandrels, and more. The WEN 2305 also has a spindle lock that makes changing out bits and accessories extremely easy.

Compared to a cordless rotary tool, the WEN 2305 is definitely more powerful. It gets any job done and feels great in your hands. It is lightweight enough so that it doesn’t hurt your hands if you hold it for a while. And the cord is long enough to reach tough spots in case you don’t have an outlet readily available. When comparing the WEN 2305 to the cordless Dremel 8220, the WEN 2305 offers better control and more performance. The trade-off is you lose a bit of versatility because Dremel offers more accessories and you lose on portability.  Otherwise, if you have a workstation and don’t intend to move around too much, the WEN 2305 is the best dremel tool for you.


3. Black & Decker RTX-B 3-Speed RTX Rotary Tool Kit

best dremel toolThe Black & Decker RTX-B is the best dremel tool if you want a cheap corded rotary tool that will accomplish most tasks. The key selling point of the RTX-B is value. You are getting great value for the amount of money invested in this. It offers 3 speeds at 12k, 24k, and 30k RPM, which is enough for most jobs. Changing out accessories is extremely easy because of the convenient flip-lock spindle system.

Also, with the universal collet system, the RTX-B can take in pretty much any accessory on the market. It has a 120 V 2 Amp motor, which delivers plenty of power. This is more powerful than many of the corded rotary tools on the market and it comes at a cheaper price. So why is it so cheap? First of all, the RTX-B only includes 5 accessories, so you have to buy your own aftermarket accessories, which could end up costing a lot.

Also, the build quality and ergonomics are not so great, so it may not hold up in situations where you need precision and control over power. The unit feels a bit bulky in your hands, but it is nothing too crazy and shouldn’t really deter you from the task at hand. Also, we find that the RTX-B gets hot pretty fast after continuous use. This is something that you won’t catch in the specifications of the product. So if you are willing to put up with some annoying issues and don’t care about maxing out the performance, the RTX-B offers fantastic value.


What can you use a Rotary Tool for?

best dremel toolThere are many functions of the rotary tool that is really impossible to list all of them. Let’s just say you can be very creative with it. In general, you can use it on anything that needs grinding or cutting. Some common uses include removing rust, polishing any material including jewelry, cutting and shaping wood, plastic, and fiberglass, and sanding any material.

You can use it to make holes, dents, and etchings on metals and even re-draw the etching on dull screws so they can be taken out. With an etching attachment, you can pretty much engrave anything you want on any material. You can even use it for barbequing, cutting p meat, or sharpening your knife or chainsaw.

As you can see, dremel tools are very versatile. However, you need to make sure that either your dremel tool set comes with lots of attachments and bits or that you can buy attachments that will fit your rotary tool. It doesn’t make sense to use an outdated model that can’t fit modern-day attachments.

Choosing the Best Dremel Tool

best dremel toolPower: Power is probably the first thing you want to look at when considering the best Dremel tool. More importantly, you should look at tools that have variable speeds instead of one fixed speed. You should look at rotary tools that perform well at both high speeds and low speeds.

Some material requires high speeds and some material needs low speeds, so you need a rotary tool that can be extremely versatile. If you can, avoid rotary tools with single speeds since sometimes they will rotate too fast for delicate material. In general, single-speed dremel tools like the Dremel 100 will have single-speed rotors. The trade-off is that it will be small, easy to use, and cheap.

Corded vs Cordless: Next, you should consider whether or not you want a corded or cordless rotary tool. These days, there is no longer a significant power discrepancy between corded and cordless tools. Really, the choice comes down to whether or not you want the portability. Most of the cordless tools take lithium-ion batteries, which are not quite efficient and can run for a while without needing a charge. But still, you will have to charge the lithium-ion batteries often if you plan on using your rotary tool often, so this inconvenience is something you should consider when picking the best dremel tool.

Ergonomics: You should consider how comfortable is and how it feels in your hand as well. Since you will be using your rotary tool often, make sure it has plenty of grip and control. This is often one thing that is overlooked by many new buyers. People often underestimate the importance of having a rotary tool that feels good in your hands. If your hands get sore or cramped from holding them, it could potentially lead to unnecessary errors in your work. Make sure you find a dremel tool that is comfortable and reliable.

Versatility: You should really consider dremel tools that come with a variety of bits. These bits should allow you to crave, engrave, sand, cut, sharpen, clean, and polish. You have diamond dremel bits that can be used for hard materials, high-speed cutters, sanding bands and drums, abrasive cutting wheels, fiberglass cutting wheels, dremel mandrels, grinding stones, polishing felts, wheels, and cones. Our point is, there are many types of dremel bits out there. Be sure you consider whether or not your rotary tool comes with them or not. Also, make sure your dremel tool is adaptable to fit a variety of accessories. You never know what bit you will use for certain occasions.


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