Best Oil Catch Can

best oil catch can

Featured Product: Dewhel JDM Oil Catch Can

The Jewel JDM 750ml Aluminum is the best oil catch can for those who want an extremely well-rounded oil catch can. It has great performance, is rather light, and is cost-effective. Skip to the full review below here.

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Why Do You Need an Oil Catch Can?

When you are driving performance or modded car, did you realize that there is a bunch of waste oil that can damage your intake valve and engine? Probably not as you don’t really “feel” the difference of an oil catch can. So why do you need one then?

In short, they greatly benefit direct-injected engines and prevent oil and contaminants from building up in the intake manifold. This in turn helps save engines and just makes your car run more smoothly in the long run. It is definitely not something you will notice right away. The catch can act as a filter that plugs into the hose line and “catches” bad stuff before it reaches the intake manifold. Without the best oil catch can, your intake valves can end up looking like the following, which is not a pretty picture at all.dirty intake valves

Without an oil catch can, the waste oil, which is not completely burnt, will cause carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and the engine. It will also harm your car’s performance and destroy your engine in the end. Additionally, dirt, water, and everything from the outside can also do harm to your car.

People often ask “Do I really need an oil catch can?” The very short answer is yes because it is always better to catch contaminants and unwanted oil from building up on your intake manifold. Although performance vehicles tend to build up more, why not just have that extra line of defense for a very small fraction of the price to replace an entire engine?


Our Top 5 Picks

#1. Dewhel JDM 750ml Aluminum Engine Oil Catch Can

best oil catch can

There are so many brands of oil catch cans, why did Dewhel become popular and our top pick? Just look at the well-painted body of the can, which is made of Light Weight High-Quality Aluminum. And with a very clear sight tube and a PVC fiber reinforced hose, we know Dewhel gives us the highest cost-effective product. Compared with other products at similar prices, the special design and the reasonable size of this can makes it much easier to install.

It weighs 2.2 pounds, not light, but very solid. The capacity is 750ml, twice as big as those expensive tiny little cans, and just right for our daily use. Since it’s empty inside the can, you may need some additional parts. These include a breather or a filter to make it work better.

You may also want to take it apart and stuff it with steel wool, and replace the PVC hoses with better ones. It should work better and makes it much cheaper than those brand-name products after adding all those parts. The bolt-on top allows for an easier custom install. It is truly a great catch can, if you know how to modify it.

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#2. Qp-Sunroad Oil Catch Tank

What are you looking for? The best oil catch can? Or the cheapest? If you want a cheap oil catch can, your best choice would be Qp-SUNROAD.

Like other oil catch cans priced below $20, it is solid, stable, and easy to install. Most of the cans we reviewed have nearly the same design. They also use the same material and can even the same problems such as oil leaking. We make this one stand out in that it is cheaper than its competitors without sacrificing quality.

The good thing is that it works no worse than its competitors. There is no doubt that it saves oil and protects your engine. The 750ml capacity is quite enough for daily use. There is no better choice at such a price. According to our calculations, if you don’t want to pay more than $40, Qp-SUNROAD is the oil can for you.

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#3. Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can

best oil catch can for rally car

Most of the oil catch cans on the market do not ‘catch’ the oil. Instead, they are usually empty cans with tubes, collecting liquid oil from naturally cooled oil gas. People put steel wool into the cans to make the oil collection more effective. But that’s not good enough. You need the Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can if you want to catch oil the right way.

The 50-micron bronze filter inside the Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch can separate the oil gas from the air, leaving nothing but clean air to pass through to the intake. The internal baffle ensures the oil sinks to the bottom of the can. It sounds simple but works great. The oil is collected is far more than we expected.

Although the Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch can add some special parts to make it more effective, it is still easy to use. The can is 100% washable, so there is no need to replace our filtration system. All the kits are serviceable, we can find them on the market.

The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can is much more expensive than its competitors, but it is worth it. It includes all the fittings, clamps, and brackets that we need for a quick and easy install. Also, you can enjoy the Lifetime Warranty of Mishimoto. Compared with those cheap cans, The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch can save time and energy. It is definitely the best oil catch can on the market if you want a premium product.

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#4. Auto Dynasty Universal Aluminum

Auto Dynasty Universal Aluminum

When you are looking for the best oil catch can, you usually find them very good but too expensive or very cheap but nearly useless. Now we have a balanced choice – Auto Dynasty.

Because the cheap products include nothing but a solid can and some flimsy hoses, they are not good choices for us. We have to buy air filters to protect our engines from the dirt in the air. It’s acceptable to pay more for our cars, but our time and energy shouldn’t be wasted on unnecessary shopping.

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to buy the product and all its kits. With the Auto Dynasty, Universal Aluminum Dual Chamber Filter Reservoir Breather Baffled Oil Catch Tank, you are sort of getting a happy medium. It includes not only the can but also an air filter outside and a baffle inside. This oil catch can is just like those famous brand products, but half the price. It can work effectively even without the steel wool which helps in collecting oil. Since it has the highest performance price ratio, it is one of the better oil catch cans for most consumers.

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#5. RX Speed Works McNally

best oil catch can design

This is a great oil catch can if you have money and are into racing. It has solved a huge problem that most of the oil catch cans on the market can’t solve. Those cans do not remove the oil gas during acceleration when your engine produces the most blow-by vapor.

This product has one line coming in and two lines going out. This ensures the recycled air is returned to the crankcase and foul vapors are evacuated from idle to wide open throttle. That means your engine can maintain the best performance until the last second. What else do you need?

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Why Don’t Cars Come With Oil Catch Cans?

If you are just reading this and don’t know much about cars, the first question that pops up is why do I even have to deal with this? If it is oh so important, why don’t cars just come with catch cans right out of the factory?

The short answer is that car companies don’t want you modding their cars and under their tests, there is not enough damage from the excess oil to warrant such an item. Another common theory is that auto manufacturers purposefully leave it out so that your engines and intake valves will break down faster, so you end up spending more money on them later. But this is clearly up to debate and a serious conspiracy theory.

In our opinion, with and without performance mods, you should always just have something there to catch contaminants and oil before they buildup in the intake manifold and inhibit both engine longevity and performance. This argument holds way more water if you are dealing with a performance-modded car as you will need more lines of defense and ways to filter out contaminants, because to put it simply, your engine will be working harder.

To be honest, most people don’t even know about baffled oil catch cans or PCV oil catch cans until they start doing performance enhancements. We know that this is just another chore that you have to put on your list of things to do to maintain your car, but it is a necessary one. Heck, people don’t even bother changing their oil, so good luck on changing out the filter on your catch can. Luckily, if you are reading this, you are probably one step ahead of the game and are a bit wiser.

What Does an Oil Catch Can Do?

The oil catch can do the following: block everything from the outside, keeps the engine clean and protect it, recycles the oil gas, and protects the environment. It basically stops the oil that is being thrown into the PCV valve and prevents that pressure from reaching your intake manifold. So basically, it does a great job of keeping your intake manifold much cleaner.

By using the right oil catch can, you can prevent the build-up of contaminants and air restricting carbon. Also, it helps reduce harmful exhaust fumes when you burn oil and it helps you maintain the proper emission health for the environment.

How To Install an Oil Catch Can

oil catch can purposeEach model is made different but in general, you want to plug the oil catch can directly into the plug that runs from the engine crankcase to the intake manifold. This plug is typically known as the inlet hose and you simply reroute from your existing PCV valve into the inlet port on the oil catch can.

The inlet hose will usually be lower than the filtration component and allows incoming oil into the can. Also, it only allows air upwards past the filtration component. Next, the outlet hose is connected from the oil catch can outlet port to the PCV intake port, which lets clean air back into the intake system. This also collects and keeps the oil that would have burned while in the intake process.

Things To Consider Looking For The Best Oil Catch Can

When shopping for an oil catch can, you need to consider some different features:

  1. A lower price is attractive, but an expensive well-designed can may help you to save more in the long run
  2. The best oil catch can be made of Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Alloy or something better and should be painted to prolong its life.
  3. It should be universal to fit all types of cars unless your car is really special.
  4. A bigger oil catch can help to keep more oil inside but may make the can harder to install.
  5. A sight tube helps to see the working state of the oil catch can, but also increases the risk of leaking.

If you want to save money by installing it by yourself, make sure that there are instructions inside the package. If you like to push your car to its limits, your oil catch can work all of the time, not only on idle. For most cans, steel wool and better hoses would be necessary.

What Does Oil on the Intake Valves Do?

Clearly, we all want to avoid a situation where there is a ton of oil caked into your intake valves. But what are the ramifications of this issue and how does it affect your car in the long run?

Well first and foremost, excess oil on the intake valve will lead to knocking and plenty of pre-ignition. You can also get fouled sparked plugs and generally reduced combustion. Over the long haul, this is clearly very bad for your engine and can easily be avoided with a properly installed oil catch can.

Next, you definitely get a loss in power and a loss in fuel economy, which are also pretty damaging to you on performance and financially. For a small upfront price for the catch can, you may be able to come out on top just on the fuel economy savings in just a few years.

The Structure of an Oil Catch Can

oil catch can structureAn oil catch can is pretty much like a fancy filter, and it can have a filter or baffle element or both. There is usually a stainless steel media component that acts as the first line of defense and filters out any large particles. Next, there is usually some sort of baffle inside in the form of a metal plate which is more or less like a shield that only allows air to go out of the outlet hose. And usually on top of the baffle on the oil catch can, there is a filter disc that ensures that there is no additional oil that passes through and escapes the catch can.

The good thing is that you can easily just replace the filter without having to replace the entire oil catch can. The filters should be checked around once a year if you are actively using your car. Next, you can easily drain out the oil in the catch can that is collected with any sort of plug or hose. Be sure to check the oil levels frequently in your catch can.

What Makes One Oil Catch Can Different From Another?

Not all oil catch cans are built alike, and some are just going to be way more convenient and better made than others. For some, some catch cans have a dipstick built in so that you can easily monitor oil levels in the catch can and know exactly when to replace the filters and empty the can.

Next, a properly made oil catch can have a proper baffle on the outlet, which does the job of keeping oil from being sucked back up. This is actually quite important in our opinion and is definitely something that separates the amateurs from the pros.

Some catch cans may not be designed properly and could potentially use an open vent to release air out of the top of the can. This is usually done to save costs and is a bit of a design flaw in our opinion. This leads to you harming the air quality more and actually kind of defeats the entire purpose of the PCV.

Overall, we think that you should either go with a baffled single inlet oil catch can or a dual inlet, single filtration oil catch can.


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