Best Christmas Train Set Reviews in 2024 – Buying Guide & FAQ

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your Christmas decor, a train set is a timeless choice. But it can be difficult to determine which train set is the best for your Christmas tree. Luckily, there are a variety of options available to ensure you find the perfect train set that fits your taste and budget.

For instance, one of the best train set for Christmas tree is the Lionel Polar Express train set. This iconic train set includes an engine, three cars, a remote control, and features authentic train sounds. It’s perfect for families and train enthusiasts alike and is sure to be a holiday favorite. For those who prefer a more traditional toy train, the Bachmann Trains – Jingle Bell Express is another great option. This train set features a classic steam engine and festive holiday decorations on the cars.

It is worth noting that Christmas tree train sets have come a long way from their inception in the early 20th century. Today’s train sets feature modern technology, allowing for realistic sounds and intricate details. Whether you’re looking for a realistic steam train or a festive toy train, there’s a train set perfect for your Christmas tree.

Now, as there are so many different Xmas model trains out there, it is sometimes difficult to select a train. This is why we have put together the 10 best Christmas Tress train sets for you to choose from.

#1. Bachmann Night Before Christmas Tree Train Set

For those who are interested in the best Christmas train set, we think that you should give the Bachmann Night Before Christmas Train Set a try. This model train set is ready to run and has a really nice Christmas theme that will put a smile on everyone’s face. It has really nice details and is made of the best materials, which won’t chip, crack, peel, or fade over time. It runs very smoothly although it is a little hard to put together at times.

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Best Christmas Train Sets

What is the use of the Best Christmas Tree Train Set?

These train sets typically consist of a moving train that runs on a track around the Christmas tree. The track may be circular, oval, or even creatively shaped to fit the space. Note that Xmas tree train sets are available in different types, either electric trains that require plugging into the wall or battery-powered models. You can also find old-school manual wooden train sets or modern ones that kids can move themselves (though they are fewer of these nowadays).

The point of the best train for under Christmas tree set is purely decorative, serving as an extra touch to enhance the magic of Christmas tree decor. Around the Christmas tree, the train chugs away, seemingly transporting gifts and goodies to various destinations. On Christmas morning, the sight of the train set chugging around the tree adds an extra level of excitement and wonder. Whether a child’s toy or a more elaborate model, finding the set to suit your decoration theme and preferences promises a festive touch to your seasonal celebrations, enhancing the joy and charm of the Christmas season.


best Christmas train set

#1. Bachmann Night Before – Best Christmas Tree Train Set – Best Battery Powered

When it comes to the best Christmas train set, we highly recommend that you try out the Bachmann Night Before Christmas Train Set. This train set just looks really good and puts you in the Christmas spirit. This is a ready-to-run electric train set that includes a holiday-decorated gondola car, a Merry Christmas bobber caboose, and a Santa figure. It is all powered by a 4-6-0 Steam Era Locomotive.

Most people really like this train set and think that it looks really great. It also operates just fine and the train doesn’t really derail that often, so the tracks definitely work alright. The only real issue we have with it is that it is a little difficult to put together and for those just starting out the in-model trains, it could be even harder.


  • Has functional headlights
  • Great Xmas gift
  • Need one single 9V battery
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not be durable
  • The track could bend with time

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#2. Lionel The Polar Express Train Set To Run – Best Themed

Next up, we have the Lionel The Polar Express Train Set, which is the best Christmas train set for those who really want a really nice Christmas-themed train set with intricate details. This Christmas train set includes a 2-8-4 locomotive and all of the bells and whistles that go along with it to make it incredibly realistic.

In particular, we really like that it has amazingly realistic sounds that come from movie sound clips. The passenger car features nice internal lighting and a decorated drumhead on the observation car. You also get a rounded observation platform and a nice forward and reverse speed control knob. Overall, if you like the look, you should definitely invest in this train set.


  • Really fun
  • Great interactive pieces
  • Sounds really realistic
  • Bluetooth works nicely
  • Great brand


  • Not ideal for small spaces
  • Sometimes some rails don’t align

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#3. Disney Park 35 Piece Christmas Train Set – Best For Children

Another really nice option when it comes to the best Christmas train set is the Disney Park 35-Piece Christmas Train Set. This train set is suitable for pretty much all ages and has a nice Christmas theme. While it is certainly not a professional model train set by any stretch of the imagination, what we really like about it is that it works all the time, it doesn’t derail and kids just love it.

Sure it is made of cheaper plastic than most of the other model train sets that we recommend, but most kids won’t even care as long as they are enjoying themselves. Overall, we think the train is quite sturdy, has really nice realistic sounds, and the track is pretty easy to put together as well.


  • Solid pieces
  • Colorful
  • Nice Disney representation
  • Can be used all year around


  • It’s not all about Xmas

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#4. Pusiti Classic Christmas Train Set – Best High-Quality Plastic

The Pusiti Classic Christmas Train Set is a really nice option for those who are more budget-minded and just can’t really justify paying big money for a pro-model train set. For most people who just want something around during Christmas time or just any occasion, we think the Pusiti Classic is good enough. It is fairly stable and looks pretty good for its cheap entry-level cost.

You get a total of 6 curved and 4 straight track pieces that can be combined in three different ways such as a circle, oval, or even a parallelogram. Ok, sure we will admit the train pieces just aren’t nearly as detailed and the quality isn’t nearly as good as some of the other sets mentioned above. However, the price is much better.


  • Non-toxic
  • No small parts for kids’ safety
  • Meets ASTM safety standards


  • Drain the batteries quickly

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Bachmann Jingle Bell Express Train Set

#5. Bachmann Jingle Bell Express Train Set – Best Jingle Bell

Lastly, we have the Bachmann Jingle Bell Express Train Set, which is one of the more affordable entry-level professional model trains sets out there and great for beginners. It is powered by a 0-6-0 steam-era locomotive and includes a bunch of nice trains like a single dome tank car, a box car, an off-set cupola caboose, and a quad hopper car.

While it is still a Bachmann-branded model train set, sure the quality is a bit below Bachmann standards. However, we just really like the price and think that it is very reasonable for the quality. If you like the look of this Christmas train set, you should be ok with the quality as long as you keep your expectations a little low.


  • Easy to setup
  • Does not feel flimsy
  • Plastic parts are durable
  • Easy to control


  • Not to be used on uneven floor

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Best remote controlled Train Set

#6. Cute Stone Remote ControlTrain Set – Best Remote-Controlled

The Cute Stone Remote Control Train Set is one of the best remote-controlled train sets for around and under the tree. This high-quality plastic train set is recommended for children aged two and above and is designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment. With this set, you can add water to the locomotive and watch as smoke generates from the chimney, providing a realistic effect.

Featuring real sounds and lights that can be turned off, this train set is both entertaining and educational. The high-quality tracks make a circular layout that is easy to install and won’t derail easily. The set runs on eight AA batteries and weighs 4.02lb, making it easy to move around and play with.

Perfect for children who love trains and for parents who want to give their children an engaging and interactive toy to play with, the Cute Stone Remote Control Train Set is a great option for anyone looking for a fun and entertaining toy that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Get yours today and place it at the bottom of your Christmas tree for an added festive touch.


  • Can make great sounds like a real steam train
  • Remote controlled for better mobility
  • Long-lasting


  • Tracks cannot be assembled into a circle

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CubicFun Train Set

#7. CubicFun LED Christmas Train Set – Best For Imaginative Play

The CubicFun LED Christmas Train Set is the perfect addition to your Christmas decoration collection. It is made of high-quality plastic and features a 3D design that shows the real effects of lights, music, and smoke. This beautifully crafted train set includes 3 train cars, a caboose, gifts, bells, Santa, elves, tracks, and reindeer.

The train set features a ‘real-smoke’ like effect made from cotton, making it an indoor-safe toy for your child. Your child can also enjoy the melodies like ‘Jingle Bells’ that play along when the train hits the track. Moreover, the train set runs on 3 AAA batteries which will help enhance the decoration with colorful LED lights.

This train set is sure to provide hours of imaginative play for your child and is the best option to stimulate their creativity and bring a smile to their face. Get this beautiful train set for your little ones and let them relish in the magic and joy of the holiday season.


  • Comes with a Christmas card for writing your wishes
  • Lights up in 7 colors
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Made with a non-toxic finish


  • Have small parts included to avoid children
  • Batteries not included

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Steam Engine Train Set

#8. Hornby Santa’s Express Christmas Toy Train Set – Best Steam Engine

The Hornby Santa’s Express Christmas Toy Train set is sure to bring the Christmas spirit to your home this present season. The Santa’s Express features the best steam engine designed as a red locomotive with highly detailed graphics. It also comes complete with a wagon full of gifts, taking the realism of this train set to the next level.

This Christmas train set is made from high-quality plastic, metal and weighs only 2.6lb. It is easy to handle and install. Designed with the holiday season in mind, it is perfect for placing under your tree. With a circular track that measures 17x13x4in, this train set is perfect for getting everyone in the Christmas spirit.

The Hornby Santa’s Express Set must be one of the best under the tree train sets that are perfect for the holiday season. Installation is easy, and the set comes with easy-to-understand instructions.


  • Safe for beginners
  • Brightly colored
  • Can be paired with additional Hornby tracks
  • Includes a US transformer that plugs into the wall


  • Require frequent restarting of the engine

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Best model with lights

#9. Atlasonix Christmas Train Set – Best With Lights

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Atlasonix Christmas Train Set. This train construction set is the perfect addition to your holiday decor. You can place the train under your tree during the holidays as a gift for a friend or have it circle around a tree on Christmas morning.

This train set is the best with lights and is sure to capture the attention of children and adults alike. The train comes with a steam engine, train cars, and a hand-operated rail car with two of Santa’s elves. The elves are ready to help Santa on his journey to deliver presents to children around the world.

The train is not just a sight to behold. It also makes realistic sounds and has flashing lights and real steam, making it a delight to the senses. The tracks can be customized to create three different shapes, allowing you to create a unique train journey for your family and friends.

The Atlasonix Christmas Train Set is a must-have for any home during the holiday season. It is an excellent way to add some festive cheer to your home and bring the Christmas spirit around. Get your hands on this train set today and enjoy watching the joy it brings to your loved ones.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in two color options
  • Three shape options for the track
  • Made of non-toxic, child-safe materials


  • Tracks are sometimes a little flimsy
  • Steam may have a smoky odor

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Lego Train Set

#10. LEGO Creator Christmas Train Set with Full Circle Track – Best Not Motorized

Introducing the LEGO Creator Christmas Train Set with Full Circle Track. This is the only non-motorized train set presented here, making it the best option for those who want a traditional train experience without the added noise and hassle of a motor.

This set includes a locomotive, a caboose, and five minifigures: a locomotive driver, a ticket collector, a grandmother, a boy, and a girl. It also comes with festive green wreaths, decorative lights, and buildable micro toys for the mini figures to enjoy.

However, if you want to add some excitement to your train set, you can easily turn this LEGO train into a motorized train set with a Power Functions motor (not included).

Measuring over 4” high, 20” long, and 2” wide, with a curved rail track diameter of over 27”, this set is perfect for boys and girls over the age of 12 years old and adults of all ages. With 734 pieces, this train set will not only provide hours of fun but also serve as a beautiful Christmas decoration for your home. Choose the LEGO Creator Christmas Train Set with Full Circle Track, the classic and colorful addition to your holiday collection


  • Great fun to mount
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice color theme


  • Non-motorized

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What to look for before buying your Christmas Train – Buyer’s Guide

Here are 6 features to consider before buying a Christmas tree train set:

  1. Colors and accessories
  2. Sound
  3. Size
  4. Power source
  5. Safety
  6. Shape

1. Colors and accessories of a Christmas train set

The colors and accessories of a Christmas tree train set are essential to create a festive atmosphere. A brightly-colored locomotive is a perfect choice for the centerpiece of your train set. Adding some miniature Xmas trees around your Christmas tree will give a more realistic look to the whole scene. Furthermore, including a sign to wish you a Merry Christmas would make it more beautiful and exciting.

Note that it is essential to make sure that the train color and accessories are festive enough to add more joy to the holiday spirit. When selecting a train set, you may want to buy one with many accessories like Xmas trees, gifts, people, animals, etc. These things help to make the scene more dynamic, and it would be easier to switch out pieces as time goes on. Getting a train set that fits your family’s preferences is paramount. The holidays are a time to spend with loved ones and create lasting memories. The decoration of your Christmas tree train set can add to those memories. So, invest some time in choosing the perfect Christmas train set, carefully selecting the colors and accessories that suit your style.

2. Sound of a model train

Some of the trains come with different sounds and music. And it is true that the sound of a Christmas tree train set is truly magical. As soon as you hear the authentic train sounds and announcements, you know that the holiday season has officially arrived. The chug-chug of the locomotive and the whistle blowing in the distance create a warm and nostalgic ambiance that transports us back to our childhood memories. The rhythmic movement of the train circling around the base of the tree mesmerizes and entertains us, both young and old.

The addition of Xmas music, such as Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, enhances the festive atmosphere, creating a delightful sensory experience. With each pass of the train set, the sound of the engine grows louder, adding to the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning. The sound of a Christmas tree train set never fails to put a smile on our faces and adds a touch of whimsy to our holiday decor. It’s a time-honored tradition that will continue to be cherished for generations to come. So as we approach this holiday season, let us take a moment to appreciate the magic of the sound of a Christmas tree train set and the joy it brings to our homes and to our hearts.

3. Size of a best Christmas train

When it comes to setting up a Christmas Tree Train Set, the size of the train is a key factor to consider. The bigger the tree, the bigger the train you should pick to complement the overall Christmas decoration. Luckily, there are many sizes and styles available on the market, ranging from small, compact trains to larger, more intricate models. It is important to find one that not only fits well around a Christmas tree, but also fits within your budget and meets your personal tastes.

One popular choice is the Holiday Train, which typically features festive colors and designs along with the iconic image of Santa Claus. This type of train adds a touch of fun and whimsy to any holiday decor. Some may prefer the bigger train track sizes for a more prominent display, while others may prefer a smaller set that is easier to manage and store. Ultimately, the size of the Christmas Tree Train Set you select will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Regardless of what you choose, the train set is sure to bring joy and excitement to your holiday season.

4. Power source train sets for under the Christmas tree

When it comes to the power source of a Christmas tree train set, there are two options available – electric and battery-powered. Note that most ready-to-play train sets often come with an electric train track. This means that the train needs to be plugged into an adapter to run. This can be a convenient option as it eliminates the need for constantly changing batteries.

However, some people might prefer the flexibility that battery-powered trains offer. These trains require regular battery changes, but they can be moved around more easily and do not require access to an electrical outlet. The set usually comes with batteries for the train, but it is always good to have some extra batteries on hand just in case.

Ultimately, the choice between electric and battery-powered trains comes down to personal preference and convenience. Those who are willing to trade a bit of flexibility for convenience might opt for an electric-powered train, while those who prefer to have more freedom of movement might choose a battery-powered option. Either way, these train sets are sure to add some joy and holiday spirit to any home during the festive season.

5. Safety of a toy train set

Purchasing a Christmas tree train set comes with responsibility. That’s why safety is of the utmost importance, especially if children will be playing with it. Fortunately, there are many sets available that meet the American Safety Standards. It’s important to ensure that the train set you choose is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, especially if it will be used by young children who might put the pieces in their mouths.

While some sets might be more expensive than others, it’s essential to remember that safety is worth the investment. When it comes to setting up the train under the tree, it’s important to make sure that the train and tracks are secure and won’t easily be knocked over. Sets designed for under the tree typically come with compliance with ASS standards (American Safety Standards), so it’s a good idea to look for that when shopping.

If you already own a train set and plan to set it up under the tree, you may need to purchase additional safety sets to ensure that everything stays secure. Ultimately, as long as you prioritize safety when selecting and setting up your Christmas tree train set, it will provide hours of festive and joyous fun for the whole family to enjoy during the holiday season.

6. Shape of the train tracks

One of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a toy train set is the shape of the train, trees, and all accessories. These details are what make the set look realistic and appealing. The set of tracks comes in various shapes, such as oval, circles, or even creatively shaped layouts. This allows the train to fit under any Christmas tree and adds a festive touch to the holiday decor.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a Christmas train set on the carpet?

No. While it might seem easy to just set the train around your tree, it’s not advisable to do so without proper insulation. Train tracks can spark, which can be a fire hazard when combined with carpet and other flammable items. To ensure safety, it’s best to isolate the train tracks from the carpet. Fortunately, insulation doesn’t have to be permanent or expensive. Simply using a sheet of wood to separate the tracks and trains from the floor itself can be enough to ensure that sparks don’t catch on the carpet.

Not only will this protect your home, but it also ensures that your train set will remain functional for years to come. This can be especially important if the train set is a cherished Christmas gift or a family tradition. When setting up your train around the tree, don’t forget to pay attention to the specifics of each train car, to ensure it’s placed correctly on the tracks and has enough room to move around freely. With just a little bit of planning and precaution, your train set can be a cherished addition to your Christmas decorations for years to come.

What is a Flocked Christmas train Tree?

A flocked Christmas tree and a flocked Xmas train are a beautiful and unique way to add some winter wonderland magic to your holiday décor. The term ‘flocking’ refers to the process of creating a textured surface on a material by attaching tiny fibers to it. When it comes to Christmas tree trees, flocking involves creating a snow-covered appearance by applying a white, powdery mixture to the train and to the tree branches. This gives the tree a stunning, frosty look that’s perfect for creating a snowy winter ambiance in your living room, dining room, or any other space in your home.

Why do people put a Christmas Train Set around Christmas trees?

During the winter holidays, many households in America put  Christmas Train Sets around their Christmas trees. This has been a common tradition for many years and has become a popular activity among kids and adults alike. Many train enthusiasts and lovers believe that this old-fashioned toy train tradition at Christmas time reminds them of old and memorable times.

In America, the toy train evokes sentimental feelings similar to many other emotions related to Christmas. These sets installed under the tree are often carefully assembled to make the train look its best, and they are placed around the base of the tree. The train is then set in motion, running around the tree, adding a touch of nostalgia and festive spirit to any home.

Whether it is the sound of the train or the memories of a childhood train set, trains bring joy and excitement to many people. Overall, the A Train Christmas Train Sets offer a fun and traditional way to celebrate the winter holiday season and create an atmosphere that will be remembered for years to come.

Why are trains associated with Christmas?

Trains have long been associated with Christmas because of their historical role in transporting people and goods during the holiday season. In the past, many people traveled long distances to reach home or to visit relatives during the Christmas period, which often involved a train ride. Additionally, trains were also a primary means of transporting packages around the country at Christmas time, making them crucial to the holiday season.

The image of a Christmas train around the tree has become a classic symbol of the holiday, and many families have holiday train sets that they use to decorate their homes. The Santa train, which carries children to see Santa Claus, is also a cherished tradition for many families. Overall, trains have become a beloved part of the Christmas season, and train sets will help to keep the magic of Christmas alive for generations to come. 


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